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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • mullins2013mullins2013 Posts: 6
    edited June 2013
    Help me know if this is a good deal! I think it is based on reading here, but want to be sure.

    G37 Journey Coupe RWD
    Nav, Sport, Premium
    MSRP $48,495
    Selling Price $42,500
    $1000 Loyalty cash applied to fees
    24 month / 12k per year
    Residual 68%
    MF 0.00015

    With $0 down and a total of $1301.72 in taxes and fees rolled in it comes to $420 + tax per month
  • woodsdrumswoodsdrums Posts: 12
    Thanks for the answer!...I assume the $200 over invoice minus the $2500 cash incentive allows them to make at least a couple hundred up front profit plus what they get off the financing deal?...another question I have is if the dealer makes a $1000 loyalty offer to me as a returning customer, should I expect that to be included in the $2500 customer incentive offer or will it be separate for a total of $3500 off the negotiated price?
  • arborarbor Posts: 11
    Best deal I negotiated in NJ for my new G37X Premium w/Nav and Interior Accent Package.

    MSR 45,560
    Invoice 42,172
    Selling Price 39,114

    39 months 12k/year $395/month $744 due at signing- 1st month and DMV Fees
    Included Infiniti Loyalty and turning my 2010 G37 in 6500 over mileage.
  • g37mog37mo Posts: 2
    Just started negotiations on my second G37x. Initial offer:

    MSRP $43,620
    Sales Price $38,900
    MF .00043
    Residual 56%
    39 month 15k miles

    $399 (excluding taxes and fees)

    I’m turning in my current lease with the pull ahead and am aware of the $2,500 dealer cash and $1,000 loyalty.

    My question is what room do I realistically have in terms of the sales price (as I believe MF and residual are non-negotiable)? If I go $500 above invoice (about $40,000) including incentive and loyalty I think it would look like this:

    MSRP $43,620
    Sales Price $37,095
    MF .00043
    Residual 56%
    39 month 15k miles

    That should put me at about $350 (excluding taxes and fees)

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  • I have a 2012 G37x with nav/prem/wood/illuminated kick plates, etc. Lease is up in January so they are doing a buy ahead. Below is what they are quoting me. I'm currently paying $325 for a lease with 15K miles per year.

    Here are the numbers for the2013 G37X WITH NAV, PREM , AND WOOD . NO MONEY DOWN AND PAYING OFF YOUR CAR. 39 X 389 OR 24 X 398 .. WITH 10K

    Doesn't seem to bad?
  • 66566656 Posts: 4
    I'm considering taking advantage of Infiniti's pull-ahead program. The lease on my 2010 G37 Journey ends in October. Being new to leasing, I'd signed up for 12K but only put 19,753 miles on The car. The dealership should be thrilled to get this car back, right? I was expecting a great offer on a 2013 G37 Journey with premium package and interior accents. Instead, I think I'm getting a really bad deal. (I'm in New Orleans, if location makes any difference.)Here's what the dealership offered:

    MSRP $42,324
    $1000 Owner Loyalty Cash
    No down payment, no first month payment
    Sale price $38,750
    39 mo lease, 10,000 miles, $498.79/mo
    I don't have the money factor or residual value quote, but will get these if you need them.

    Is this deal as bad as I think it is?
  • d_nyholmd_nyholm Posts: 73
    From seeing the deals posted on this forum, yes, that seems like a terrible deal. You should be at $400 or less before taxes for a similar car I believe.

    Also, look at the buy out for your car. For mine which is due in November, it is $23800. Similar cars are listed on auto trader for about $28k. I was going to try to trade it in at a dealer for about 25 or 26 and use that extra money as a down payment on a purchase. You can easil do the same on yours.
  • 66566656 Posts: 4
    The buyout idea is a really good one; my residual is $21,781.90. Thanks so much for your reply.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    Dealers are not getting the car back when you do a lease turn back. The car is owned by IFS, they are the one getting the car back when you do a lease turn-in. So no thrill for the dealer.
  • iwantg37iwantg37 Posts: 4
    Documentation Fee: $80.00
    Sales Tax @ 8.000% $62.40
    1st Month Payment: $476.88
    Acquistion Fee: $700.00
    License Fees: $409.00
    Government Fees: $8.75
    TOTAL DRIVE OFF: $1,737.03
    CASH DUE ON DELIVERY: $1,737.03

    MSRP : $48,895.00
    Vehicle Price: $43,551.00
    Adj. Cap Cost: $43,551.00
    Residual: $33,248.60 @ .68% (12,000 mi. a yr.)

    Base Pmt: $441.56
    Monthly Tax @ 8.000% $35.32
    TOTAL PAYMENT: $476.88

    From reading this forums I think I could do better. What can I negotiate from here? Not sure if incentives have been applied.

  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    You didn't say sedan or coupe. For a sedan if you are a current Infiniti customer you want to shoot for $3000-$3500 below invoice for the vehicle price. If not shoot for $2000-$2500 below invoice. For the coupes there is $500 less on the incentives.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603
    edited June 2013
    Greeetings iwantg37!

