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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    jxlxr...thank you so very much for taking the time to give me all this invaluable information. I greatly appreciate it. The above dealer is playing too many games so I've contact many more.

    This seems to be the best deal I've gotten. Here's what I've received yesterday...
    same vehicle configuration: 2009 AWD FX35, Premium package, Deluxe Touring, cargo area protector & organizer, and splash guards. 12K miles per year.

    MSRP $50,160
    Sell Price $42,440
    Money Factor .00091
    Residual Rate 51%
    Term 39 months, 12K miles
    Payment $536.44 includes 7% tax

    Due at signing $2,022.83. I'm waiting for the dealer to e-mail what this out of pocket consists of. I'm thinking that it's the first month payment ($536.44) bank fee,$595, motor vehicle fee ($305) and it looks like $586.39 cap cost reduction.

    He says he included my 2K owner loyality. Does this look like a good deal? I've gone back and forth with him three times...he wanted $4,000 down...I told him no. To get this, I need to lock in by 3/31. Anything else I need to know? As you can see I'm a real newbie!

    Another dealer has offered me everything above plus the Navigation as he doesn't have the Slate Blue or the Midnight Mocha that I wanted. Here's his offer:

    MSRP $52,685
    Sell Price $48,500
    Money Factor *00106 *I sent him an e-mail questioning why it's not .00091
    Residual Rate 51%
    Residual Value $26,869.35
    Term 39 months, 12K miles
    Payment $595.00 includes 7% tax

    Due at signing $3,000...I'm dealing with their Sales Manager. He says the out of pocket consist of first month payment ($595.00) bank fee $595, motor vehicle fee ($305) and $1,505.00 cap cost reduction. However, he's playing games with my owner loyality. He's telling me that the 2K owner loyality makes up the balance of 5K that he used to calculate the lease. Hence, also using my 2K as capital cost reduction. During my second conversation he only reduced the sell price by $150. Any advice to get the sell price down? It would be really nice to have the Navigation. Now that I'm dealing with the Sales Manager...and as a female...I'm really out of my league as a newbie. As with above deal, I only have until 3/31. Appreciate any help. Thanks again very much.
  • koolbreez,
    I am not an expert on leasing, and the whole process is a pain to understand. However, I leased an FX35 over one month ago and did not encounter the sort of runaround being thrown your way.

    I hope other people on this board will correct me if I'm wrong, but here is my advice. You should be negotiating on the sell price ONLY. If the salesman starts talking about monthly costs or cap cost reductions, you should bring the conversation back to the sell price. That is the only number open to negotiation, the only number you should care about. (You should check money factor, residual, etc. only to confirm that they are in line with the official Infiniti Finance numbers.)

    This sell price should be close to invoice, maybe a few hundred more, maybe $500 more but not much more than this. Always ask the invoice price, and negotiate from there. If you are entitled to $2000 owner loyalty cash, then you are entitled to it. It comes off the sell price. Period. End of Story. Don't accept anything less. The dealer is not doing you a favor -- that is YOUR money. You do not need cap cost reduction unless you specifically want this to lower your monthly rates to a certain amount.

    I paid $300 over invoice and got the salesman to throw in winter mats. I also qualified for the $2000 loyalty cash. My monthly numbers are not important -- they are what they are. The sell price is what you should be focused on.
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    I've been leasing cars for years and it amazes me how hard it still seems to be sure that the numbers work.

    The first deal you have seems to be one you can feel confident with (at least a little bit!). They took the loyalty discount off the selling price as they should have and money upfront is average. You were correct in asking what the upfront fees are as there are a few dollars out there unaccounted for. Below is what I calculated on that deal with no money down. Again there is room for a bit of error since I do not have all the facts for this deal or your location.

    Sticker Price 50160
    Cap Cost 42440
    Residual Rate 0.51
    Residual value 25582
    Term (months) 39
    Depreciation 432.27
    Money Factor 0.00091
    Monthly Interest 61.90

    Payment 494.17
    tax rate 34.59
    plus tax 528.76

    The other deal is a little different. I took the numbers you gave, using the right money factor, and came up with the following with no cap cost reduction. The cap cost they gave was at invoice so that is good. I took the loyalty credit off as well in this scenario so the sale price is now 46500. Your upfront fees in this case would be more in the 1500 range. This should be approximately the deal if they took off the 1500 cap cost reduction.

    Sticker Price 52685
    Cap Cost 46500
    Residual Rate 0.51
    Residual value 26869
    Term (months) 39
    Depreciation 503.35
    Money Factor 0.00091
    Monthly Interest 66.77

    Payment 570.12
    tax rate 39.91
    plus tax 610.02
  • koolbrezkoolbrez Posts: 9
    Thank you very much jxlxr & rufusryker!! I'm negotiating in New Jersey.

