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Hummer H3 Lease Questions



  • Car_man question I test drove my 1st ride in a H3 Lux, Sunroof, Nav. I want to do a 27 Mo lease even if its a couple of bucks more just so I know I can get something new when I am bored. So the deal I got was 27Mo. 12K miles for $504 a mo. thats with tax in the state of Broward Co. FL. with $1,400 down. For what I am getting Lux, Sunroof, Nav. 27/12k is this a good deal? It seemed like when I told the guy I was not in a hurry to buy he said well what number are you looking for to do this deal so I fig what the hell take a shot so I said Low $500's So once he came down 60 buck I fig there is room to nog. Plus he said he'll give me a check for what I just paid my car payment this mo. Since I just told him I dont need to have 2 car payments till I sell mine in a couple weeks..So what is a fare price for what I am getting?
  • PS that was on a 07.. I didnt ask for the MSRP. but thos are the options I want and was givin
  • Hi Car Man,
    I am new to this site, visited my dealer before I found your site.

    After reading info here on leasing, I am not feeling that great about the lease agreement I signed. I will not take ownership of the H3x until next week. Is it too late to modify the lease? They said they can not offer a discount on the H3x?? I had to pay full MSRP

    Here is the break down for my deal, I appreicate any input you can offer.

    term 48 months
    msrp 43,365
    lease amount 29710.24
    rebate 750
    customer cash 2775.13

    monthly payment 557.13
  • Hi rebeldog. I believe that the dealer invoice price of the truck that you described is around $32,270. Plus General Motors is providing $750 bonus cash on this truck right now. This brings us down to right around $31,500. This is around $2,000 below the selling price that you were quoted. I don't know what the market is like for this truck in your area right now, but $2,000 is a lot of room to play with. If there is another Hummer dealer or two in your area, it wouldn't hurt to comparison shop to see if you can beat this price. The lease rate that you were quoted is right in line with this truck's current base lease rate.

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  • Hi oregonhumm. While the dealer that you are working with will probably try very hard to hold you to your signed agreement, you probably can still get out of this deal if you want to since you have not physically taken delivery of your new truck. Once you drive a vehicle off of the lot, it becomes a lot harder to get out of. I am not personally all that familiar with the market for the Hummer H3X, but I know that I personally would not pay full MSRP for one. Did you shop around at all? It wouldn't hurt to visit or call a couple more dealers to see if they would be willing to provide a discount on a similar truck.

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  • i'm shopping for an '07 h3, yellow, lux pkg, sun roof, auto, side rails, brush guard. that's essentially it. two dealers have now told me that I HAVE TO PAY THE ADVERTISING FEE. One quote was over $1000. One of those dealers swears up and down that it is a fee charged to them by GM and there's no way around it. any truth to this. sounds like a scam to me. anyone ever use the costco discount. on the above vehicle (with the ad fee included) one dealer said his invoice price was 34,668.75 and the msrp was 36,960/ this was a special build for delivery in about six weeks. my price would be $500 over invoice, minus the $750 rebate. my cost -- 34,418. is this a good deal?
  • Hi Car Man,

    I am new to leasing and have done some research. Right now here's what I am looking at:
    39 month lease, 12,000 miles per year
    msrp: $36,650
    final price $34,900 (includes $750 rebate)
    $5,200 down
    rate 4.45%, .61 residual
    $363 month.

    I think I should try to get the rate to 3.45 % would you agree, & would you change anything else?
  • I was wondering if I can get the details on an '07 H3 MSRP of $33,355 and $35,535 (trying to decide which one). I want to go with 27 months 15K per year. I live in the Buffalo/Rochester area of NY, and I have heard we have some bonus cash on the table. Can you let me know the residuals and money factor.
    Also, is there any way for me to find the residuals and money factors online? It would be so much easier if there was a site to find this.
  • Hi Car_Man I'm getting ready to buy an H3X, hopefullt this coming week. Is GMAC's lease rat still 3.45? I have excellent credit and just want to be prepared when I go to the dealership this week...thanx
  • Hey guys and gals!

