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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • Call down to Santa Monica Infiniti. Ask for their Fleet leasing department.
  • sgillmoresgillmore Posts: 10
    Hi All,

    Need help asap. Looking to purchase a car today. Here is my best offer as far as I can tell:

    FX 35


    15 k miles
    42 month lease
    first payment at signing
    everythign else rolled up into lease payment

    Cost of car $51,019

    Monthly Payment $712

    Looking forward to feedback

    - Simon
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    You don't mention where you live or tax rate but I am figuring on average $50-60 per month for adding tax to payment. Backing that out puts you at 660 or so. Deal is good for a loaded FX. If you are ready to sign one option is to ask for that same payment but for a 39mo. term. Forces them to reduce the cap cost a bit. Good luck.
  • rick_j11rick_j11 Posts: 2
    Thanks to you all for all of your posts...I leased a FX35 AWD last week. Here was my deal:

    2009 FX35 AWD
    Premium package only (no nav or other packages)
    12K miles/39 month lease
    Qualified for $2000 Infiniti loyalty
    No money down other than taxes/$595 acquisition fee

    Cost $524/month

    I was also charged tax on the $2000 loyalty and noticed a $395 diposition fee which I've never seen before (ie I owe $395 at the end of my lease if I don't purchase the vehicle or lease another Infiniti).

    Hope this helps.
  • sgillmoresgillmore Posts: 10
    Okay thanks for the response. This is in VA.

    Interesting with the 39 months, they are trying to tell me that for the FX the better lease deals are for 42 months. Does that make any sense?

    - Simon
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    The best deals are typically the 39mo lease because the residual stays similar to 36mo but you can spread the dollars over 3 extra months. Once you get to 42mo you are looking at changing residuals. The monthly payment might be less for the 42mo but in general it may not be the best deal.
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    Can you please let me know if this a good deal or not. If not, what deal should
    I ask for? I'm looking to purchase my first FX35 within the next two weeks.
    Here's some quotes I received so far.

    2009 FX35 AWD
    Premium package, touring, cargo area protector & organizer, vehicle security impact sensor & splash guards.
    12K/39 month lease
    Qualified for $2,000 Infiniti loyalty

    * Dealer 1 Cost: $469/month includes 7% tax and fees, $5,600 down
    * Dealer 1 Cost: $529/month " " $3,600 "
    * Salesman states the above is based on $500 above invoice price.

    Dealer 2 Cost: $471.24/month + $4,895.99 down (included fee's and
    cap. cost reduction).

    Greatly appreciate all feedback. The salesman at Dealer 1 went back to
    his sales manager three times as I almost walked out twice. Then, the
    sales manager came in to speak with me. This is my first lease. As
    I'm a female...I just want to make sure I'm getting a fair price. Thanks!!
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    Car Man,

    I have a question about an e-mail quote I just received. The salesman informed me to get this of an in stock vehicle must be before March 31.

    2009 FX35 AWD
    Premium package, touring, cargo area protector & organizer, vehicle security impact sensor & splash guards.
    12K/39 month lease
    Qualified for $2,000 Infiniti loyalty

    Salesman states the MSRP for this new vehicle is $45,935 which seems low? Edmunds reports $49,610.

    The sale price he quoted me is $40,606. The monthly payment is $496. The salesman wants $5,600 ($3,600 and $2,000 loyalty rebate) and states that's all I need to put down to get that monthly payment.

    As I indicated in my previous post...I'm looking to purchase my first FX35. I'm new to leasing. Is this a good deal? I'm also concerned about the down payment. Is that a lot to put down to get that monthly payment? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!!
  • I'm also in the process of leasing...just wanted to give you some advise... I see you are putting too much money down....never put too much money down in a lease.... more than $2000 down is too much....ask the dealer to have the loyality rebate taken from the selling price not from the down payment.... you need to know the money factor details as well...ask them about it....also your FX35 is a base model it does not have navigation, no other the price is less than $49K... hence the selling price is $40K.. hope this helps :)
  • This is what I got from a dealer in CA...
    FX35 AWD, Premium, Nav, Tech, Tow, Splash Guards, Deluxe Touring, Illuminated Kick Plates, and Cargo Area Organizer with $2,500 down and including $2,000 loyalty rebate your monthly payment including WA sales tax is $599

    The money factor is .00091, residual is 50% cap cost $52,540 for 39 months and the $2500 includes bank fees and all DMV fees.