    I keep discussing the sell price and invoice price. Maybe the salesmen in NJ like to play more games, etc. I just want to get the best deal I can. The biggest problem I'm having is getting my owner loyality off the Sell Price. Thanks again very much. Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  • My previous deal fell through.. The dealer messedup the money factor as .000091...
    This my new deal and I'm done
    Umbria Twilight/Wheat
    AWD, Premium, Nav, Deluxe Touring, Tow, Cargo organizer, splash guards ... MSRP 53365..Selling price $47960.
    39/15000 miles ... $ 2500 down, $ 2000 loyalty rebate down
    .00091/ 50 % residual
    Monthly payment 599.54 (includes WA 8.4% tax)....
    Dealer is in CA....I'm flying to pick the car this saturday..and driving back...
    Wish me luck!!!
    Thanks guys ... you are the ones who made me get this deal! :)
  • Great. That's almost my exact deal too. Which dealer in CA did you use? Santa Monica?
  • I got this from Elk Grove.... Santa Monica, and Fairfield ($300 less invoice) gave me the same deal but this is closer to WA. so I went with these guys. Well I will pick this up this saturday and update the rest :)
  • Very nice. Did you find that the California dealerships had a lot of inventory? Any restrictions on color choices? Or did they have whatever you wanted?
  • hbo1nyhbo1ny Posts: 18
    Do you have the April lease program numbers for an fx35 awd at 15k miles and 36 months? Please provide money factor, residual and incentives. Thanks!
  • Initially I wanted Mohave copper/java (I used to have an 03 FX35 with copper/brick). Afterwards I changed my mind to Umbria/ wheat...In CA the inventories are high when compared with here....Even the dealerships are many and very competitive.. Whole WA there are only 3 Infiniti dealerships and only 1 in whole of OR. In CA around 150 mile radius I'm able to find close to 10 dealerships which is good. The dealer I got from has the color I wanted so not a big deal...but I would definitely say there are lot of choices and options in CA :)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Great job, emestre. Congrats on getting your new FX. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. I;m glad that you liked your dealer. If you'd like, you can stop by the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to tell everyone about them. Enjoy your new ride!

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jayrandall. Infiniti introduced the two grand loyalty on the '09 FX35 back in July. While it is difficult to say what any manufacturer's incentives will be like several months from now, if I had to make an educated guess I would say that the loyalty cash will still be available this summer. Again though, no one knows for certain.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi koolbrez. Since you are new to the world of leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    In short, the best way to get a good deal on a leased vehicle is to negotiate the lowest possible selling price on the vehicle that you want and then have the dealer calculate its lease payment using its buy rate money factor.

    You're right, this vehicle's MSRP has to be $49,000 and change. There must have been some sort of miscommunication with the dealer on this front. Its dealer invoice price is around $45,600. If you are eligible for the $2,000 loyalty cash that would drop to around $43,600. I don't see how the dealer can sell you this vehicle for $40,600. That sounds like too much under invoice to me.

    One thing that jumps out at me about this deal is the large amount of money that the dealer wants you to pay at lease signing. I always advise consumers to put as little money as possible down when leasing. Those who put a lot of money down risk losing it if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I certainly do, hbo1ny. Here you go. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of an '09 FX35 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00092 and 51%, respectively. The only cash incentive that is available on leases of this truck right now is $2,000 loyalty cash.

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  • hbo1nyhbo1ny Posts: 18
    Those are the numbers for March. Are you saying they didn't change for April? I thought the lease programs usually go through significant changes on a quarterly basis.
  • sgillmoresgillmore Posts: 10
    Okay, here is an update on this situation, and looking for more advice.

    Ended up doing this, going to new york and getting the following deal (bear in mind I'm a VA resident)

    FX 35 AWD with all 5 packages

    - Tech
    - Nav
    - Delux
    - Premium
    - DVD

    final price was about 57k

    Lease deal WITH 2k loyalty credit

    - 662 a month
    - 662 due at signing
    - 39 months
    - 15 miles

    So I think this was a pretty good deal. Here is the funny part.

    Got a call yesterday from the dealer, saying infinite leasing rejected wrapping the VA taxes into the lease, or something like that, basically saying, that in VA, the taxes have to be paid up front. This doesn't make sense to me.

    Does anyone know if that's possible? So now the dealer, after everything is done is trying to get me to pay the taxes, 2.6k and claiming they can drop the lease rougly 30 dollars a month, from 662 to 630. That general seems to low to me anyway as doing my math they would need to drop the lease payment more like 60 - 70 dollars.

    Anyway, the question is:

    - Is there any truth to having to pay the taxes up front in VA?

  • Hi All,

    Any idea on what the April program is like compared to March ? What are the new 36/39 rates/ residuals for the lower mileage leases ? Im debating a FX35 with the premium package and am a current inifiniti lessee, but im unsure what my target cap should be. Im hoping the deal got better than what I have read from last months since their sales were down yet again !

    Thanks for any help !
  • caleasecalease Posts: 5
    What's the deal with lease rates on the FX50 in southern california? There are a few dealers who have them in stock, but they are pretty hard nosed about dealing. What are the money factors and residuals? I understand that I can get a pretty good deal on an FX35, but I want an FX50. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • It's very possible that paying taxes up front in VA is accurate. Illinois state has this law too. Better to ease in California if you have an address there.
  • jxlxrjxlxr Posts: 54
    Virginia makes you pay the taxes on a leased vehicle upfront and on the entire purchase price. So the 5% tax would be on the 50k+, not just the portion of the car that is used which is common in many states. I would check on the amount they are talking about backing out as you stated that they are saying they will reduce the amount by $30 dollars. It sounds like they may have missed calculated and figured the sales tax on just the dollar amount you are using which in this case is 50% percent of the car (based on a 50% residual). If they did that then the sales tax would have been half of what you really need to pay.

    Otherwise the deal looks good. I estimated some numbers based on what you said and came up with the following:

    Sticker Price 57000
    Cap Cost 51000
    Residual Rate 0.5
    Residual value 28500
    Term (months) 39
    Depreciation 576.92
    Money Factor 0.00091
    Monthly Interest 72.35

    Payment 649.27
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