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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • jim_321jim_321 Posts: 8
    Midnight Black Grille & Decklid Spoiler....mfg option, also includes Sport Pkg, Nav Pkg and Premium Pkg. Sticker...had to get it from my wife...$49,965.00 I think this site is a great resource so I wanted to put out the info in hopes it helps someone.
  • heaven_incheaven_inc Posts: 1
    Congrats on an amazing deal! which dealership was it?
  • infinitig1infinitig1 Posts: 1
    Undecided between getting a used car or a new car and this is what Infiniti is offering me...

    G37X - premium package and NAV
    VIN JN1CV6AR4DM759914

    Payment Details
    Term 24
    MSRP 45,000
    Est. Miles Per Year 10,000
    Disposition Fee 395.00
    Excess Mileage Charge 0.25

    Monthly Payment $350
    Total Cash Required on Delivery 2,500
    Sticker Price $45,000
  • saimassaimas Posts: 2
    I have an lease offer for Infinity G37, with premium and sports package, price after discounts 37458, included extra paint protection and IR tint with my current vehicle trade in 36000, and pay off 32306, so a down of 3700 approx, Monthly lease 404$, 39 months and 12000miles per year. Is it a good offer? Please help
  • d2905d2905 Posts: 1
    Hi Insidecarbuy,

    I am interested in getting similar deal. Could you please tell me which dealership I can contact and who the sales rep would be. And if you know, what is the sale price for the car? Thank you

  • saimassaimas Posts: 2
    It is Gunn Nissan san antonio
  • MSRP is low for this car, but it's hard to evaluate the deal without knowing the net capitalized cost. I'm assuming the May residual and money factor. What's included in the "total cash required"? If your cash required were only $500, your monthly payment would be about $410. That's normally a good deal on a $45,000 car, but not on this car with all the sharp discounts.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 64
    edited May 2013
    is 66% correct for the May 24mo residual for the G37 coupe? In the post before it you said 57%? Looking to lease tomorrow so would definitely be of help, thanks Car_man!
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 64
    to follow up, my local dealer just emailed me the residual and interest rate of 68% and .00115, that MF seems a bit high given all of the other ones I have seen. Can anybody tell me if they are trying to jerk me off? :mad:
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 64
    To follow up again, went to dealership today and confirmed the numbers.

    G37 Sedan: 24mo 12k residual = 68%, MF = .00016
    G37 Coupe: 24mo 12k residual = 68%, MF = .00015

    They were only willing to go down $4,780 off the sticker for the coupe, which was not enough for me to bite. Anyone else get a better deal?
    MSRP $45,305 Sale Price $40,525

  • I couldn't get a residual that high nor a money factor that low (don't have the paperwork for the 24 month lease), but my selling price was $41,316 for a $47,115 car, and I think I can squeeze another $1,000 out of them. Keep working on that net cap.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    The coupes are not being discontinued this year, so its going to be harder to get a great deal on them compared to the sedan.
  • I don't think that's true. As I mentioned, dealers I have seen around here are discounting coupes $5,000-$8,000 from MSRP, and the interest rates are mostly under 1%. Of course, it is the end of May.
  • Can you explain how to get the $1000 rebate? I'm an existing lease customer of infiniti and am looking to get into another lease soon.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 64
    FYI we picked up a 24mo lease with 12k miles using the 68% and .00015,

    MSRP $45,305
    SALE $38,025

    Payment with fees = $0 down $407/mo
  • Comments on leases completed are really useful, but I would like to see all the basics. Indicate whether you're leasing a coupe or sedan, MSRP, Selling Price, Term, Interest Rate, Drive-off fees, and Residual.
  • nypayznypayz Posts: 8
    dnk the MF + residual but a long island dealer is offering a loaded coupe
    49m car for 319 zero down....only tax title fees at signing
  • radtraxradtrax Posts: 11
    edited May 2013
    Hi Carman,

    Could you post the latest lease numbers for the G Journey, AWD & IPL Coupe over 24 months w/ 12,000 miles/year? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger either in June or July. Thanks in advance!
  • I am looking for one too. is this 407/mo inclusive of tax?
  • lam337lam337 Posts: 1
    I just leased a G37x sedan premium with nav, 39 months, 15k miles per year, taxes (8.25%) rolled in. No money down, just 1st payment and couple hundred bucks in plates/fees due at signing. Payment is $445 monthly.

    Did I get a fair deal?

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