    I just wanted to chime in and announce the newest addition to the family. A healthy 4700lb. Jet Black 2007 H3.

    I got the 2007 base model with all the options below plus a no charge dealer added custom pinstriping with H3 logos on the two side air intakes (looks great!), upgraded floor mats/cargo mats and dark window tinting.
    Base H3 $29,405.00
    Automatic 1,695.00
    Roof Rail Airbag 495.00
    Towing Package 390.00
    XM Sat-Radio 325.00
    TOTAL MSRP: $32,310.00
    Destination $ 590.00
    TOTAL VEHICLE $ 32,900.00

    The GM Supplier Price was $30,350.16 according to the dealer (About $2,600.00 off MSRP)

    I live in TX and we pay a whopping 6.25% sales tax which was $1850.00

    So after getting the GM Supplier discount and adding the sales tax, tags and titles and a few other small fees jacked the total price to $32,450.00 Minus $750 GM cash and my $1,600 cash down payment I was left with $30,106 to finance.

    I got out the door with $360.00 a month for 39 mth Smart Buy plus the $750 GM cash back discount. Plus I'm getting a few free oil changes and discounted oil changes and another free tank of gas when I bring it back to the dealer.

    I'm really happy with the Hummer H3. My wife freaked, I surprised her with it, we had been looking and she test drove one and she liked it. I told her I'd have to do some more research before committing to any deal.

    I'm getting some aftermarket chrome nerf bars tomorrow. I'm taking it down to Houston and the warehouse is there so I can get'em on the Hummer tomorrow. Can't wait, those black beauties look sweet with the chrome nerf bars under them.

    I recently found this forum, it was a big help and thanks to all who've helped me get the facts and take the plunge.

    Happy holidays everyone, looks like mine is going to be just a little sweeter this year.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    I will be shopping an '07 H3 basic. Only interested in automatic and side curtain airbags.

    Approx MSRP of $31595
    12k/year, 36 or 39 depending on which is most favorable.
    Any guidance?
    Residuals? Rate? approx discount from MSRP I should be looking for? Est. monthly payment (live in NV, sales tax in the 7% range).

    Love this site, helped me get the best deal ever on an R500 for the wife.
    Thanks for any assistance.
  • I just leased a pretty much loaded '07 h3, black, beautiful, $1500 out of pocket, out the door included first month, taxes, tags, the works. 25 months, 12k, $492-a-month. i'm quite satisfied.
  • 27 not 25 months, sorry.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    Which options? What was the MSRP? The interest rate?
  • auto, sunroof, chrome pkg, chrome wheels, xm, chrome running boards, black brush guard, lux pkg, some other stuff.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    Thanks my friend. What was the MSRP, the residual they gave you and the state you live in?

    Only one dealer where I live in Vegas, the other is about 120 miles away in CA, not so far, but looking for some leverage to negotiate a dealer here in Vegas. It's a bit of a monoploy.

  • the msrp was about 39,300 with the added on brush guard. it was the standard gmaC SMARTLEASE % rate. it doesnt show on the lease agreement. in any case it fits the budget well.
  • i'm in ct. the residual is 27,072.
  • I just bought an H3X today and I did alot of research. For a 39 month lease with 15,000 miles with a GMAC smartlease the lease rate is 3.45% and the residual is 57% for 12,000 miles the res. is 59% and 10,000 miles 61%. Hope this helps.

    Here's my lease
    2007 H3X Desert Orange w/all options
    39 month lease, 15,000 miles per year
    msrp: $43,885
    final price $39,638 (includes $750 GM rebate and 250 GMID rebate)
    $1040 down(first months payment and title, tags, DOC,etc)
    rate 3.45%, .57 residual
    $480 month.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    Saw an ad on tv last night offering $1,750 holiday cash?

    Does this mean that GM has upped the offer cash rebate another $1,000.00?
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