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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    Well...getting out of a lease early is different for everyone. Some people want out to save from going over mileage. You are in a good position in that you have a vehicle that is under mileage which makes it more valuable to them...especially if you aren't in a rush to get out of it. Did you pay the tax upfront in your current lease? If so, that is one thing to consider too since you did pay for it already. Also, on the new vehicle do you have to pay tax upfront...and what is the rate exactly?

    Personally, if I were in your position and I had an under mileage vehicle that they are calling me for, and they have a car on the lot that I want, because I was in a position to walk away, I'd say that I want no more than $500 over invoice (or invoice if they really want my car), minimum drive offs and the buy rate for the MF and Residual for a 36 month lease. And I'd want to see them print out the whole itemized deal on paper prior to going down there so that I can see exactly where every single dollar goes line by line and I can double check everything first. It's very easy to get there and as soon as all the numbers start flying get confused.

    For your reference, that car for 36 months/10k miles, with a cap cost of $35067 ($500 over), MSRP of $37740, MF @ .00175, and residual of 60% ($22644) your monthly payment (not including tax is $446/month. This doesn't include the drive offs of 1st payment, registration, acq. fee, doc fee (which should be under $100) and taxes. But they will have to give you those exact figures for that. Get it all in writing and then go from there. Good luck.
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    sprinkler13...thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate all of your insight. If I understand your post correctly, a payment under $446/month with out of pocket costs (drive offs) that include 1st pmt, reg, acq fee and doc fee, I am getting a decent deal? Is that correct?

    You make a good point regarding the sales tax. I paid it all upfront on my current lease. I would be avoiding 6 months or so of sales tax if I had rolled into my payment. That is a very good point and something I will consider as this deal progresses. The sales tax rate that I was given was 7%. I will try to confirm that is correct before I speak with the sales manager tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your input. I will be sure to get everything in writing before I make the trip to the dealership to seal the deal. I will probably list the details one last time on this forum to confirm I am not missing something. Your continued support is greatly appreciated! Thanks....
  • milsey2milsey2 Posts: 12
    To sprinkler13 or anyone who knows:

    With normal inception fees down (approx. $1,600)
    G35 Journey Sedan
    15K miles/year
    39 months
    MSRP - $35,140.00
    What would a good PRE-TAX lease cost?
    Would $430/month come close??????????
  • weegie13weegie13 Posts: 1
    Hi, I've been reading everyone's lease terms here and want to know if mine adds up properly... Unfortunately I do not have the break down of all the numbers, but I can tell you what I remember. I'm looking to get the G35x with premium package and wood trim package as the only additions... The lease was for 39 months/12k miles and with zero down. Now I'm turning in my current vehicle which the early termination fee came out to approx $3,000. So with that worked into my payments and taxes rolled in as well, my total money down came out to approx $1,600 with taxes, fees, and first month payment. In the end my monthly payment came out to $559... would this make sense? Again, I don't have the itemized break down of all the numbers, but I live in NY and the dealership was in NJ if that helps with anyone determining whether or not this lease adds up properly... It's not a bad price to me but personally I would rather it be a little lower, like high 400s low 500s and I tried to bring it down but with no luck, I ended up walking out and haven't received any call back yet so I'm wondering if that really is the best they could do or if I have a right to ask for a lower monthly payment... any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  • jamellajamella Posts: 12
    What do you think?
    They are now offering all the same parameters as discussed previously with these changes...
    Sales Price: $35,350
    Money Factor: 0.175%
    In your opinion, is this worthy of a decent deal?
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    It's tough to say exactly since I don't know what MF and residual they are offering on the Journey for 39 months. However, at a guess, it seems pretty good. You need to find out the specifics to get an accurate calculation though.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    Unfortunately there really are way too many variables in your situation to accurately even guess what the payment should be. Did your dealer set the early termination fee or is that something that they negotiated with you? You should really ask them for all the details and if they don't want to give them to you I'd be skeptical.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    well...those numbers ($1100 over invoice) are better than what they previously offered ($2400 over invoice)...assuming that they didn't change your closing costs, and dropped the monthly lease payment significantly. It is very easy for a dealer to tell you those numbers but then pad other things like doc fees, dealer "add-ons", etc. If you are still paying the same closing costs, and there is nothing else rolled into the lease your payment should be like $500/month INCLUDING tax...given those numbers.

