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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • Jlomb436, what state are you in? Looking for a g37 sport model fully loaded. Thanks
  • carshopper110carshopper110 Posts: 6
    edited September 2013
    I got the following negotiated quote--24 months, 12 k miles, G37 AWD, Premium, Navigation, sedan
    MSMRP- 39,405
    Negotiated price- 34935
    govt fees= 68.5
    security deposit= 1050 (this will be refunded at the end of lease)
    acquisition fees= 700
    misc (clerical expenses) = 300 (I want to get rid of this charge)
    gross cap cost= 35635
    rebate= 1000
    payment per month= 362
    amount due= 1779 (including first month payment+ 3 month sec deposit)

    Please advise, if this is optimal deal.


  • wow, 35K is a nice price in my eyes Carshopper110. I can't get below 37 on a non X sport model, so I think the MSRP's are pretty similar.

    KhrisCota, I'm in CA. Why do you ask?
  • So I kept on 3 different dealers and ended up going for the G37 Sport/Prem/Nav/Cargo trunk package. Since I'm not a returning IFS lessor, I couldn't use the rebate so I decide not to put down the extra security deposit.

    2013 Infiniti G37 w/ nav, premium, sport, trunk mat

    Msrp 40255

    24mo/12 k lease

    Cap cost 36000

    Acq fee 700

    Net cap 36700

    Residual 72% 28983

    Mf .00021

    Base payment 335.31

    Tax 27.66

    Total 362.97

    Drive off 808.32
  • Bird, do you mind if you let me know where you live and/or what dealer you used? I can't get anyone below $37K and I'm usually pretty good at the "game".
  • I'm in the SF Bay Area. The dealer most open to good deals is Infiniti of San Francisco. The other Bay Area dealers were not working with me at the deal I needed.
  • jkipster, I'd like to thank you for recommending that I drive the non sport G37 to compare to the sport. A world of difference. In fact, I think a car with all that horsepower without the sports package would be down right dangerous. You just feel so much more in control with all the upgrades to the suspension. Thanks for the help on the deal!
  • This is the same car that I leased from the same dealer. It was funny that I didn't consider Infiniti of SF during almost a year of searching because their selection and prices weren't that good, but they started offering this sport premium with nav thrown in for free. My selling price in June was in the low 36,000 area, but since the residual was higher then, my car was $343 including tax with $1500 drive off. Not sure about your total on fees, but if your drive off was about $500-800, the deals would be comparable. I would think you should be able to do better now. Work on them over that selling price.
  • You're welcome birdlivs. I'm glad that my recommendation helped you make an informed choice.

    I went from a G37S to a G3xS recently and know that the different suspensions make a big difference in the ride. I loved the G37S but my wife thought the ride felt harsh as a passenger. Since I never got to do much spirited driving in it alone anyways, it wasn't a big deal, and city driving is more comfortable in the new car.

    Hope you're enjoying that new car. Taking those turns aggressively should put a good smile on your face.
  • Does anyone know what the September incentives are yet? Wondering if they are continuing the pull ahead program specifically, since I would be eligible if they are.

  • I would love to know September incentives as well, trying to make a deal tomorrow.
  • 013 G37 Coup MSRP $48,695 selling price $41,840
    Lease for 24m at $474.85 mf 0033 buy at end $33,599 no money down at all..Help and fast
  • Unfortunately dealer does not have the nav with premium and asked me to wait for 2 weeks. He has one with premium, awd (non sport, no nav)

    msmrp= 38310=00
    sales price= 34389=00
    residual= 27966

    down= 1597 (this includes 3 months deposit and first month payment)

    Money factor= 0.00001

    monthly payment 319

    This is negotiated price. I thanks all of you with your patience with me. I am new to this and greatly appreciate advice from you folks. I am not very particular about Nav so if this a good deal, I am willing to go for it.

  • Carshopper, your sales price is way too high. I have multiple offers on a vehicle loaded with Sport, Nav and Premium for $37K without any incentives. Assuming you don't qualify for any incentives, I think the most you should pay for that vehicle is 33K.

    My math is 37K - Nav and Sport (roughly $4K) to $33K. Hope that helps. Plus, if you want those options, try another dealer even if you need to travel.
  • gaspasser4gaspasser4 Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    Did i get ripped off here?

    2013 g37 coupe with navi/premium

    $1999 down
    $700 acquisition fee
    License Fee
    1st month lease
    Came out to $3624

    After taxes my monthly payment is $316 with 12,000 miles/year for 24 months...

    Did i get jacked??? :(
  • No one can answer that without more information. Look in the lease docs that you signed and provide at least the following:

    Money Factor (interest rate)
    Doc and other dealership fees
    Tax rate in the $316 payment.

    The base 2013 G37 coupe with Prem/Nav has a $46,405. With your drive off, it looks like there was a hefty dealer/doc fee built in unless you're in a state that taxes the entire cost of the vehicle up front.
  • Hello,

    This is my first time trying to lease a car.

    I do not even know where to start from.

    What are the things that I need to ask and get the answers?

    What is the average or good price that I can get this car?

    I am trying to lease either 2 or 3 year with 12k or 15k miles a year

    I live in NJ.

    Plz help!!!!
  • This is the info I have:

    vehicle price: $40,250
    Gross capitalized cost: $40,330
    Cap Cost Reduction: $1999
    Residual: $31,593.85
    Depreciation: $6737.15
    Monthly tax @ 8.0%

    San Diego, CA. Escondido Infiniti

    watta ya think?? Thanks
  • nyg37nyg37 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Here's a deal we just completed with a fico score far below average. I don't know the selling price res, or mf and didn't care as long as the final $ numbers are within the range of the deals people are getting. There was no loyalty rebate as this was the first Infiniti. I was shooting for zero security deposits, under $1k at signing and under $375/month including all fees and sales tax. This is a challenge with a less than desirable fico score. I think it was a good deal considering the credit score and about $3,000 of extras on top of the regular Premium+Nav car.

    G37x Sedan
    18" Wheels
    Illuminated Kick plates
    Wood grain trim
    Trunk Mat, Net, First Aid

    $1150 total drive off including new plates and $399 first month's payment, $399/month including 8.875% nyc taxes
  • Looks like your car also had kick plates, splash guards and trunk net for a total MSRP of $47,155, with an invoice price per Edmunds of $43,654. That puts your residual at 67%, and your money factor at 0.00017, which seems low enough to suggest that it is the buy rate MF.

    You must have capped a doc fee of $80. Your drive offs then would be:
    Cap reduction: $1999
    Tax on cap reduction: $159.92
    Bank fee: $700
    TTL & Gov fees: $449.08
    1st Month: $316

    These all seem fair for SoCal so it doesn't look like they played around with the calculations to add additional profit. The question then is how good was your sale price? Post #7886 is your best comparison. They got the same car at ~$800 below invoice before $3,500 in incentives. I don't know what incentives there are currently and what you qualify for, but your price is a total $3400 below invoice. Looks like you may have had a little more room to negotiate, but I wouldn't say that you got ripped off.

    Next time, maybe get some competing quotes to get a sense of pricing in your market? Also, don't pay a cap reduction.

    But you got yourself a fine ride so enjoy it.
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