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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • mikumiku Posts: 2
    My deal that I got:

    MSRP: $48585 (FX35, prem, nav, splash, cargo)
    Base Cap: $44,800
    Doc Fee: $489
    Acq Fee: $595
    Tag: $69
    MF: 0.00072
    Resd: 50% ($24,292)
    Term: 39 month - 10kmile/yr

    With $2000 lease loyalty, final cap cost: $43,953
    Payment: $569/month (w/tax)
    Due at Signing: $630 (includes first month's payment and $60 tax on loyalty money)
  • ppnffppnff Posts: 64
    I still have an unredeemed Infiniti redemption reward.

    For more information, please look below:

    Let me know if anyone is interested.
  • Hi
    I have recently purchased a new 2009 FX35 in New Jersey and am looking to team-up for Infiniti reward program.
    If it still available, please send me an email to with the following info:

    Owner redemption code
    First Name
    Last Name
    Street address
    Zip Code

  • Hi,
    I just purchased a new 2009 G37 and looking for a current owner who has not redeemed their code to team-up for the Amex gift card incentive. Infiniti is currently offering a reward program: $500 AMEX gift card to the new owner and $150 to current owner. More detail at

    Infiniti will send you a $150.00 owner recommendation rewards card (AMEX) Please send me an email to the following info: Owner redemption code VIN First Name Last Name Street address City State Zip Code
  • govedoogovedoo Posts: 1
    I also just bought an FX35. If anyone has an unredeemed gift card code, please let me know so we can team up. govedoo at aol dot com.
  • blackoutgblackoutg Posts: 2
    Hello, I just recently purchased and am interested in redeeming the amex reward card. If you have a promotion code please email me. Thank you

    dasani85 at gmail dot com
  • gmsmithgmsmith Posts: 5
    The Infiniti Reward has expired? I am picking up my FX 35 on Monday...if anyone wants to team up on the reward card and it hasn't expired, let me know.
  • jayrandalljayrandall Posts: 81
    Hey Gameboy - I haven't been on here for awhile, I still think your deal looks good. Did you ever pull the trigger? - jayrandall
  • nitrous2nitrous2 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know when the 2010 FX35 models are expected to hit the showrooms?
    Anyone know what exterior colors will be offered???
  • Here is a deal I was offered outside Philadelphia..

    2009 FX35 AWD
    MSRP: 49,990
    Sale Price: 45,100
    Down Payment: $3500
    Capitalized Cost: 41,600
    Residual is $23,500
    Term: 39 Months
    Mileage: 10,000

    Payment: $492/month + Tax

    This seems like an outstanding deal to me, but if you could just verify for me, I'd appreciate it.
  • Help car man...So Im in the process of negotiating a deal on an FX35 and EX35 and think I should be getting a better deal since I'm leasing 2 vehicles at once, north jersey area
    FX35 Premium and Nav. MSRP 49665
    Cap 44338
    Resid 24982
    39 months
    4000 down (less $2000 loyalty incentive)
    termination of current lease (3 months) and $500 credit milage/excess wear

    EX35 Premium and Nav...MSRP 42265
    Cap 34959
    resid 27893
    39 mos
    4000 down

    Is this good deal on either or both?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    The first 2010 FX should arrive in late October. I know they will have Black Obsidian, Moonlight White, Blue Slate, Platinum Graphite, Liquid Platinum, and Umbria Twilight - not sure if Mojave Copper and Midnight Mocha will still be offered. :D
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi cassy1028. Let's take a look at these deals. The 2009 FX35 that you are interested in has a dealer invoice price of $45,628. Is the capitalized cost that you mentioned this vehicle's gross capitalized cost before the down payment is being taken into account or its net cap cost after the down payment. If you're talking about just the straight selling price before the deduction of the down payment, this is a killer deal. The cap cost that you were quoted is below invoice. If the down payment is being taken into account, then this deal is around $700 over invoice, which still isn't bad.

    The 2009 EX35 that you described probably has a spread of around $3,350 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. The cap cost that you were quoted is way below that. The dealer must be taking the down payment of $3,500 ($4,000 - $500 loyalty) into account here. Even so, this deal still appears to be below invoice, which is excellent.

    Other than the fact that you should go with zero down leases rather than making down payments, I personally don't see anything wrong with pulling the trigger on these deals.

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  • My 2006 FX35 awd lease will be expiring shortly and I would like another. What would be a good lease rate for the following vehicle 12k miles/yr 36 or 39 month ?

    FX35 AWD black w/premium package $46,815
  • moahmoah Posts: 3
    Hi everyone.

    Recently, I purchased G37 Journey Sedan in a SF bay area.
    Does anyone still have unredeemed reward number? Then could you share it?
    The redemption reward will give you $150.

    My email address is at gmail dot com.

    Thank you!
  • Car Man- What are the Sept. money factors and residuals for the 2009 FX-35 AWD
    for 36 and 39 month leases with 15,000 miles per year mileage allowance. I plan to lease one soon.
  • This is a response to the EX deal
    EX35 Premium and Nav...MSRP 42265
    Cap 34959
    resid 27893
    39 mos
    4000 down

    I am a newbie, and trying to understand this stuff from a cost basis.
    The EX figures are all off in my perception.

    If the figures are right, you are paying $17000 for financing $7000 over 39 months. If I were presented these figures by the dealer, I would possibly pay the whole difference (cap-residual) up front with my credit card since i have %7.5 APR :) lol

    The way that i look into the EX deal is this:

    IMHO, their capitalization value above is not really true at least for residual value calculations.

    $2863 is the price below MSRP that you are getting, so your Capitalization should read = $39402

    39*$443 = $17277 + $4000 = $21277 is what goes out of your pocket in 39 months...

    If you are paying $21277, your residual value should be somewhere north of (excluding the financing costs for 16K over 39 months) = $18125 (+ the financing cost that you will incur)...

    The residual value figure that they have there for the EX is pretty off...

    Either the residual value is %46 ($18125) and you are getting %0 percent, or the residual is %50 ($19701) and you are paying $1576 for financing $16K over 39 months.Or somewhere in between.

    BTW, at the end, both does not seem so bad to me. So the numbers may be off, but the deal you are getting does not seem too bad . since %50 seems to be the residual that other individuals have posted, I would probably go with this. Any additional discounts that you can get on the price will lower your financing costs.

    Again, if they show this figures to me, I'd say, OK, I am paying up front all the cap-residual and save myself a good $10K, lol.

    But what do i know?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Cap 34959
    resid 27893

    You aren't financing $7000... you are financing the average of $34959 and $27893... Or... about $30,400...

    Monthly depreciation + monthly finance charges = pre-tax lease payment

    Even if you pay the entire depreciaton up front, you would still have monthly finance charges on the residual amount ($27893).

    A lease is a lot like a mortgage loan... with an option to turn it in for the balance owed at the end of the lease..

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  • Hi rubinstein7. Here's the information that you're looking for. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 FX35 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00054 and 49%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are .00056 and 48%.

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  • Thanks Car man. What would be the money factor and residual for an FX-35 AWD with a 42 month lease at 15,000 miles per year?
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