    I suggest looking for one of the online lease calculators and spend some time plugging in your numbers and then play with all the different calculations to see just how things can be moved around. It's amazing how one small change in one number can affect everything else.
  • toddr3toddr3 Posts: 19
    I was just quoted $592 /mo tax in for a 2007 G35 sport with Nav, Tech, and Premium package. This is for a 39 month lease with only the first month out of pocket. Is this about as low as I can go or is there still some room? I was hoping to end up around $550 tax in. Thanks!!
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    After a couple of weeks and numerous discussions with my sales person at my dealership, the sales manager and I finally hashed out what I believe to be decent terms. He called me personally after I stopped my discussions with my original sales person.

    Please let me know your thoughts before I agree to go to the dealership and seal the deal.

    2007 G35x
    Base Price - $33,950
    Premium Package - $2,150
    Wood Trim Package - $450
    Sirius Satellite Radio - $300
    Splash Guards - $140
    Trunk Cargo net - $50
    Destination Charge - $700
    MSRP - $37,740
    Invoice - $34,567
    Cap Cost - $35,055
    Sales Tax (7%) - $1,195.21
    Reg/Doc Fees - $217.50
    Acquisition/Bank Fee - $595
    Money Factor - .00176
    Residual (58%) - $21,889.20
    Total Depreciation - $13,165.80
    Term - 39 months

    Monthly Depreciation - $337.58
    Monthly Money Cost - $100.22

    Monthly Lease Payment - $437.81
    Out of Pocket - $2445.52 (1st Pmt, Sales Tax, Reg/Doc Fees, Acquisition/Bank Fee)

    Please let me know your thoughts on the terms listed above. Thanks!
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    There are way too many variables to give an accurate assesment. You need to find out specifics, cap cost, MSRP, Money Factor, Residual, Miles per year. Any info you can get can help determine if there is room to play.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    kp22....NOW it's looking better. I plugged in all the numbers into my spread sheet, and as you will see below they are matching.

    Lease Payment (39 Months)
    Cap Cost $35,055.00
    Acquisition Fee $0.00
    Total Cost $35,055.00
    Down Payment $0.00
    Trade-in $0.00
    Total Cap Reduction $0.00
    Amt Financed $35,055.00
    Money Factor 0.176%
    MSRP $37,740.00
    Residual $21,889.20
    Residual, Percent 58.00%
    Term, Months 39
    Sales Tax 7.00%
    Monthly Depreciation $337.58
    Monthly Money Cost $100.22
    Lease Payment $437.81
    Sales Tax $30.65
    Total Payment $468.45 (IF YOU PAY TAX MONTHLY)
    Number of Deposits 0
    Upfront Tax $1,195.21
    Acquisition Fee $595.00
    Registration & Docs $217.50
    Drive0ff $2,445.52

    Important thing to note is that there don't appear to be any hidden pads anywhere...although I still think that they are undervaluing the residual considering it's only for 10k miles a year, and you are giving them back a car that is under mileage. You can try to push them for 12k miles a year at the same residual, or maybe just go for the best 36mo/30k mile rates, I'll show you below. The car is going for about 500 over invoice which, as long as that is what you are happy with, is important because they aren't really making up for it anywhere else in this lease. Granted...they will be getting your current vehicle and I'm sure they will make up for it there, but if you are prepared just wanting to get out of your current lease and into a new one then it probably isn't worth the further fight. Also, maybe this time you shouldn't pay all the tax upfront incase you decide to turn this one in will lower your out of pocket expense quite a bit too. Here is the same basic lease but with the 36 month numbers of .00175 and 60%. This way, you will pay a little bit more per month...BUT...a little bit less in total taxes, you will save yourself 3 months of payments , and also save the registration fee you will have to pay for the extra 3 months.

