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2013 and earlier Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • carbokcarbok Posts: 11
    edited December 2012
    Need help on this deal.

    2013 jeep grand Cherokee with nav, lift gate, climate package, remote start, unconnect 43k sticker. The lease paperwork looks weird but the monthly seems good. 500.90 per month 0 out of pocket but first month payment and they are giving me 2500 for my lease that I have 3 payments left on. Think price is around 35 or 36. Should I do this or ask for more. Deal started at 531/month and went to 500.9 and 2500 cash in hand. Should I ask for more or snap this up? Going in to or row at 9am and its 8:07 now. Forgot to add it has 20inch wheels. Basically the limited minus wood trim and smaller wheels.
  • I wanted to post this to see if I could get some feedback from you guys. (Not a lease but straight purchase - no trade in.) I just walked away from an offer and need a sanity check. I am located in MA and was dealer with jeep dealers in state. Basically a dealer I was trying to work with was only willing to go 9% off of list. This was end of month (last 2 weeks) in december 2012. It was on a loaded up Grand Cherokee laredo. (tow, leather, sun, quadra-2) I did ping other dealers but no one had the exact config. This dealer has 2 or 3 of this config sitting on their lot.

    MSRP: $40,775.00
    Their offer they would not budge off of: $37,000.00 (plus tax, title etc)

    I offered 14% off, was willing to bump up to 13%. They would not budge at all. I walked away from this offer.

    Am I being unreasonable?

    (I think they start placing orders for 2014s in late Jan or Feb. Those have a slight change to the body style and CRD will offer big jump in mileage.) Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • carbokcarbok Posts: 11
    Update to my post. Lease went down to 500.90 Laredo x MSRP 43k. They also gave me 2500 cash 4 oil changes and weather mats. I took the deal. Went to sign lease and something odd happened that I am not sure is legit but maybe someone here can answer. My residual on the car is 22k but my buyout at lease end is 25k. They told me that is how jeep does it but seemed strange. Anyone know if I made a mistake here?
  • December deal I made

    2013 laredo x - w panarama roof
    15k miles (39 months)
    no money down - everything rolled including taxes - only thing I paid for were plates.

    My friend did the same deal - laredo x w panaram roof
    12k (39 months) - $399 -
    long island ny
  • Can you tell me what dealer. I live on Long Island. I'm sure there are different incentives now but seems like your dealer is willing to negotiate. Thanks
  • Car Man,

    Could you let me know what Hahn (possibly Ally's) money factor and residual are for this month? I'm going with an 2013 Altitude MSRP $41,670. I think Hahn has a $5,000 rebate this month. A friend just got 53% residual on a Laredo with E package with Hahn.

  • I forgot to add that I'm looking at 15,000. Thanks!
  • I'd take that deal in a minute. Where is the dealer please? I was just offered an GC X package w/ 15k miles for $419/mo BUT w/ $5,000 down!! Where can I get the GC X w panaram roof and 12k (39 months) for $399 ? Thanks.
  • East Hills
    Roslyn NY

    ask for Greg L -
  • Will do. Many thanks Jeep Lover.

  • Jeep Lover,

    Could you give me a few specifics on your lease? I'm looking for an Altitude and they have a few. I would really appreciate it.

    Cap Cost Reduction
    Cap Cost
    Leasing Company
    Money Factor
    Leasing Company

    I'm from NJ and am shopping all over. I've found that each dealer has different lease companies and different incentives. I'm really interested in what rebates are out there. I think that some decent rebates just ended on 1/3.

    Any help would be appreciated! I'm going to call them today thanks to you!
  • I spoke to a dealer in the Denver market this week and he told me current residual for a 2013 GC Limited is
    * 54% for 15K
    * 56% for 12K
    * 57% for 10K

    It appears the lease APR is 1.45% from (although this guy gave me numbers that come out to close to 1.488%). $1500 rebate for getting the V-8 plus $1000 for currently leasing another car. This dealer had a Winter Chill LTD w/ Trailer IV and V-8 for $36,998 advertised on the internet, non-negotiated (13.2% off MSRP).

    I'd be interested to know what Car_Man knows...
  • Hi,

    Are the residuals you posted for 36 months? Does anyone know if the residuals change if its an Overland?...or are they the same as the GC Limitted?

  • Yes, these were for 36 months. Sorry, need Senior Car_Man to weigh in on Overland...
  • Hi All,

    I've seen a lot of different posts and pricing around GC's in other locales, but am wondering if anyone has any experience in the Midwest or even better in Michigan?

    Currently, dealer is offering 2013 GC X Package for $349/month w/ $2,500 down.

    Does this rate seem "fair" / appropriate? Is there a significant advantage or disadvantage to moving to the Limited model?
  • Hi jplumley77. Ally's January base lease rate and residual value for a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are 0.25% and 55%.

    I haven't seen the Hahn lease program for the Grand Cherokee, but I can see what I can find out about it.

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  • Hi drdrakeramore. The residual values and 1.45% lease rate that you mentioned are right on the money.

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  • Hi Al. Ally's January base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are 1.93% and 53%.

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  • Thanks Car man,,,

    for anyone else who is interested I called a dealer in Charlotte NC today and they said that US banks residual on overland 4x4 for 36 months is 55% for 12K miles and money factor is .00041

  • You're welcome Al.

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