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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • lola225lola225 Posts: 19
    2013 Infiniti G37 AWD Sedan with Premium
    Illuminated Kick Plates, Splashguards, Trunk Mat/Cargo Net & First Aid Kit

    MSRP: $38,310

    Sell: $35,171
    Acquisition Fee: $700
    Wheel Locks: $99
    Total Gross Capitalized Cost: $35,970

    MF: .00038
    RV: 74%
    Term: 24 / 10K
    Zero down

    Due at Signing: $1,125 (includes first month pmt of $342 + sales tax paid in advance $605 + registration $85 + $92 misc fees such as tire fee etc. Don't feel like typing them out :))

    Monthly Payment: $342
  • Anyone know of a dealer in the northeast with a sedan AWD sport model in stock?
  • jkipsterjkipster Posts: 55
    You didn't get the $1,000 IFS lease rebate?
  • lola225lola225 Posts: 19
    hi jkipster,
    I wasn't aware of the $1,000 IFS lease rebate and the dealer didn't mention it. I put a deposit on the car but haven't signed the lease agreement yet. Do you think I can still negotiate the lease rebate? The dealer might just say they already factored that in to the price?

    I have to pick up the vehicle by end of the month so I'm down to the wire! Your advice is appreciated!
  • jkipsterjkipster Posts: 55
    They must be applying it as a cap reduction so your true sale price is $36K. That is $500 above invoice. I think most of the recent posted sales have been below invoice. But since you have already paid a deposit I don't know how much leverage you have.

    You could say that you knew all along about the rebate and that you just thought that it would offset your drive off of $1,125 and that you would only have a cash due of $125? See what they say to that.
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    What state are you in???I think you will be able to just the deposit back and or negotiate again, most states let you review the lease for a day and you have not been able to do that
  • After some negotiation, below is what dealer offered me. I am in State of Pennsylvannia.

    G37 AWD Premium package (does not include navigation)
    24 months, 12,000 miles
    Initial payment including first month payment, including tax and everything 2799

    Per month payment 299.99

    He has not shared other details like listed price etc. Please let me know, if this is a good deal. If not what should I aim at.

    Thanks and best regards

  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    You can't tell if a lease deal is good or not unless you have the selling price. Not the list (MSRP), the actual selling price.

    I can tell you that putting down $2800 on a lease is a real bad idea. The interest rates are near zero on Infiniti leases right now, roll everything into the lease and drive off with as close to zero as possible
  • sulabhssulabhs Posts: 8
    Thanks Kingpcgeek. I will ask the dealer to revise the offer by bringing down the down to first month payment.

    G37, AWD, premium package

    MSMRP- 37555
    sales price- 34320
    Residual- 27415
    term- 24 months, 12 K miles

    Monthly- 294 (dealer reduced further 5 use)
    down- 2699 (this includes everything+ plus first month payment). I will talk to dealer on Monday to reduce this to first month payment.

    Please advise, if this is looking ok or not.
  • If you finance $2K of that drive off, your payment should be about $354. That's an ok deal on this car. I guess the lower residual now is raising the cost enough to offset the lower sales price and interest rate. Make sure the interest rate is correct (check the figures in previous posts), and make him itemize all the fees. You may be paying for some capital reduction.
  • Dear jkipster,

    I am looking to structure a deal just like your suggestion to mrbaseball using the rebates as multiple security dep. I actually sent an offer exactly like it for the same car (msrp $40, 810) at $36k sell price and was mostly accepted by the dealer. I went for a test drive and the car was great except not in a color combo I can live with. The new option is a 2wd Journey/prem/nav/wheel/trim package. MSRP is $39,760. Can you help structure a deal like the above for presentation to the dealer. I'm thinking of a sell price of around $35k. Thanks for your help as I need to pull the trigger ASAP.
  • scrapin240scrapin240 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    after looking at this, i think i can do better, but we already put a deposit down.

    MSRP = $37,555

    sell price = ???
    Residual = $ 27,415.15

    Out of pocket
    first month = 367.98
    Cap reduction = 440.00
    up-front tax = $44.42
    + plates $200
    Out of pocket = $1149.50

    Monthly = $367.98 tax included NY (8.875%)

    where can i do better? dealer said I couldn't get the $1,000 rebate because i do not have a current infiniti
  • Have you driven this other combo? I will say that the sport handles way better but you feel the bumps a bit more. Make sure you know the difference in the ride and would be happy with it.

    It should have the same MF and residual so you would only need to figure out your new target price. If the dealer was willing to go down to $36K on the G37S, then apply roughly the same discount to this other trim ($35,100?). It's more art than science I think. If he's still got a lot of 2013s on the lot, then you could try to be more aggressive.

    The residual on this should be $28,627.20. Adding bank fee and doc fee to the sale price gets you a net cap cost around $35,800, putting total depreciation at $7173. That makes your payment before tax ($7173 / 24 = $298.88) and including 2 security deposits at just under $300 per month. Add your tax rate on top of that. Your deposit amount would be 2x $350 = $700. The rest should be like the other deal. Use the rebate against TTL, gov fees and MSDs with a small cash due. No cap reduction!

    Good luck and let us know your final deal. Post all the details once you've signed.
  • Thanks...I haven't driven the non sport, but guess I should based on your suggestion. Never the less, based on you recommendation, this is what I am going to propose on this package. What are your thoughts?

    Premium Package, Navigation Package, VIN JN1CV6Axxx
    Msrp: $39,760

    Instead of applying the rebate towards cap reduction, I’ll make two security deposits to drop the MF to 0.00001.

    24 mo/12K lease
    Cap Cost (sale price): $34,988.00
    Bank Fee: $700
    Doc Fee: $45
    Total Cap: $35,728.00
    Cap Reduction: $0
    Net Cap: $35,728.00
    Residual....72.00% ... $28,627.20

    Depreciation: $7,100.80
    Rent: $15.45
    MF Rate: 0.00001 (after multiple Sec Deposit)
    Base Monthly Payment: $296.51
    Sale Tax: $24.46
    Monthly Payment: $320.97

    License: ~$360
    Gov fees: $8.75
    First Month: $320.97
    Security Deposit: $700
    Total Drive Off: ~$1,389.72
    Rebates: ($1,000)
    Cash Due: $389.72

    $700 refundable deposit at lease end
  • The calculations look right. Best of luck.
  • Hey everyone.

    I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me. The lowest sales price I've received on a a G37 Sedan 7A with Sport, Prem, Nav is $37000. I'm trying to lease at 36 months @ 12,000 miles a year.

    My biggest question is, how many security deposits does Infiniti allow for, and how much does each reduce the money factor? As of now, the MF on the vehicle is .00077.

    I also can't seem to get anyone to budge below the $37K mark as I don't qualify for any of the incentives (purchase or returning buyer). Does anyone know or how quickly do people know about the September incentives?

    Thanks for all of your help! A service like this is amazing, I'm glad people are doing their research and not handing over free cash to dealers.
  • 9 max deposits reducing the MF by 0.00010 each.
  • Fantastic, thank you. So I'm assuming I can't go to zero, so 7 deposits to get it to .0001? This I'm assuming is advisable if you have the cash handy?
  • That's right... you can't go to zero...

    When I leased mine, a couple of years ago, the MF was .00091, and I used 9 deposits to take it to .00001

    Since your base is .00077, after 7 deposits, you'll be at .00007 (which is still basically zero..)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks, much appreciated. Semi-new to leasing so this helped out quite a bit.

    Last question, does anyone have any insight or could direct me to the most reliable website for incentives? Looking to make a purchase and I'm curious about the new incentives coming out September 4th.

    Thanks tot he both of you!
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