    Lease Payment (36 Months)
    Cap Cost $35,055.00
    Acquisition Fee $0.00
    Total Cost $35,055.00
    Down Payment $0.00
    Trade-in $0.00
    Total Cap Reduction $0.00
    Amt Financed $35,055.00
    Money Factor 0.175%
    MSRP $37,740.00
    Residual $22,644.00
    Residual, Percent 60.00%
    Term, Months 36
    Sales Tax 7.00%
    Monthly Depreciation $344.75
    Monthly Money Cost $100.97
    Lease Payment $445.72
    Sales Tax $31.20
    Total Payment $476.92
    Number of Deposits 0
    Tire Fee $0.00
    Bank/Doc Fees $0.00
    Upfront Tax $1,123.20
    Dealer Fee $595.00
    License & Registration $217.50
    Drive0ff $2,381.42

    Either way, I think that you are getting a pretty fair shake from just had to work for it ;)
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    sprinkler13....thanks so much for all of your assistance. This forum has been extremely educational. I will encourage anyone who is interested in leasing a vehicle to visit these forums before, during and after the deal. Thanks again....kp22
  • toddr3toddr3 Posts: 19
    This is for a 39 month lease with 15k a year. I don't know the other numbers. Should I be concerned with the other variables if I can get the monthly payment where I want it? I'm somewhat new to leasing.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    Well....being happy with the payment is the most important part. However, is it the best deal you could make? For that you need to be concerned with the other variables as they can greatly impact your payment.
  • toddr3toddr3 Posts: 19
    From your experience, to get a sport model auto car with nav, tech, and premium, what would be an acceptable lease payment on a 39 month 15K / year with over 700 credit and only paying first month payment. 0 down..

    Thanks!! I am shooting for $550 tax in.. Realistic?
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    How often does the money factor change? It is obviously driven by the interest rate market and therefore a moving target. Is it set monthly, weekly, etc.? The reason that I ask is because I would like to know what my interest risk would be if I waited until September when my 04 G35x lease is up rather than getting out early. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    The money factor changes monthly. Every month can be different for each type of vehicle...some months they are more agressive than others. If a particular type isn't selling as well, they may have specials to move that model, etc. I'm definitely no expert in it, but what I have least from Jan to now for Infiniti is that while the numbers have changed, they have basically offset each other. The Money Factor has lowered, but so has the residual value. Now, while the monthly payment calculates about the same, because the MF and Residual are lower you are in essence paying for more towards the value of the car and less in financing. That won't matter for most if you just turn in the car at the lease end, but should you choose to purchase the car, your residual value will be less and thus it would cost less.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 435
    Acceptable is all relative depending on the person. Right now...I would say that $550/mo. would require a very good deal. I don't know what the 39 month numbers are so I can't really guess. But if you got the best financing for 36 months 15k / year (.00176 & 55%) and you got the car for close to invoice, you could get close to that payment. That also means only financing the cap cost of the car, no rolling in closing costs. One thing to remember is that a 36 month quote might be a few bucks more a month than a 39 month, but you are paying for 3 fewer months. Start getting some quotes from dealers...see how low you can get the cost of the car and what the financing numbers and closing costs are.
  • Hi there - first of all, thanks to all you who post here - you guys are awesome. I've learned a whole lot by reading what y'all have chatted about...

    I'm trying to lease a G35 MT through VPP here in Minnesota. The dealer said they would do it, and the car has Prem, Nav, Tech, splash guards and cargo net - MSRP is 38,690

    According to them, the invoice price is $35,292, and my VPP selling price is 35,592. But here is where it gets weird: for a 39 month lease 12k miles, they are using a 55% residual, and the money factor is .00217

    from the rates I saw posted for March, I was expecting 57% and .00176. And they said going to 36 months only makes a difference of 1 point in the residual, 56%. (Registration in Minnesota gives you a 3 month grace period or something like that which means 36 vs. 39 month term is not a big factor)

    Whe I told them i thought the residual and MF would be a lot more favorable than what they were giving me, they claimed my research was flawed because there can be regional differences in the numbers being used. Furthermore, they said there's no opportunity to use any other numbers since the deal would get kicked back if they tried to use a higher residual or lower MF. they were a little put off (or acted a little put off) by my questions
    about the money factor. They said, "This car is super-rare and we could sell it to another dealer right now for more than what what we'll get through VPP". From what I've read here, it sounds like he might be right?

    Anyway, the other terms of the deal worked out like this:
    monthly pmt of 526.xx
    595.00 bank fee
    45.00 doc fee
    534.75 - registration fee
    1st month pmt of 526.xx
    drive off was approx 1700

    So, I'm excited that they are willing to part with this car through VPP, but I wonder about the MF and residual they are giving me. Does anyone have any insight on that? Was my research all wrong there? Is there anything else I could or should say about those factors? Or should I just STFU and make the deal? :)

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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