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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 43
    that seems like an attractive deal. I asked for a 21 month deal but the guy says payments would go higher than the $526.59 based on a 39 month lease. What state are you located in?
  • pmeswanipmeswani Posts: 11
    I'm in NJ. From what I gather, they're trying to move the 2007s by July 2nd so I would shop a better deal around. The MF they gave me is really graet (1.09%).
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Your deal looks pretty good but your payment should be $452.40 per month according to the numbers that you provided (including the NJ 7% tax). Try to haggle a little more. It's the end of the month and they will want to make their quotas. Good luck.

  • myeclipsemyeclipse Posts: 8
    2007 FX35 RWD
    touring, hands free, sports, tech
    36 months, 15000m/yr
    MSRP: 46810
    Selling Price: 43575
    Monthly payment: 460 + tax
    with 3,300(2,400 down) initial payment

    sounds good?
  • Hey All,

    I balked a little at the last deal i was offered and i ended up working out a little stronger one.

    FX35 AWD w Touring and Hands Free, Rails and Splash -- dealer is installing Sirius

    $450/ mo
    $3000 Total Drive Off
    21 mo / 12K yr

    I feel pretty good about it, so I am picking it up on Monday ! :)
  • pmeswanipmeswani Posts: 11
    Thanks Sal. I feel pretty good about the deal but will try to haggle a little more. Reasonable deal considering MSRP is $42K.
  • pmeswanipmeswani Posts: 11
    I'm getting the same car without sport package for $471 including tax and only $1400 due at signing for 21 months/12K.

    You can haggle some more.
  • myeclipsemyeclipse Posts: 8
    thanks for the reply pmeswani. I will try to knock a few bucks off. but looks like the MF is quite different between 21 month (0.0004) and 36 month (0.00114).

    I got a quote on the same car for a 21 month lease, it's 430 plus tax. your deal still looks better though.
  • That Deal sounds REALLY SWEET!!! What dealership, I am shopping in NJ as well! How many miles per year?
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Hi redvelvet,
    I just picked my FX up from Holman Infiniti of Maple Shade (NJ). The internet salesperson was Leon T. He was very cool about the whole process. I did all my negotiating with him over the phone and there were no tricks or surprises when I arrived. They had about 20 to 25 of the 2007's left but the colors were limited. Good luck with your deal and I'm sure you will love the FX.

  • I getting the FX35 w/ Navi & Sirus, Touring, roofracks, blk on blk
    1500 down (includes the 1st month) than $499 for 21 mths

    sound like a good deal?
  • I have been sitting on the computer for over two hours (check the time this post was written) trying to figure out How Monthly Lease Payments Are Calculated, I get all screwed up with the Money factor... I get butterflies at the thought of going to the dealership ALL alone feels like I am going to voluntarily Throw myself to the blood hungry wolves. :sick: Please any one help me as to any insight for checking dealers number's :cry:
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Stay calm. It's very easy to calculate a lease. Use this link at edmunds and print it out. If your not going to negotiate over the phone, then bring this step-by-step guide and a calculator. The most important thing is negotiating the car price and making sure the dealer is using the correct residual and money factors. After that, the numbers work themselves out. If you have any specific questions, I'll try to help. :)

  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    I just checked Edmund's FX35 page and they state that there is a $1000.00 in dealer cash now. Everybody should get their dealers to accept at least $500.00 BELOW invoice if they can. Stay strong and fight hard!! Good luck to all!!

  • jmac03jmac03 Posts: 3
    Sal: Thanks for the good news! Just to confirm, since this is posted in the leasing section, am I correct in thinking this dealer incentive applies to both purchases and leases?

    Also, as a general question to all, is it worthwhile to figure in and bring up dealer holdback during lease negotiations, or does this just tend to antagonize the dealer and make them dig in their heels more?? Thanks.
  • Thanks So Much, If you do not mind can you look at this:

    44525.00(MSRP) X .72 (RESD) = $32,058.00

    $41,480.00(SELL PRCE) - 32,058.00= $9,422.00 / 36(TERM)= $261.72

    $41,480.00 + $9,422.00= $50,902.00 X .44= $223.96

    $261.72 + $223.96= $485.68 X .8375(TAX)= $526.35

    This is so simple but i have to admit I keep getting stuck :sick:
    taking the sell prce + resd val= then multiply the MF...
    oh dear they are going to eat me alive... but this deal don't sound to great I am going to try a 21 month (do infiniti have 24 month leases?) and HAGGLE some more... ;)
    oh boy wish I had an accountant for this elementry math haha ha no but really maybe because I am scared it feels like I am getting married and as the days get closer to me meeting the dealers I get all crazy feelings maybe when the time comes I'll get HITCHED!!!! :cry:
  • And NOW there is dealer incentives WHERE IN THE WORLD WOULD I DEDUCT THAT FROM
  • I have been using pmeswani's numbers to practice the monthly payments formula i keep getting final monthly payments totaling $579.52...I REALLY need some help, what gets me is that IT IS SO SIMPLE.

    41,960.00 x .72 = 30,211.20

    37,455.00 - 30,211.20 = 7,243.80 / 21 = 344.94

    37,455.00 + 7,243.80 = 44, 698.80 x .44 = 196.67

    344.94 + 196.67 = 541.61 x 7% (37.91) = 579.52

    he was told 471.00 including taxes, then you said according to his numbers it should be 452.40... I am not trying at all to cause ANY problems I am just trying to make sure I as a female do not get gobbled up by those fast talking, in the blink of an eye changing number's, not willing to give you your rebate or incentives dealers, I feel like they are big fire breathing dragons that stop the princess from being rescued by her knight and shining armor oh please help me :confuse:
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Do me a favor and tell me exactly what model and options you are planning to get. I want to see what the actual invoice price is versus the MSRP. Then I'll try to give you numbers to shoot for. I think your sell price is too high for the MSRP listed. I would recommend the 21 month lease because the interest rate is so low (and I don't want to have to replace those tires....they are big money). Thanks.


    P.S. - Your money factor should be 0.00044 not .44
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Yes, dealer incentives definitely apply to leases. When you are negotiating the car price, try to get it for at least $500.00 BELOW invoice (if not better). This excellent selling price, high residual, and low interest rate make for an attractive monthly lease payment for an expensive vehicle. Good luck.

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