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Hyundai Sonata Lease Questions



  • jim_jjim_j Posts: 7
    that is a joke. the advertised price is 2400 down (inc 1st mo), 199/mo. unless you've got bad credit?
  • Hello,

    Can someone please post the latest lease rates for the 2011 Huyndai Sonata?

    24 month / 12k per year
    36 month / 12k per year

    Thank you...
  • I am also interested in lease rates, however I'm interested specifically in the Sonata Limited, with and without nav, for 36 months 15,000 mi per year.

    Thanks for any assistance...
  • Hello: On my opinion you should go after $265.00,reducing the negotiated price to $21500. Please,next time ask for the detailed numbers.We need those numbers to be more accurate. Thanks .
  • One week later i went to another dealer looking for the same car SE with Nav.They offered me ;
    24984.00 Negotiated price
    699 dealer fee
    595 bank fee
    LEV : 56 % MF:0.00050
    With $0 down : $369.00
    Again,i think we can negotiate the price to 23700 and reduce the fees,at least the bank fee.I havent do it because i want to sell my car first, i dont like the trade in.Note:these is in Fl.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    In no way am I critical of the sonata, but when I see $369 for a SE, doesn't that seem high? I just leased a camry XLE 6 cylinder with a $31200 MSRP for $309 a month, with just first payment down. That includes the tax (6.75%) and everything else. 15k miles a year for 3 years. And I'm not even sure I didn't get taken. Again, not knocking the sonata at all; the $369 tho seemed high to me. The money factor was .00001, and maybe the residual was higher percent, so maybe the $369 is quite reasonable.
  • Just leased an 11 Sonata GLS with options, MSRP 21885. Money factor was .0001.
    Trade and down Payment combined=2495
    Monthly payment, including RI sales tax (7%)=199/mo.
    considering the figures on the National deal, which was 2499 down, base GLS, not including sales tax and a payment of 199/mo., I think I did ok.
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 24
    edited September 2010
    Anyone know the current top tier MF and residual for a 2011 Sonata SE for Nevada?
  • The old lease offer on a 2011 Sonata expired yesterday. If there are none posted today does that mean there will be none this month? Or is there usually a few days in between? Or do I have to wait until October now for lease incentives?

  • I've just been offered a 36mo, 15K/yr lease for $289 incl tax. $1500 in upfront fees (bank fee, doc fee, reg, 1st mo). This feels like a good deal, but I'm not certain. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm in Northern NJ.
  • ortegaortega Posts: 57
    edited September 2010
    I'm thinking of holding off on leasing a Sonata until October, but I am concerned about Hyundai perhaps backing off the aggressive lease support they have in place this month. Does anyone have a feel for...CarMan, I'm looking at you ;)...where Hyundai will be with their MF and residuals for the month of October? Better, worse, same?? I have a lease with 2 payments remaining and am trying to decide if it would make sense to jump now (I refer you to the lease deal I was offered in the post above this one) or wait till October. I know this is a tough question to answer...but any insight the knowlegable posters on this board have to offer would be greatly appreicated. :)

    This is in relation specificlally to the 2011 Sonata Limited w/NAV

    Please help!!!
  • Where are you looking in Jersey? I am getting a ton of calls from everyone and no one is trying to help me without my going to the showroom. Which I am desperately trying to avoid.
  • I used One dealer emailed me an offer (the one I posted above), all others called & emailed.
  • I'm getting offers of 1200 out of pocket and 262 per month (with taxes) for 36 months / 12k per year

    Does this seem high?

    The dealer told me the car is priced at 21160 with 57% residual, and a money factor of 0.0001 as per forum makes it look like they want a 900 fee for acquisition / title etc.

    I'm a first time buyer, so any help is appreciated. I'm driving a rental car right now so every day is money.

    I've checked with two dealers and both of them are on the same price. Mud-flaps, locknuts, floor mats are included.
  • orlando,

    looks decent to me. remember there is a $400 end of lease fee (if comparing to something other than hyandai).
    and does that price include gap coverage?
    did you check any of the partners for pricing?

    I bought one like that at the end of Aug.
  • Oh! I didn't know about the $400 end-of-lease fee.. will check on that.

    Gap insurance is covered in the bank acquisition fee, so the dealers told me.

    I haven't checked - will do so now. Thanks for all the inputs.

    Hope your car is doing well.. which color did you go for?
  • found out that Toyota has a $350 end-of-lease fee, so Hyundai is not so bad on that front.
  • so far I like it. coming off back-to-back Acura TSX leases. I went with the harbor gray. I think it ages and hides the dirt the best. this car wont be in the garage its whole life. this sonata is my first 'buy' in a long-long time

    that toyota 350 must be new. I don't remember it on my '05 highlander
  • Hello
    Finally i got a SE with Nav at $329.00 ,$0 Down,with $600.00 initial payment which included the first month,license and FL fee.

  • That sounds like a great deal, could you perhaps name the dealer?

    Does the monthly payment of $329 include taxes?
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