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Hummer H3 Lease Questions



  • Also, I see on another cite that you can get a GMID certificate. What exactly is that and is that different than the invoice pricing they are offering me?
  • I would suggest you go here Then under vehicle shopping go to GMID pricing...then you can find your exact vehicle at your dealer. Then after you pull up the window sticker you can go to shopping tools and go to GMAC "estimate payments" that exact truck will there with the GMID price filled in. You can modify the figures to show no money down etc and it will compute it for you. I think you have to remember to add the amount you are upside down in your trade to the estimated selling price as well as 1st months payment, aquisition, MV etc unless you are paying those. Then add sales tax to the payment shown. Hope this helps a little.
  • Hi, I am planning to buy a H3 and I have a GM certificate for $1000 and also the dealer said that they would give me another $1000 rebate, question: If the MSRP is around $33,000 and the invoice around $30,000, Should I deduct those $2000 from the MSRP and try to negotiate something off the $31,000 or negotiate and then apply the rebates?
  • Sheesh..

    I went into a Hummer dealer here in California and asked for their special lease for $399 with $2972 down for a $33000. (It's on Hummer's website) I had a trade that was slightly under for a pretty popular luxury car, so I was willing to work that into the price would increase it by $4000. They refused to show me the 33k model and wanted me to get the 38.5K model. Couldn't get under $750 a month for 36 months... it was a joke. They wouldn't even show me the rates they were calculating. Our credit scores are well over 700. They dismissed the whole idea of negotiating. I was let go in 15 minutes. There is no Hummer dealer for miles. And I am not even a crazy person! I have negotiated 2 other leases before and always had a fair deal. I have always used Edmunds. Oh well... I guess I go buy another vehicle. We really need an SUV.
  • I suggest you get a GMID certificate then go to another dealer if you really want an H3. Read my post #23. My Hummer dealer is about 75 miles away and they delivered the truck to my driveway. I also leased and had no problems at all, they were very upfront and gave me the lease at their buy rate which came in cheaper than the figures from GM Buypower. A H3 MSRP 33580 would sell for 30962. with 2933 at signing 36mo 12K per year would be 358 per mo. Assuming they roll over the 4K you owe into the lease by increasing the price of the H3 your payment should go up to 481. These figures are from the GM Buypower site.
  • Hi tbrown567. If you are able to lease a 2006 Hummer H3 at invoice you are getting a very good deal. Just so you know, a few days ago GM introduced a new incentive on this truck that gives consumers a free entertainment system, either factory or dealer installed. Make sure that the dealer that you are working with puts one in the truck that you want before you lease it. Assuming that you are dead even in your Acura TL, the dealer is giving you the exact amount that you owe on it as a trade-in allowance, let's work up a sample lease payment for you and see what we come up with. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Hummer H3 with an MSRP of $35,995 and a selling price of $33,275.78 through GMAC right now for 48 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $418. As you can see, something is wrong with the lease payment that you were quoted. I think that a little shopping around or renegotiation are in order.

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  • Ahhh, now I see the reason why the lease payment that you were quoted earlier is higher. OK, let's add your negative equity into the lease and see what we come up with. With $2,380.17 in negative equity, the payment for the lease that I just mentioned would increase from $418 a month to $474.

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  • Hi Westongirl. General Motors is not currently providing any sort of customer cash incentives on the 2006 Hummer H3 right now, other than the certificate that you have. The $1,000 that the dealer you are working with is willing to give you is either a dealer discount or it is the $1,000 dealer cash that GM is providing to offer free entertainment systems on the '06 H3 right now. You should try to negotiate as low a price as possible on the truck that you want, stipulating that you want to have the $2,000 deducted from that price. If necessary, you can comparison shop with a few dealers.