    What you didn't mention is that this is a 24 month lease with a money factor of 0.00016. All the numbers appear to be spot-on except the $409 license fee seems rather high.

    I think your focus needs to be on one thing: The $43,551 vehicle selling price. It might be a good idea to search Edmunds or other sources for dealer invoice information and then, deduct holdback and any manufacturer incentives to arrive at an estimate of dealer cost and use that as your selling price. Remember, you can always go up but never down when negotiating selling price. Selling price is where it all begins whether you lease or buy. It's arguably the most important number in any vehicle acquisition transaction.

    If incentives were applied, it appears that it would have been applied against the MSRP according to the information you've provided. Normally, dealer discounts are applied against the MSRP and are not subject to sales tax. Manufacturer incentives (e.g., rebates) are (a) used as a gross cap reduction or (b) used to offset any drive off fees. Either way, both are usually treated as taxable events by most states.

    Hope this helps.

  • iwantg37iwantg37 Posts: 4
    Yes sorry, coupe 24 month lease 12k miles. Sport, nav, premium packages.
  • I agree that $3K or $3.5K off invoice should be your aim, even with a coupe. I would aim for a selling price of no more than $42K and, as in another reply, check the interest rate. I think this dealer is shorting you on incentives. BTW, in some states, tax is charged on the agreed on price BEFORE incentives (California for example), totally bs, but that's the way it is. Even in California, I can do this deal for about $420 with tax and about $1,000 drive off.
  • lildeviletlildevilet Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Hi, saw that the MF for a coupe was .00016. Is it the same for the sedan? If not, what is the MF? Looking at 24 month/10k miles. Also, does anyone know what the residual % is? Thanks!
  • My question is why is the dealer's per month quote higher than what I calculate based on all the figures provided by the dealer? The only figure I don't have is the added costs, which I estimated at $1,000.

    The dealer is saying my payment would be $398 but my calculations come up to $316. I want to add that this is zero out of pocket other than first month's payment and getting out of the current lease by virtue of "3 of the payments being made by Infiniti.....the other 4 we are giving you a check to pay them off" to quote the sales rep.

    I should also add that the car I'm getting out of is a 2012 G37x with Prem/Nav/Wood/Splash Guards/Trunk Mat/Illuminated Sill Plates has 3800 miles on it.

    All of my calculations are shown below, what am I missing?

    This is what I'm being quoted:
    2013 G37x Prem/Nav/Wood/Splash Guards/Trunk Mat/Illuminated Sill Plates/Performance Tires

    MSRP 46160
    Base Cap Cost 39160
    Costs Added to Lease (est) 1000
    Cap Cost Reduction (loyalty incentive) 1000
    Adjusted Cap Cost 39160
    Residual Value (70%) 32312
    Money Factor 0.00031
    Term (months) 24
    Sales Tax 3%

    Monthy Payment
    $307.49 + $9.22 (tax) = $316.71
  • srt4evahsrt4evah Posts: 1
    My paperwork they gave me blew away in the wind, but I was offered a deal roughly like this yesterday in Austin, Texas. This is a 24 month, 10,000 miles per year. This is a coupe with premium package, navigation, and carpeted mats and kick plates.

    MSRP: 46545
    "Savings": 4590 (this is what the dealer claims they're taking off, plus the rebate)
    Negotiated Price: 41955
    Down payment due: 3199
    Taxes: 2622 (Texas sucks, they charge tax on the full sales price, not the lease payments)
    Residual value: 30800 (approx, I forget, but it's under $31000)
    Tag fee: 125

    Total due on signing: 6288 (down, tax, tag, first month)
    Monthly payment: 369

    I thought it sounded like a pretty sweet deal, but I seem to see people here getting deals with almost nothing down and the same monthly payments.
  • iwantg37iwantg37 Posts: 4
    This is the deal I singed this morning

    2013 g37 coupe , sport/nav/premium, illuminated side plates

    Selling price-$41,995
    Drive offs-$1700
    Monthly payment-$387 including tax.

    This thing is a beast!!!!
  • sstoykosstoyko Posts: 8
    What is the term/miles for this deal? What's included in the $1,700 in drive offs?
  • This looks pretty good, especially since the deal from Texas above was for $2K less car, same selling price, $2300 more in drive off. I am just plain mystified by the variations in lease deals I'm seeing on the coupe. I would love to see two or three of them side by side with all the fees clearly spelled out. Funny, in this day of transparency in car selling and mucho information on the web, the dealers continue to wheel and deal. I had one quote in the 500's, and when I balked, the dealer came back with one at least $125/mo. lower, same car. As I sat scratching my head and whining about not understanding leasing, he said, "No, you're doing great. Most of the people I get in here would have just taken the first offer!" I'm beginning to think I'll just keep driving my 1995 pickup!
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