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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • Hello, can someone confirm what the lease rate and residual is on a 2013 G37 Coupe 6MT for 18 or 24 months with 15,000 miles a years. Also I have a current 2012 lease on a G37 sedan that ends is February am I eligible for any special incentives?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    2013 G37 Coupe 6MT 24mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00018 MF and 64% residual

    I don't have the incentive information..


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  • Great thank you!!
  • Yes, they are matching that discount before considering loyalty. It is an amazing deal, now that I got quotes from other dealers that are a lot higher. I don't actually use the navigation feature much, but I really want to have BT streaming. You're right in that if the money factor is very low, then it makes sense to lease, since basically you get to use their money for almost no interest.

    I have read mediocre reviews on the Q50. Any reason why that would be a better choice than the G37? I see that there are new features like blind-spot detection, etc., but you have to get the highest trim level for those.
  • Sorry to bother you, but can you give me the same terms 24 months 15,000 on the Q60 Sport 6MT
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    2014 Q60 Sport 6MT 24mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00023 MF and 67% residual


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  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    Excellent! If I were you, I would have already jumped in :-)

    Regarding BT streaming, I'm wondering if a simple solution would be a combination of USB to aux and then aux to Bluetooth. You can plug that into the iPod USB slot in the G. Would cost less than $50.

    I think the Q50 is a great car, but I heard too many complaints about the double touch screen being a mess. Perhaps they will fix it in the next revision. My policy is to never get the first generation of any car, they usually have many problems that gets fixed in the second iteration. That's just my opinion though. Also, I did not have loyalty, so the monthly for Q50 was too high for me.
  • arai30arai30 Posts: 18
    Hi kingpcgeek,
    Thanks for your response.
    The problem is neither dealer wants to NOT do cap cost reduction. They roll up part of fees into the cost of car and then put the money Im giving them towards cap cost reduction.
    No matter how many times I say, I will only pay the fees amount as drive off, they just say oh it adds up to the same. Coultier is adding my License fee to the cost and spreading payment over 2 years! ridiculous!

    The difference in fees is considerable between the Tuscon and Coultier.
    Scottsdale asked me for a number to beat. I said Sub 300 a month. No response yet.

    I feel even that is not a deal for a MSRP of $38000.

    I do get the $3250 loyalty cause I own an Infiniti, but I dont want to pay as much for the Q50. I drove it and felt it was nice. But the features I want just add up to too much. Nav+premium goes north of 42k I think.
  • arai30arai30 Posts: 18
    The latest they offer from Tuscon is
    Selling price: $35,470 (invoice)

    money factor .0003
    Residual $27,104.25

    24 month lease
    12,000miles per year
    $2,000 total down. Lease will show $3,000 total down with owner loyalty.

    $332.47 payment plus tax
    $359.40 payment including tax

    Again they havent sent me full split of fees. They just like to roll the money I say towards fee into cap reduction and push part of the fees into cost of car I pay monthly.

    I will do MSDs for sure. Just not getting that into their equation at the beginning. Once they show me reasonable numbers I will bring up MSDs.
  • I have not seen a usb to aux adaptor. For one thing you will lose the controllability of the device. One thing that bugs me about the g37 is that there is no aux input. You right that it is an amazing deal, and I should probably act on it this weekend.
  • Regarding BT streaming, I'm wondering if a simple solution would be a combination of USB to aux and then aux to Bluetooth. You can plug that into the iPod USB slot in the G. Would cost less than $50.

    No such device exists.
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    You can definitely go below invoice on the G because there is a $500 lease cash offer available from IFS.

    Also, as others suggested, do not put money down towards cap reduction. Finally, put these numbers in and make sure their quote matches what you compute. Many times, they include hidden charges (for instance, they add auto armor for $300, but do not mention), etc.
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    I realized that. If you are a bit tech savvy, then you can do this:
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    It seems like you can add aux input if you are brave enough :-)
  • Wow, not recommended on a leased car :). So you can hijack the sirius radio path if you really need AUX. I wonder if this really works for US cars, since that guy seems to be in Poland.
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    Seems like it does work in the US too: reaming-audio-i-know.html

    Yeah you are right, unless one is very skilled it is probably best to avoid doing this in a leased car :)
  • lcj1lcj1 Posts: 2

    What is the 39 months and 48 months residuals and MFs for a 2013 G37 Journey Coupe (10,000 miles per year)? I know 48 months will not be attractive but I have some negative equity that I will have to carry.

    Thanks in advance!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    2013 G37 Journey Coupe 39mo, 10K/yr residual
    .00059 MF and 55% residual

    48 month
    .00111 MF and 47% residual


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  • Sent you an email, but have not heard back. Would like to have your dealer name, thanks.
  • arai30arai30 Posts: 18
    Any change in residual/ MF/ incentives for Dec.

    2013 G37 Sedan. Nav+Tech.
    24 month, 12k MPY

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