    So total out of pocket $2500 ..what do you guys think ? This is a fully loaded except the DVD....Please advise...
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    Thanks for the info. I thought something was up with those numbers! I spoke with this sales person yesterday via phone...we went over exactly what I wanted (stated in my previous post) excluding navigation.

    As for loyalty rebate, I previously asked him to take it from the selling price but he also ignored this in his e-mail. I just sent him an e-mail outlining this and money factor questions. Good luck with your leasing!
  • Make sure the money factor is .00091 and the selling price is close to invoice or will be ok
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    Your numbers look good. Deal seems to be at around invoice minus the $2000 loyalty. The $2500 down probably includes a few dollars in cap cost reduction or tax but not a big deal (at least to me). I'd go for it.
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    Based on the configuration of your FX the payment should be around $550 with taxes and fees up front, around $2500. Tax in the lease would add about $40 per month. As most here have suggested I would put as little down as possible. This really makes sense with this particle lease due to the fact that the interest rate is so low (2.1%).
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    The FX with the options you mention is almost $50k. Unless there is a package missing in the dealers quote. You should get a copy of the sticker or go over the options with the dealer again.

    If you take the sticker, incorrect or not, of $46 and a selling price of $40.6 then the payment would be at the payment of $496 as the dealer stated. The only thing that is wrong is that would be with taxes and fees up-front in the ballpark of $2500. In those numbers I did not factor in the loyalty credit which you would want to use to reduce the capitalized cost of the car, not reduce the amount you need to bring in.
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    Thanks so much for all the helpful info!! Greatly appreciate it.

    I have not hear back from the other dealer yet about his incorrect #'s and my other question.

    I also contacted another dealer last night...waiting for their Internet Sales Manager to send me some #'s. Thanks again.
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    I was just told via e-mail by another dealer that I'm negotiating with that the $2,000 loyality is not available on the FX35 for a lease. He stated "M35 that's where a $2,000 rebate is, on the FX35 it is $3,000 - BUT ONLY on a purchase".

    He said he'll throw in $500.

    What's going on? Did the policy recently change?
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    Just received via e-mail from another dealer:

    2009 FX35 AWD
    Premium package, touring, cargo area organizer, splash guards and roof rail crossbars.
    12K/39 month lease
    Qualified for $2,000 Infiniti loyalty

    MSRP $48,910
    Sell Price $44,928
    $537.08/mo inc tax

    $5000 Total Due @ signing
    $2000 Owner Loyalty rebate
    $3000 Total Out of Pocket

    He indicated in his e-mail that all numbers include 7% sales tax, doc, 4 years of MV and destination.

    He said that he can't deduct the $2,000 owner loyality off the Sell Price due to the taxing in our state. Hence, the above.

    Need help ASAP. Looking to purchase an FX before 3/31. Is this a good deal?
    Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  • You need to tell us the money factor and residual cost of the vehicle at the end of the lease...unless this is known we cant say anything about this deal....
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    Below is the numbers for a no down payment lease with the numbers you included. Since the dealer is asking for $5000 up front, regardless of the fact that you are getting credited for the loyalty $, I am just estimating that $4000 of that is cap cost reduction. If you take that off the selling price of the FX then you will have a number closer to the second set of numebrs below. Since this is making some assumptions there might be some things missing in the calculation.

    Sticker Price 48910
    Cap Cost (negotiated sale price) 44928
    Residual Rate (percentage) 51%
    Residual value 24944.10
    Term (months) 39
    Depreciation 512.41
    Money Factor (interest rate) .00091
    Monthly Interest 63.58

    Payment 575.99
    tax rate 7.00%
    plus tax 616.31

    Sticker Price 48910
    Cap Cost (negotiated sale price) 40928 (4,000 cap cost reduction included)
    Residual Rate (percentage) 51%
    Residual value 24944.10
    Term (months) 39
    Depreciation 409.84
    Money Factor (interest rate) .00091
    Monthly Interest 59.94

    Payment 469.79
    tax rate 7.00%
    plus tax 502.67
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