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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • Long Island. I didn't get the actual cap cost and the money factor etc. So I wasn't sure if this was really good.
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Looks like a great deal to me. MSRP must be around 47500. That's a steal. Good luck.

  • pmeswanipmeswani Posts: 11
    DO NOT go to Douglas Infiniti in Summit. They are a bunch of crooks!
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Hey just out of curiosity, did they honor the $1000 factory to dealer incentive? I can't see why they wouldn't, but some people in the forum said they were told "No". Your deal makes me believe that they did. Did you get it yet?
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    Can anyone verify what the new July lease variables are? Residual / Money Factor for a 24 month / 12k lease?
  • dwass1dwass1 Posts: 3
    Would you think the July resdiual is reduced because we are approaching the end of the model year? Would the residual increase at the onset of the 2008 year?
  • bmoney1bmoney1 Posts: 9
    Should be 68% with a MF of .00026
  • kinlochkinloch Posts: 1
    went to my local Infiniti dealer in Richmond last night to lease an 07 FX35. Had a number to get to based on info from this site. Looking at tour, tech hands free with a 46,620 msrp and wanted to get to 41,700 buy price. First they came back with an 08 instead of the 07 and wanted $818/mo for 24 mo and 15k mi/yr. Told them I didn't ask for an 08 and they were crazy with the $818 even if I did. So they went back to recalculate and returned with $620 for an 07 with sports rather than tech!!! Again told them forget it. The insisted there is no way I could ever get the FX package I wanted for anything less. Looks like I'll be driving 2 hours to Tysons Corner like I did last year when I bought the wifes G35 coupe.
    Am I realistic thinking I can get this FX for around $500/mo for 24 months 15k mi/yr? The lease calculators say I can.
  • bmoney1bmoney1 Posts: 9
    I think that might be a little on the low side for a 46K car. 66% residual for 15K and a MF of .00026 you can kind of get a ballpark of what you should be paying. Try If you go to Tysons talk with Mike Walker (the GM). I've dealt with him a bunch in the past. He's one of the good ones! He won't BS you.
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    An e-mail today from the Infiniti dealer in Troy, MI gave a first offer of this:

    2007 FX35 AWD w/ Touring & Misc
    MSRP = $42425
    Quoted CapCost = $39,483
    Invoice = $38,878 (from

    Residual = 67%
    Money Factor = 0.00026
    Bank Fee = $595
    License Fee = $15
    MI Tax Rate = 6%
    Calculated Monthly = $489
    Quoted Monthly = $507

    Here's how they're making their money:

    CapCost Mark-up = $605 over invoice
    Doc Fee = $199
    Monthly Add-on ??? = $18/month

    I really, really hate dealing with dealerships. :P
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    Oops -- I just realized I calculated this wrong. There is no monthly add-on, the calculated monthly and the dealer monthly match.

    Also, the above rate is for 12k. -1% Residual for 15k. I can't believe that the residual dropped by 5% in a single month! That's ridiculous!

    I also received info for the 2008 today. For 24 mos / 12k, the residual is 70%, money factor is 0.00237 (or 5.69% APR) and they expect to get them in August (not late July).

    I'm bummed. I so wish I had jumped on this deal in June... it was fantastic at that point. The new residual really makes this not nearly as good. I may wait for the 2008, but the high APR makes that not as good either.

    Argh. So much for an Infiniti.
  • The dealerships in Florida, according to their websites already have the '08s.
  • Carman,

    Would you please tell me what the Residual and Money factor is for a 24 month lease and 12k miles for a 2007 FX35 2WD with tech, touring, sports, handsfree?

    A dealership told me the residual is 66% and MF is .0010.
  • fx4mefx4me Posts: 3
    Do you think this lease is a good deal?

    2007 FX35 AWD
    $529 a month excluding tax
    39 months lease
    $0 due at signing
    $0 security Deposit
    10k miles per year

    Do I need more info or is this good enough to make a decision?

    Thanks for your comments.
  • 2007 FX35 2WD wth sports,tech,touring,handfres,splash guards, cargo mat

    MSRP: 46,875
    Cap Cost: 42,792
    Down Payment: 1100 (includes first month payment)
    Tax: 6.5%
    Monthly payment: ~$519 (exluding tax)
    Montly payment: $555.83 (including tax)
    Residual: 66%
    12K miles a year

    I am still trying to figure out the MF. As I posed above, .0010, seems to high, because when I run it that MF, I end up with a $604
  • nausernauser Posts: 1
    Hi Carman. I have used your posts multiple times to assist in leasing. Thanks for all your work.

    Quick question. Is there a website where average Joe's can look up lease program rates for Infiniti, Acura, Audi, etc...without having to constantly bug you?

    With respect,

  • Hi. I'm in the process of purchasing an FX35 w/touring, cargo, hands free packages. I was quoted a price of $575/mo for 39 months. Here are the details:
    mf .00150
    residual 54%
    no cap cost reduction
    only out of pocket is 1st month, and tags
    15k miles/year
    Selling Price of $40467.62

    Am I getting a good deal or should I be asking for more? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    That seems a little high. I got a quote the other day for:

    FX35 w/ Touring, Hands Free, Cross Bars, Splash Guards, and Carog Privacy for...

    1. MSRP = $42,425
    2. CapCost = $39,483
    3. Invoice = $38,878
    4. MF = 0.00026
    5. Residual = 67.00%
    6. Per Month = $533.56 inc. 6% sales tax

    For a 24 month, 12k per year lease.

    If you're keeping it for 39 months, you should be paying even less.
  • That's seems very high

    I just finalized my deal, which I described up. To recap, I am getting a FX35 2WD with tech, touring, sports, handsfree, cargo, splash guards for $555.83 (sales tax at 6.5% included) a month for 24 months at 15k miles per year. My down payment is $1100. Which includes the first month payment.

    My selling price is $42592 and MSRP is $46,875.

    Also, I remember with a 39month lease, you more than likely have to replace the tires, break pads, and the 30k miles service, which I hear is quite expensive. When you factor those costs in, the 39 month gets to be quite a bit more expensive.

    Also, if I made down payment just the 1st month payment, then my monthly payment would be ~$593 (including tax)

    Just my opinion.
  • Thanks everyone for your insight. This lease negotiating is like walking in the dark. It sounds like the payments should be much less than the $575, what they should be is the million dollar question...

    Any further ideas are welcome. Thanks again.
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