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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • hi all, for a G37 RWD with ~$38500 MSRP, what would be an ideal selling price? i am in socal/LA. thx
  • Is this where we get q50 residuals and money factor since there is no forum for them? If so, I'm looking for residuals and money factors on 39 month 12k mile leases.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 46,009
    Base, Premium or Sport?

    2WD or AWD?


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  • Didn't realize they were different as they were not on my current 2010. Would probably be premium and sport with awd unless I can find a rwd here!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 46,009
    All AWD sedans are .00168 for top tier MF...

    Residuals are 61% for 39mo 15K mi/yr for Premium... 59% for Sport (those are two different models for the Q50)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi guys,

    Thought I'd ask a questions and clarify all this stuff before I go through with this purchase. Appreciate any feedback!

    I am looking to Lease a G37 sedan in regards to a special that the Infiniti dealership is having in my area. I'm looking at different models but I will give the details of the one I really want. Unfortunately I don't have the money factors, residuals, or cap so please bear with me.

    All are for 10kmi/24months leases.

    Advertised Special in Miami, FL:

    MSRP: $33,455.00 10k mi/ 24 months

    Money Down: $999.00
    Inception: $700
    Dealer Fee: $595
    First Month Payment:$ 249.00
    With Tax, Title transfer and all other fees Total out of pocket is
    ~$2800 with $249/m + tax (7%)

    With all upfront built into monthly payments $383.00 due at signing and payments are 383/m incld tax
    What do you guys think about this deal???

    Now what I want is a G37 sedan with the premium package that has illuminated kick plates, first aid kit, trunk net, and carpeted trunk mat. The MSRP is $36,525.00. With Everything built in all I need is first month's upfront which comes to $415 and then $415/m incldg tax.

    Unfortunately my credit came up as 644 so I only qualified for Tier 5 money factors the actual rates of what they offered me are $410/m incld tax for the first one that was stated above and $435/m incldg tax for the more expensive one that I want with the prem pkg and kickplates. Any help appreciated!!!! I am unexperienced with leases, please tell me what is also negotiable and how to get the best rate possible.

    FYI this is my first lease, and my first time buying from this praticular dealership, I'm not trading in and no current infiniti's in the household. I'm coming from a BMW. Thank you!!!!!!!

  • I was wondering if the average paid in includes all other fess including (doc fee, gov fee, cap tax, acquisition fee).
  • what is the selling price?
  • The MSRP's are the selling price.
  • Hi all, here are the details on a 2013 G37x with premium package, can you let me know if I am getting a decent deal and where to push in terms of getting reductions? Thanks so much!

    2013 Infiniti G37x
    MSRP: $37,555
    Sales Price: $35,470.43
    Tag and Title: $52.50
    Doc Fee: $399
    Aquisition Fee: $700
    Trade Allowance: $300

    39 Month Lease with 12,000 miles a year
    $0 Down + First Payment due at signing : $399 a month
  • the mf is .00076 and residual is 23284.10
  • I am interested in a G37 lease and there is a lot of great information here.

    I would prefer a Coupe but only if not too much higher monthly - in general, how much more is a Coupe monthly versus a generally similarly equipped Sedan?

    Is the 24 month payment with zero out of pocket generally more or less than the 39 month payment - seems to favor 24 months?

    Is $380 or so pretax realistic for a sedan and $400 for Coupe for either 24 or 39 months?

  • Your invoice price is $35,632 so you're getting a discount of ~$1,240 below that. I think your sale price is in the ballpark of what I've seen recently posted here. Do you qualify for the IFS loyalty rebate of $1,000? I don't see you mention it. If your sale price already factored that in, then it doesn't seem as good.

    Have you gotten quotes from other dealers? Assuming a 6% PA tax rate for you, I see that you're capitalizing the $700 bank fee plus about $80 add'l/doc fee for net cap cost of $35,169. That plus an additional $228 fees in your drive-off. Does that sound about right?

    Assuming the above breakdown is correct, you may try to target a monthly payment at $300. If they knock off about $400 from the sale price to $33,963, that gets you there. Plus, your 3 deposits become $900 instead of $1,050, reducing your up-front cash.

    As far as the Navi, you can easily get a good GPS using an iPhone or Android app for free, or get a cheaper GPS unit. It's only a required add-on for folks who want the Sport trim, but is nothing special.
  • I doubt the selling price is the MSRP. Most advertised specials feature some sort of dealer contribution.

    Using a MF of 0.00021 and 73% residual, I back into a selling price around $30,733 based on the numbers you provided. That's about $639 below invoice. Not great.

    Forget the advertised lease deal when you talk to the dealer. That is never the best deal you could get.

    Instead, simply ask him what the selling price of the vehicle is that you are considering. Have them also disclose the money factor and residual they are quoting you.

    Then, get competing quotes through email from other dealers on the same spec vehicle. That way you'll get a sense of the market selling price in your area. Then you can negotiate the selling price, which is where you can lower your monthly payments (plus lower the dealer/doc fees). The residual is set by IFS, and the MF is what you qualify for. You may get a dealer who is will to bump you up a credit tier on the MF to close out the deal.