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  • Dear car man,
    I am about to lease a Hummer H3 (Upstate NY).
    MSRP is 35165. I want to lease for 36 months, 10,000 mi/yr. I am willing to put a total money down equal to 5,000$.
    I have never worked for GM. Neither I have relatives that did.
    1) Can I still get a good discount?
    2) What would be your suggested Selling Price?
    3) Considering that GM is giving a 1000$ value Entarteinment System as incentive, can I ask them to "remove it" and give me a better discount?
    4) What would be the APR/money market and the residual value?
  • Maybe this will help: from my post 23 "I would suggest you go here Then under vehicle shopping go to GMID pricing...then you can find your exact vehicle at your dealer. Then after you pull up the window sticker you can go to shopping tools and go to GMAC "estimate payments" that exact truck will there with the GMID price filled in." You can then modify your down payment etc.Getting a gmid authorization is easy.I would suggest not doing a 10K a year lease it is much cheaper to go 12 or 15 at the beginning than paying in the end. Residual is 64% after 36mo. An H3 with a MSRP of 35000 (selling price 32148) will lease for 316 +tax for 36mo with 12k miles. That is assuming 4k down and 1k for start up fees etc. On the DVD I think the dealer gets 1K and you pay 499 for the system. If you don't take the system you don't pay 499 and the dealer does not get the 1K. I may be wrong on that though.
  • thank you very much for your help marblez!
    one more question, though....
    can i accumulate my GMID Certificate with a GM card saving?
  • You can use GM Card earnings...1000 on H3. If you are anywhere near Pa I would suggest Scott Hummer in Allentown.
  • soto2soto2 Posts: 1
    Daer Car-man
    I have negotiated,the price to $500 below invoice (Invoice* $26,476 +Destination Charge: $565 =$27041-$500=$26,541 )I understand ther is a:
    2006 Hummer H3 Rebate Information
    Bonus Cash Rebate Cash Dealer Cash Lease Cash Loyalty Cash Internet Pricing
    $750 - $750 - $1,000 - $1,000
    HUMMER holdback: 3% of the total MSRP.
    Can you work up a sample lease payment on the H3 5speed-base model.
  • Hi gintini. Even though neither you nor any of your relatives have ever worked for General Motors, you still should be able to negotiate an attractive deal on the Hummer H3 that you want. I see that you are aware of the free entertainment system offer that General Motors is providing on this truck right now. Unfortunately, dealers only receive a cash incentive from GM on trucks that are equipped with this option, so eliminating it will not help you get a better deal. You might as well include it in your truck. I am not personally all that familiar with what the market is like for the H3 right now. Surprisingly, there is not as much of a margin between its MSRP and dealer invoice prices as I thought there would be. A base 2006 Hummer H3 has a spread of $2,456.47 between these prices. If I was in the market for one right now, I personally would shoot for around $1,500 (plus the free entertainment system) or perhaps a little more off MSRP. Again though I am not personally familiar with what they are selling for right now.

    GM is not currently offering a special financing program on the H3, but it does have a lease program on it. Its base lease rate for any length lease of one right now should be 5.90%. Its residual values vary depending upon how long you lease for and how many miles per year you need to be able to drive it. Its 36 month, 15,000 miles per year residual value is currently 62%.

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  • Hi soto2. $500 below invoice is a heck of a good deal on this truck. I would be happy to estimate what your lease payment should be for you, however in order for me to do so I need you to provide me with its full MSRP.

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  • mc1mc1 Posts: 1

    If you were given these 2 options which would you choose, someone is going to be buying or leasing this for me. I currently have a 98 Olds Bravada. Can probably get about 5k for it.

    1) Someone else is going to put 5k down plus the money for my car and buy a new H3 for me.

    2) Someone will lease the H3 for me for 36 months and give me 5k in cash and let me keep the money from my current car.

    Which would you choose?
  • Dear Car_man,
    yesterday I finally agreed on the leasing of my Hummer H3. I also negotiated an Eclipse navigation system (precisely the AVN5495) for 2000$ (market value of approximately 2400$). At the time of the deal I put down a total of 5,000$ on my credit card and I was assured that my car was going to be ready on saturday (I actually have a paper signed by the dealer, assuring me that he was going to honor our deal on the 5495 nav system). Unfortunately, this morning the dealer called me saying that the Nav system was on back order and that I would probably get it by the end of january. He could also not assure me on the effective delivery of the system by the end of january.
    Considering that the Nav system is largely available on the internet, my opinion is that the dealer is trying to step back from our 2000$ deal.
    Question: even if I already put down 5000$, can I still get out of the deal(if they do not install the system by saturday)??? I did not sign anything at the time of the deal and I may consider to go to another dealer.
    Thank you very much for your helpful cooperation
  • Dear Carman,

    I would like to lease a new 2006 H3 HUMMER. The MSRP is $35,935.00, GM Supplier price is $32,932.32, and Invoice is $32,500.00. I have an e-mail quote from a dealer stating they will sell me an H3 for $100.00 over invoice price. I also want the $499.00 RES deal ($1000 cash rebate to dealer on this?).

    I have a 2003 Chevy Siverado Ext. Cab (loaded except for leather) to trade; payoff is $17,000, and dealer is only willing to give me $13,000 for it (nowhere near KBB or NADA value). I also have $500 GM Card cash to use.

    I have seen other sites listing $750 incentive cash for the H3, as well as $1000 GM direct mail certificates (which I don't have, even though I am a loyal GM customer).

    My question is this: can I get a 36 to 48 month lease (12,000 to 15,000 miles per year) from GM for $500.00/month or less. That is my goal...if I cannot obtain it on a HUMMER, then I will have to settle for a Honda Pilot.
  • I now have a GMID certificate number...hopefully this will get me a better price than invoice??
  • Hey Mechilds! How did you get the GMID? I heard it was possibe to get the MSRP discounted about 3200$.
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