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Honda Ridgeline Lease Questions



  • Hello stonejlex. The $1,500 dealer cash that Honda is currently providing on the 2008 Ridgeline is not compatible with its special lease program, but Honda is providing a $1,000 dealer cash incentive that is. Make sure to take this incentive into account when negotiating your truck's capitalized cost. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTS with 15,000 miles per year are .00102 and 54%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its "Super Preferred" credit tier and pay a security deposit at lease signing.

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  • 01tblue01tblue Posts: 13
    I am looking at a 08 RTS for a lease. What is the final lease cost say for a 08 RTS with selling price of 27,188, with 1 months deposit. tax rate is 7.75%.

    Now if I was to trade in my current GM smartbuy which is $13,795 buyout how does that play into the mix??

    finally is there one good site that will give you a good refresher/basics on lease caculations.

    thank you fro the help in advance!!
  • I lease a 2008 RTS last night from Findlay Honda in Las Vegas. I won't divulge the selling price as it wouldn't be fair to them, but it was a great deal. Can't thank you enough for the help with the residuals and the money factors. :) :P :shades:
  • 01tblue01tblue Posts: 13
    Hi Stonejlex,

    I am up in NY and was wondering what your final deal came out too. My email is listed in my profile.

  • Do you know if the money factor is the same for an RTL with higher mileage (17000) per year and what the residual % is? There is a nearby dealer who advertises an RTL, 36 mo,12k lease with 999 down and tax extra for 329/month. When I ask for a quote with 17000 mi/yr, 0 down+1500 in dealer accessories and tax included the monthly pay goes way up to 482 which seems very high. I like the lease calculator at which seems to support what I think about 482 payment being too high. This dealer offers the RTL, no accessories, for a straight sale at 28582 which seems like a good price. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • chscofchscof Posts: 1
    looking at Findlay too. Any information you can share would be helpful.
  • Very informative posts guys. I'm looking at RTL and am wondering what value is realistic for negotiated vehicle price b/c the invoice is $30,846, but the price offered on carsdirect is much lower at $27,456. Are people getting close to that price? if so, the RTL lease with money factor and residual mentioned above and 7% tax would be down near $305. That seems great, i'm just wondering if i'm going to get laughed off the lot at dealership with these #'s in my head. thanks for help.
  • Honda significantly increased its cash-to-dealer incentive on Ridgelines on Friday morning - it was $1500, now it's much higher (unfortunately Edmunds hasn't changed the number on its "Latest Incentives" page, I'm sure they'll update it shortly). For a purchase, based on the new dealer incentives, the CarsDirect price is actually pretty high on a purchase. Unfortunately, AHFC won't let you use the incentives against your capitalized cost on a lease, but they've reduced the money factor significantly to compensate - I was told it was now .00077.
  • Thanks for the update. I called two dealers and told them the following: I qual for super preferred credit tier. want lease on RTL w/out nav, understand money factor to be .00077 and that cars direct is looking at 27,456 for vehicle and asked if they were in the ballpark. One is still checking other would not even listen to be mentioning terms unless at dealership. I'm next going to contact carsdirect about their lease. I guess i'm wondering what price is fair for the vehicle (msrp 33725, invoice 30846 and carsdirect list of 27456) to negotiate towards on the lease. i can handle haggling processing fees and know i'll likely need security deposit, but don't have a strong feeling on what bottom line number is appropriate for this vehicle. Thanks for all the help guys!
  • It's officially $3500, effective at least through March 3rd. This should take discounts on Ridgelines to +/- $6000. Sales are slow in the auto industry. What a great opportunity for anyone considering an '08 Ridgeline.
  • Car Man you posted this a couple of weeks ago...could I bother you for an update? Is the $1,000 dealer cash incentive still in place, and has the money factor dropped to .00077 as posted in a recent post? Thanks!
  • Hi All,

    I am picking up a 08RTS for $7260 off of sticker in NY. There are some good deals. The other huge plus is they are allowing special finance rates along with the cash back. 2.9% up to 60 months. Typically its one or the other.
    I feel I got a good deal and can wait to take delivery on Monday! :)
  • Sounds like a good deal. I'm still trying to price the vehicle for lease (an RTL w/out nav) and got a crummy lease quote of $425 month yesterday. i'm now trying cars direct to see what they come back with so at least I can pit them against my dealer. FYI my last lease was a $400 a month on vehicle that msrp over 45k, so this quote was lousy. I calculated price quote must have been plugging in purchase price of over 32k, when RTL is being sold closer to 27k. Again, anyone have a thought on what purchase price would be appropriate to plug into my lease vehicle cost equation. i know the 27.5k price includes incentives i may not get on lease, so please any help???
  • I got a lease quote of $440 (including taxes) with no cash up front except 1st month's payment for 36/36k on an RTL/Navi, going to 15k/yr would bump by maybe $20/month. I was wrong on the .00077 money factor, the correct one is .00102, 54% residual for 36k miles. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one, just trying to decide on lease/buy at this point.
  • Anybody know what the 24 month lease rate money factor is? Residual percentage?

  • My plan was to use carsdirct versus dealer to get best 36 month lease on rtl w/out nav but no luck. Dealer said he'd match or beat cd but remarkably they promised me a quote almost two weeks ago and cd keeps saying that their "dealer/partner" has not yet given them the quote. Talk about a company wasting $ on a superbowl commercial.....any suggestions on reasonable price. I think i should be out the door at around $350 incl 7% tax on 3 year lease with only first payment down, but dealer was much higher on initial quote. I can't see the lease pricing the vehicle about invoice if sale price is at least 2k under invoice. Am i wrong? any thoughts? thanks
  • I dont know if it helps any, but I looked at leasing and wasn't impressed with the pricing. I ended up buying a 2008 RTS with 4 miles on it for $23,800 including the destination charge. Tax and dmv fees were addtional fees. I also was able to get the special finance rate of 2.9% for up to 5 years.

    For me and my situation it was the best route, and was very pleased at getting $7260 off of sticker and combining the low finance rate. :) .
  • Hey guys, thanks for all the help. I leased an 08 rtl w/out nav (in NJ) for $370 month inc tax and put 500 down (plus 400 in dmv and process fees) Did $45 per month cheaper than dealer closer to home, partly b/c i knew rebates, money factor, residual from the site. Of course I added fog lights, trailer hitch and running boards so i'm basically making two down payments, but your imput helped alot
  • I hope you enjoy your Ridgeline as much as we have enjoyed our 2006 RTL. It's a great vehicle with lots of versatility.
  • Thanks Car_Man. Basically as you stated I could not get exactly what I needed on the trade. Even though the auction sale prices were close to what I needed...
    I ended up at $23,800 ( less tax and dmv) for the RTS, and they allowed me the special finance rate (2.9% super preferred credit)for up to 5 years on top of the cash back.

    The deal was too sweet to pass up with $7260 off sticker and 2.9% FR. I am very pleased with the price and the truck. Thanks again for everyones help. :)
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