    I think you are getting about invoice price on the vehicle with the premium package. Push for more the $1,000 less.
  • ok, is $4k off from a $40255 g37 seem ok? i read some are getting ~4500-4800 off

    btw, to get to .00001 MF you just need 2 Sec deposit
  • No. I think dealer incentives are included but direct to customer rebates plus dealer/doc fees and taxes are not.
  • This is my first lease so I'm just becoming familiar with the terminology and how everything works. The information that I have from the dealer...

    MSRP: $35,610
    Selling Price (including destination charge): $32,610
    15,000 miles
    24 months
    289/mo. with $1,999 down

    Any help is greatly appreciated on if this is a good deal or not and where to go from here since I am new at this. Thank you!
  • I believe I do not qualify for any incentives or rebates. Do you think that I can get the car below 1,000 invoice price?

  • I believe I do not qualify for any incentives or rebates. Do you think that I can get the car below 1,000 invoice price?

    The price is 35,240 with nav and prem package.

  • can anyone share the residuals and money factors on:
    2013 G37x sedan 24 month 12k miles
    2013 G37 Sport 6MT 24 Month 12k miles

    By looking through the forum I think it is 72% and .00018 but it wasn't stated if it was a coupe or sedan which will change a lot. Using those numbers though, I calculated a payment of about $300/month using the Costco discount and having the $1000 Infiniti loyalty applied on top of that (if it is possible). That sounds great considering the car will be more loaded than my current G37x and will be about $60 cheaper per month on a shorter term. These seem like blow out prices to me!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 46,009
    can anyone share the residuals and money factors on:

    2013 G37x sedan 24 month 12k miles
    .00038 MF and 72% residual

    2013 G37 Sport 6MT 24 Month 12k miles (sedan?)
    .00021 MF and 71% residual


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Not good. I understand leases have gotten a little more expensive since they announced the price drop on 2014s/remaining 2013s, but this is too high. I'm at $350/month before tax on a G37xS that includes navi and kick plates etc. on a 24mo/15K lease.

    Granted, I think the sweet spot on pricing is still on 24 month leases. But your sale price is above invoice. You should definitely push for a sale price much below invoice from seeing what others have been posting lately. How much lower depends on your region and the availability where you're at.
  • I think a coupe is significantly more because the $4,800 price cut on G37s only applied to the sedans. Posted selling prices on sedans have fallen since then, but I have not seen the same on coupes.

    From what I've seen, pricing does seem to favor the 24 month lease term.

    You can definitely get $380 pretax on a sedan. I don't know enough of coupe MF, residuals, and current selling prices to comment on that. But I'm guessing the difference is around $80-$100 per month.

    What trim are you looking for? You could check Edmunds TMV and Truecar/Carsdirect pricing to see current retail ceiling selling prices in your area.
  • What are the MF and residual that you are quoted? What is the cap cost and net cap cost? Is the $1,999 down all cap cost reduction, or is part of it to defray bank fee, doc and dealer fees, and TTL? What is your tax rate.

    We need that info before we can truly say if you are getting a good deal. For now, your selling price is ~$700 below invoice. It's decent, but I think there's more room there to negotiate.
  • When I was shopping deals in late June, one dealer told me that their quote to Truecar included $3,500 in purchase dealer cash, which was different than the $2,500 lease purchase cash. So they increased their Truecar quote to me by $1,000 to account for that difference. But the Truecar dealer price was below the average price at the time.

    That was in June, so I don't know what lease dealer cash is available now. That said, I was able to get a price below the Truecar price in the end. How does your Truecar price compare to invoice currently? Is that your Truecar guaranteed dealer price or Truecar average selling price? They're not the same obviously.

    What you're able to get would depend on where you are. I'm in L.A. and it's a very competitive market here. Shoot for $1,000 below invoice, get competing quotes, and then see where you're at.
  • hi, what is the approximate invoice on a $40250 G37 sedan? thx
  • Pick the RWD or AWD(x) version of the car you are considering along with the options on either of these sites and you should see the correct invoice price.
  • I am finishing up a 39-month lease on a G25 and am starting to look into a 2013 G37. Below is a quote I got from a local dealership. Do these sound like good values?

    MSRP $36710.00


    Monthly Payment - $300 TAX INCLUDED

    Monthly Payment - $275 TAX INCLUDED

    Monthly Payment - $248 TAX INCLUDED

    Does anyone know when the 2014s are being shipped?
  • The dealer is basically offering me the deal on the website for a 2013 G37X journey

    $2699 fee which includes first month lease

    payments of $299 per month

    10k miles, 12k for an additional $25 per month.

    $700 Bank Fee

    ~$500 sales tax

    other Dmv fees not included

    I have been looking online at how to negotiate a lease and know that you are supposed to negotiate the MSRP down. Online also gives a way to calculate lease payments. According to my calculations the lease should be over $500 per month. I may be doing something wrong. Is the deal offered so good that it is not negotiable? Is it realistic that there is any room for negotiation here???
  • Are there any incentives available if you are coming from an existing Infiniti lease? I thought I read about a $1000 incentive for that?
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