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Honda Pilot Lease Questions



  • 12/10/13

    We are wanting to lease an Audi Q5 by this Christmas. We live in the Bay Area.

    Any advice on what the best situation or deal is for a Q5 lease right now?

    This is the current online dealer offer: Special Q5 Lease: $499 A Month, 36 Months With $0 Security Deposit
    Dealer Offer
    $499 per month for 36 months
    $3,693 cash due at signing
    Offer only valid 11/05/2013 through 1/02/2014
    $499 1st Month Payment $0 Security Deposit $695 Acquisition Fee $2,499 Down Payment $3,693 Due at Signing*

    We def want a nicer Q5 with navigation, lighting package, seat heat options. We are willing to pay around $500/month for payments. We'd like to pay as close to $0 for initial costs. Thanks!
  • ray198ray198 Posts: 1

    @jess72 said: I pulled the trigger on a 2013 Pilot EX (FWD) lease and feel like it was a fair deal. Went $2K down (which included first month payment) and $299 OTD (including taxes etc.) for 35 mo at 12K miles/year. Dealer also included cargo tray, tint, and side steps. I get that you lose the money down if I total the car, but my spending habits probably would have made it disappear somehow anyway :-) No other dealer among the 10 that i called could touch this btw.

    Great deal! Is this dealer located in Southern CA? If so please let me know where you got it, thanks!

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