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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • How did you get to $5500 marketing support's either $2000 or $3500 depending if you use IFS or not .....not both far as I understand .... Correct?
  • xtranger51xtranger51 Posts: 6
    edited February 2013
    This is the deal I got:

    Options included:

    Body-Color Splash Guards
    Trunk Mat, Trunk Net & First Aid Kit
    Illuminated Kick Plates ++
    Premium Package

    MSRP: $45,305.00
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $39,443.79
    Monthly Payment: $405.11 including FL taxes
    Leasing Terms: 12K miles / 39 months
    Residual Value: $25,823.85
    Down Payment: $2,000.00
    Maintenance is included for the leasing time

    Did I get a good deal? Thanks
  • Hi All,

    Seeking some advice, I'm currently in a Maxima Lease that ends in September @375 a month ($2250 remaining payments). Trying to take advantage of the sweet incentives on the G37x lease. I'm a little confused in trying to crunch the number since this is is the first time I'm trying to cut my lease short.
    I'm currently looking at the following on the table.
    G37xs MSRP $46,200 .. First offer on the table was $499 a month Sign and drive after threatening to leave they came back with a sign and drive $520 up front and $435 (incl NY tax) a month for 23 months thereafter. The dealer was very confusing in terms of explaining what they were doing with my remaining lease payments or if they planned on buying the car. Based on the other offers I'm seeing out there I'm guessing they are rolling the remaining payments into my monthly cost. Where do you think I should be in terms of payments? I'm not looking to come out of my pocket much up front. Thanks!
  • What's the money factor?

    What was your total cash out of pocket?

    Did you qualify for the loyalty cash?

    Did you compare $2000 in capital cost reduction to multiple security deposits?
  • Total Cash Out of Pocket: $2,000.00
    Loyalty Incentive: $1,000.00
    Money Factor: .00045

    I also got the $1,750 incentive from IFS for the Coupe model.
  • Looks pretty good. If you had used the $2,000 for multiple security deposits rather than capital cost reduction you would have saved $947 over the course of your lease. You would pay an additional $1,053 during the lease (the payment would go up $27/mo) but get back $2,000 at the end.
  • Hello all, looking for advice. Currently lease a 2010 g37x (prem/nav, etc). On a 39 month 15K per year lease. Lease is up in July, I currently have 60K miles on the car (knew I would go way over when I leased car).

    Infiniti is offering to end this lease, take the car and give me 2013 g37X (prem/Nav/Wood/Tire packages) with lighted kickplates, trunk stuff and splash guards. MSRP is $46,190, sell for 40,984. Nothing due at signing except first months payment of 499.85. This would be for another 15k per year/39 month lease.

    I am trying to get them to include the LED daytime running lamps...Getting some pushback, but I think they are going to do it. If they don't it could be a deal breaker, since I wasnt really in market for a car

    Honestly had no intent of getting a new car, but love the G and it seems like a good deal.

    Any thoughts would be welcome!!!
  • 500 a month seems high to me I think on this car. Scrolling up it seems like some good deals were made. I'm still deciding what to do with my lease. I love the car but to pay for the same car only 3 years newer with no feature changes is the only thing keeping my leasing the car again.

    I have a 2010 G37x with 24,500 miles on it. They just started calling me but I have not answered it yet as I have to finish my homework on the price I want to pay for an outgoing model.
  • Hi Car Man,
    Could you post the IFS February lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2013 G37 Journey with 10,000 or 12,000 miles? If it matters... the only option I would be looking for is the Premium Package.

  • Ok got G37xs Premium Nav and Sport Kick, Trunk Stuff and Splash Guards $46,100 MSRP $425/month tax included in pa it's 9%. Zero due at signing they pay first month of 39 mth lease 15k/year.
  • That sounds like a great deal. Lets hope those deals are still around in November on the new Q50 when my lease is up! :)
  • Forgot to mention they also waived the last 3 payments of my previous lease.
  • Who is the dealer in pa? I'm trying to work a deal right now? Although your msrp seems a little low to include all that. Sounds like a great deal
  • In New York, just turned in my 2009 G37x + Premium (no nav), 3 months early with no penalty, and the termination fee was waived. The incentives and deals are really good right now. I also qualified for $1,000 Lease Loyalty.

    Just signed a lease for a brand new 2013 G37x + Premium + Nav, 24 months, 12,000 miles per year, $369 per month taxes included, Sign and Drive. Only paid first month plus $243 in DMV and some fees and taxes. Total OTD was $612, and now I'm paying $369 per month.

    Felt I could have haggled for a few bucks less, but at $369 for that vehicle, I felt I was getting a more than fair deal. Easiest car I've ever leased or purchased.....did everything over e-mail and telephone and was in and out of dealership within an hour.
  • In Westchester, NY, looking at leasing a 2013 G37X with Nav and Premium package. Dealer will buy out my 2010 coup with 6 months left at no cost. Out the door for $2800 all in and monthly payment of $479. Based on what I have seen on these posts, seems way too high and should ask for a low $400 payment. Thoughts? Thanks.
  • Wait 3 months - Infiniti will buy out your last 3 months. the dealer doesn't actually do it at no cost. They put the cost elsewhere in the deal.
  • I have 60k miles on my 2010. Turning in for 2013 prem nav wood tire kick plates trunk stuff and daytime lamps for first month due at signing of 499 plus take last six months of lease. They wanted 2k at sign. I said no way. You should be able to get close. There are a ton of Gs out there and they want to move them. Good luck. I keep thinking I could do a little better. After they saw miles they wanted 2k down and 515. I said under 500 and nothing down.
  • I have been gettin calls and emails lately aswell, I have a 2010 G37navi with less then 30k miles. My lease ends in June i think and am honestly thinkin of extending my lease a few months depdng on when the Q50 comes out an dhow much they want to jack the price up in the beginning. i got my 1st G35 close to the beginning of release and almost payed 600 a month, my current lease is at 475 for almost same car. Could have lept early last year for 2 years on a 2012 but then i would have lost the 99 discs i have saved on my harddrive, wasnt worth the heartache for the same car :)
  • "Wait 3 months - Infiniti will buy out your last 3 months. "

    Not always the case. There are times that Infiniti will waive the last 3 months of a lease to lease a new car, there are other times like Feb/Mar in 2012 where they waived the last 6 months. But most of the time they don't waive anything but the lease turn in fee and $500 of damage/excess miles
  • Agreed that they don't always do it. They seem to be offering the last 3 months to everyone this year.
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