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Infiniti QX56 Lease Questions



  • I have the following quote:
    - 2008 QX56 4WD w/DVD
    - MSRP = $57,960
    - $2k upfront (1st month + license/fees)
    - $848/month (before tax)
    - Money factor = 0.00169
    - 36 month lease
    - Residual value = $28,148
    - 17k miles/year

    How does this quote look? Thanks.
  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    Infiniti is offering their Limited Engagement and have a plan for $659/mo 39month lease for a 2008 QX56 with these specs:
    MSRP: $57,865
    Downpayment: $4,350
    Net Cap Cost: $51, 263
    Residual: $31,240.10
    $595 acq fee
    12,000 miles/yr

    Doing my math, it would mean that they are really selling the vehicle for $55,613 (or $2,252 under MSRP). has the invoice price at $53,189. My question is this: What are the chances that they would do the above lease but drop the downpayment cost to $1000 or so--which would mean getting the cost at invoice?

    I recall Infiniti having spectacular deals on the QX56 several months ago---wondering if this will happen in December or early in the year. Can anyone comment?
  • "Hey milken. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 QX56 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00206 and 55%, respectively."

    I'm being offered a QX56 AWD w/ DVD with 36-month 15,000 miles per year at a money rate of .00177 and they are using a 53% residual value.

    I'm buying under the Nissan Employee Purchase Plan (Plan "C") if it makes any difference.
  • Carman, whats the current residual value and money factor rate at the moment for an 08 QX56 AWD 15K 36 and 39 month lease? Thanx looking to purchase the vehicel next week.
  • Hi. I was wondering what a good lease price would be on an '08 fully loaded QX56. 39 months, 12,000 miles per year. My target price is 650 per month. Is this unreasonable?
  • Hi all,
    I am looking to lease a 2008 QX 56. Here are the details.
    08" 2wd with/DVD and Tech package and 15,000 miles Cap Cost quoted $53,075
    Residual 54%
    Cash due on delivery $1428.00
    Price quoted for 39 months, $841.0 w/tax
    Is this a good deal, should I ask for more?
  • Here you go, yowzers. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Infiniti QX56 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00146 and 53%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are .00160 and 52%.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Greetings julie20. The lease payment for the QX56 that you are interested in will depend upon what its MSRP and selling price are. A fully loaded 2008 Infiniti QX56 AWD has an MSRP of around $60,225 and a dealer invoice price of $54,947. Let's see what the payment would be assuming that you could get this truck for $500 over invoice. According to my calculations, its 39 month, 12,000 mile per year, zero down, pre-tax monthly payment would be around $730. I think that you are going to have a tough time getting this truck for the $650 per month that you mentioned.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi sandiego5. What is this truck's MSRP? It will enable me to see how much of a discount the dealer that you are working with is giving you on it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • gabbogabbo Posts: 22
    Are the Infiniti deals still going? I was looking at a 2WD QX56 that has an MSRP of $53,456. The 3rd party leasing company I used last time is quoting $900+ for a no money down 48 month lease. But when I run the residuals/money factor listed above, I'm seeing a payment around $750 - even here in Texas where we get hit with the full tax amount. (in fairness I went into the last deal with this leasing company uneducated, so I'm sure my file is marked sucker. I am defintely doing my homework this time!)

    I'm pretty sure this leasing company isn't working through the Infiniti program, so I'm wondering if I should take my business straight to the dealer. I was about to settle for a 48 month lease on a loaded out Armada LE (that was coming in around $730), but if we can get a QX56 for a shorter lease in the same ballpark...... :shades:
  • Yes, the deals are still going. The advertised deal is 659 for an AWD with about 4,200 down. Don't put anything down and you're around the mid sevens, def better to go to dealer program. Let me know how it pans out as I'm in the market to lease one as well.
  • Hi Car Man
    Could you tell me IFS's current money factor and residual for a 2008 QX56 AWD for a 36 or 39 month lease at 12,000 miles?
    Thanks! :)
  • gabbogabbo Posts: 22
    Ended up getting a 2WD (live in Texas) QX56 with the DVD player. MSRP was $55,075. Cap cost was $49,920. For a 36 month lease through IFS, the residual was 53%, the money factor was .00133. Texas dinges you for the whole sale tax, so my payment was slightly higher than mid 7's, but every close. All that was due was the 1st month's payment and registration fees. :)
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    What is your mileage/year?
  • gabbogabbo Posts: 22
    My deal was a 2008 2WD 15,000 miles per year for 36 months.

    The only thing I slight regret was the built-in DVD player. It seems a bit like an afterthought they way it's installed. And since the kids have portable DVD players, I should have opted for a model without one and saved another $25 a month.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Why do you feel the DVD is an afterthought? Just wondering....

    Good deal too...that sounds like a good price for 15k/year
  • gabbogabbo Posts: 22
    In our previous SUV the DVD player was on the roof right in front of the drop down screen as one unit. It let the kids (or whoever was in the back) change the DVD.

    The QX56 player is tucked in the front of the center console. Not only does it sort of waste the space in the console, but it requires the front seat passenger to change the DVD's.

    While it's just a minor inconvenience, it seems like the unit could have been a bit more tightly integrated with the overhead screen.
  • Once the DVD is loaded, can you control (fast forward, play, etc) the DVD from the dash? (I know the DVD doesn't play in the dash unless you're in park and the parking brake is on) but I'm wondering if I can control when it plays. The reason I ask is that I have three little ones, way too small to be able to use the controls located up near the screen itself.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I follow you and I agree on not being thrilled at losing center console space, but we actually like having control of the DVD player in the front seat since our daughter is 3 and our other child...well he is still in the "oven". So they're both too young to safely manipulate DVDs in a moving vehicle.

    I suppose that best case for us would have been to have the DVD player in the dash (ala the GM SUVs), but having the player attached to the screen would have been the last option for us.

    Different needs for different folks!
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I'm not sure, but at worst you have the remote, right? You could just point that towards the DVD player I would think.
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