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Honda Pilot Lease Questions



  • Way way high
    even the web site promo is cheaper
    269.00 per month for 36 months. $2,499.00 total due at signing.

    they have 2500 down which is you put that in to the payment would be

    You can get 5 grand off any remaining past threads you can drive exl with nav for what they quoted you
  • am0987am0987 Posts: 4
    the $389 is total payment with the taxes....... should i tell him i want an exl with navigation or no deal?i already gave the 220 for the title and plate but we didn't sign anything yet. They had to get car from another dealer and check are credit ect... honda north butler pa
  • am0987am0987 Posts: 4
    its also 4wd
  • here is a deal someone got last week
    2013 Pilot 4WD Touring Automatic Transmission
    Report this image

    MSRP including destination
    Sale Price
    $20,208.00 (48% of MSRP1)
    0.00002 money factor
    12,000 Miles/Year
    36 Months
    Preferred (709-660)

    Monthly Payment

    Due at Signing


    $0.00 down

    $486.42 including 6.25% tax

    see 5k off ..this car is 10 more then what your getting for very little more
  • On 2013 ex-l 4x4, no nav/or anything else, I think msrp is about 37750 -/+, dealers seem to be holding onto these 2013, well not all dealers a few so cal

  • With those specs with only drive off, Tags and first month payment you should be around $450

    you try like poway honda or hoen they do that true priceing.
    you should be able to get min 4 grand off. 4x4 in so cal not easy to find.
  • thanks guys.....2013s are scarce in these woods...
  • jawynnjawynn Posts: 2
    I am wondering the same, as I am trying to negotiate my 4th consecutive Honda lease (Accord/Odyssey/Odyssey/now Pilot)

    I have received the following sale prices from my dealer and am wondering what a good lease deal would be. I am hoping to stay as close to $300 as possible. I will put $0 down and only pay 1st mo/title at signing. (36mo/12k)

    2013 Pilot EX 2WD - $27,948 (quoted lease was $372/mo)
    2013 Pilot EX 4WD - $29,647
    2013 Pilot EXL 4WD - $31,075
  • loibsloibs Posts: 6
    What is the current residual and money factor on a 2014 Pilot 4WD EX-L with Navigation 12k annual mileage?
  • Oh ya that 372 a mo is ridiculous, what dealer quoted you that? mohawk honda in ny had some amazing lease deals. im looking for 2013 ex-l 0 4x4s in my area, and dont even try to mention discount in same sentence as 2014, they wont have it...but im having hard time with my endeavor ...dealers holding on and not letting go to us 2013 deal seekers, seems like they are waiting for those 2014 pilot seekers, on let me tell you I can get you 1000 bucks off a 2013, lmao, those are the folks they want. In this economy changing on a daily basis, they should treat buyers as that, buyers a sell today I may not get tomm.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    Other than a base money factor of .00160, I have no October numbers on the 2014 Hondas..


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  • alcapalcap Posts: 24
    I live in NJ and went to one of the large dealers on RT 22. I was trying to trade up to 2013 Touring 4x4 from my 2012 EX-L w/ Nav 4x4. They offered me 25,400 for my Pilot with 24,000 miles on it in mint condition. And they wanted 525 per month with 1,800 out of pocket for 2013 Touring 4x4. They would not move from that price. They were being arrogant!! So right now Honda is not dealing. Wonder why they are holding back this dealer even had 7 Tourings in stock you would think they want to dump one.
  • am0987am0987 Posts: 4
    I ended up getting the 2013 Pilot EX-L 4wd~36 month lease 12000 miles/year

    no money down
    no first month payment
    no plate or transfer fees
    no money out the door

    400/month + 9% taxes

    436 month total payment for 35 months

    Baierl Toyota Wexford PA
  • erw1erw1 Posts: 1
    Returning a 2011 with 26,400 miles 2 months early. Pay 387/month

    Recently offered 2013 EX for $387 and EX-L for $430/month. (These assume some equity in my car)

    I like the EX-L but curious if anyone thinks this is a good deal or just standard fare?
  • Seems a little high I would email other dealers for prices, should be at least 3 to 4k equity in your car.

    maybe get less miles since your not using them all.Miles are figured in the lease so you paid around 2 grand more in payments then you needed to.
  • Does anyone have the residual and MF right now for a 2013 Pilot LX?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    36 month, 15K/yr lease

    .00012 MF and 50% residual


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  • gabin1234gabin1234 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    I got offer 2013 Honda Pilot EX 2WD , 12k/yr , 36 mo, no leather seat like below

    No doc,title,down,tire fee, any and also no 1st mo payment.

    Total lease payment (14,000) = 400(including NJ TAX) * 35 mo
    That is all.
    Is this good price?
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    Going back and fourth on whether to lease or buy. I found a 2012 Pilot EXL - 4 wheel drive (no nav or RES). Car came off 2 yr lease (originally leased in early Nov 2011.

    Trying to figure out what residual would be and looking back at old posts in this thread I do not find info I need. Can anyone tell me how to get a residual for this vehicle - it would have been a 2 yr 24k or 30k lease.

    When looking at used cars, I try to get residual and work price up from there to figure out what kind of profit dealer is getting. I know a used CPO vehicle is a money maker for the dealer but in some cases, it looks like they are trying to get over $4000 in profit out of a used car and market price aside, I won't buy a car with that kind of dealer margin in it.

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