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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • multiply the MSRP by 47%, subtract that number from your sales price, then divide by 39. That will give you your depreciation price.

    then multiply the MSRP by 47%, add that to your sales price, then mulitply that by .00038. That will give you your finance price.

    Add those 2 numbers and they will give you your payment.
  • how's this sound?
    2010 FX35 AWD All 4 pkgs.
    39mo/ 15k tax incl.[6.75%].
    699/mo. $1950 otd [bank,doc,dmv,first month pmt, tax on loyalty cash]
    returning lease customer. [plus small waiver on mileage overages from past lease].
  • You should be getting $2,000 for lease loyalty & $500 towards wear and tear, unless you already included that. I just closed on mine got $612 without tax for a 3 year 12,000K with premium package, with no money down. MSRP $46,000 Sales $42,300, 53%, .00171 MF. So, that looks pretty good.
  • talctalc Posts: 11
    Car Man:

    did you get $2,000 for lease loyalty & $500 towards wear and tear? and if so, does your Sale Price of $42,300 reflect that or was it in addition?

  • I'm not car_man just a regular Joe. Yes, I got $2,000 and $500 for wear and tear. The $42,300 was my sales price which was pretty close to inovice, my $2,000 covered all my fees and 1st payment. I would contact a few dealers and let them know you have and have them fight over the sales price. I contacted everyone through their internet department and told them I'm waiting on the other dealers and I was gonna go with the best sales price. What one dealer told me will never happen, I got from 2 dealers.
  • talctalc Posts: 11
    sorry about the name confussion ivey...

    I ran your numbers and they were dead on... $611.80/month (taxes not included).

    Nice Job!!!

    - TALC
  • Thanks, I didn't know anything about a week ago but learned a lot from this forum. It saved me a whole lot of money, as my 1st qoute was $699 a month with $3,000 down with a MF of .00286
  • talctalc Posts: 11
    "as my 1st qoute was $699 a month with $3,000 down with a MF of .00286 " ... OUCH!
  • LOL, yeah it was funny yet sad, how fast he came down..... .0026, .0022, to the best I can do is .00182
  • casp80casp80 Posts: 17
    IVEYBOUND: Thanks for the information. However I was hoping that CARMAN would confirm the Money Factor and Residuals for 2009 FX35 AWD at 39 months and 15000 miles.

    It seems like you paid invoice price at $42300 on that $46000 car. That's pretty good unless you have lease loyalty cash of $2000 factored into it.

    I am looking for someone to team up with for the AMEX gift card. If any current owner is willing and has the promotional mail, please let me know at
  • Hello everyone!! My 2007 Infiniti FX35 RWD (touring/sport/hands-free pkg) MSRP $43,500 was LEASED for 39 months (ends in 5/2010) for $465/mo + tax with only $1,000 out of pocket (total due at signing).

    I just received my "special invitation" for a LEASE on a 2010 FX35 RWD for $599/mo. + tax ($3,500 due at signing) postcard in the mail. YIKES. What a RIP.
    ***The MORE loaded model was $653/mo. + tax!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Leasing has really taken a huge hit due to the doomed auto industry, banking messes and poor economy. Wow, how things changed in just 3 short years.

    NO WAY would I ever pay $650/mo after giving up $3,500 to the dealer for a LEASE on ANY vehicle. That's just nuts. Craziness like that is why the country is in the recession/problems to begin with..........people try to buy/lease more than they can truly afford to impress the neighbors/friends. Stupid.

    We liked driving the FX35 for the last 36 months or so, and we will miss it. Since it was a good lease deal ($465/mo) we took it. But $200/mo MORE with $2,500 MORE due at signing for a 2010?? No thanks.
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    Pretty good deal. They are really dumping those things I guess.
  • with Nav, Around view monitor..... quote was for ~$1500 down including 1st month payment, and asking for $650/mo inlcuding taxes, 36mo, 12k miles.
    What do you guys think?
  • Tough to answer your question. There is TOO MUCH info missing.
    Selling Price (Cap Cost)??
    Money Factor (MF/interest rate)??
    Residual Value??
    What is your state sales tax??
    What "fees" are included in the $1,500 down??

    NEVER, EVER try to negotiate "payments" in a LEASE DEAL. Just do as you would normally do when purchasing a them DOWN from the sticker price. The payment will be what it will be.........that's to say it will be $650/mo or it won't be (it's based on what the dealer is "selling" you the vehicle for......then it is run thru the "lease calculator" = payment).
  • Ok, will try to find out more info. Thanks.
  • MSRP: $50,015
    Cap cost: $46,400
    Money factor: .00186
    Residual: 53%
    Residual value: $26,507.95
    Monthly Payment: $689.93 including tax (6%)

    What do you guys think of this deal???
  • Too bad the residual value isn't a little higher, 53% is making your payments pretty high. If you can swing those monthly payments, it sounds like a pretty good deal.
    You might want to consider looking at a "lesser" FX35 AWD model, since you are leasing......but again it is your call.
  • Anyone know what are the rates right now for Infiniti?
    MF, Residual for FX35 AWD, 36mo/12k. with Nav + Perm package?
  • FX 35 AWD, Prem + Nav...Blue Slate/Black interior.
    15k/39 mo
    Paid $610 per month incl taxes.... + 1200 down/ includes 1st month payment.

    At Ann Arbor......MI

    Great place, great manager...
  • dr194dr194 Posts: 1
    That's the same deal advertised on the website. doesn't seem that special to me.
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