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2013 and earlier Lexus GS 350 / GS 460 Lease Questions



  • Hey Car Man,

    Thanks for the rates on the GS for a 36mo lease.

    Can you provide the rates on a 48mo lease - I assume the MF is the same but what is the residual ?

    Also what is your opinion on MSDs ? Are MSDs at risk if the car is totaled or stolen ? TIA.
  • moolmanmoolman Posts: 122
    Hi everyone,
    I had a question about the MSD. Last year I leased a RX350 and for every MSD, I got a 0.0001 reduction. I'm thinking of leasing a GS now but I see that some people mentioned that the MSD reduction is 0.00008 now. Did the MSD rate change for the worst this year.

    My second question is the Encore program, allows be an extra MSD reduction for free for leasing my 2nd lexus, correct.

  • What price should I be looking at about? 2008 GS 350 36 months 12k a year. Nothing down. Any ideas? I live in south florida.
  • gb350gb350 Posts: 14
    Does anyone know what the current December to remember lease, residual and money factor numbers are for a GS350 AWD with both 10k & 12K per year are?

    Thank you,
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 27
    For 12k and tier 1 MF is .00185 and 52% for 10K I believe you get 53% with 9 deposits you can lower the MF by .00072 to a MF of .00113. Depending on where you live and what the competition is in your area you should be able to get the car for $1000 over invoice or better.
  • can someone offer me some guidance
    i'm looking at leasing a 2008 gs 350 awd
    msrp is $50,470.00 according to the lexus website
    i'd like to do a two year lease with 12k per year, as little down as possible

    what price should i be shooting for? what's the mf and residual?
    i want to compare this lease with the mercedes e350 4matic.

    also, pardon my ignorance, but what is MSD?

    thanks for your help!
  • I ended up purchasing a 2007 gs last spring, because the lease rates/costs from Lexus were outlandish compared to the Mercedes E series. (at least 50% more than the E350). For whatever reason, the Mercedes leases -- and you should check carman's forum for Mercedes -- are far less expensive. The residual on the Mercedes is much higher than the Lexus (and I am mystified about that -- given the long-term reliability of the GS). Hope this provides some help.
  • gb350gb350 Posts: 14
    December to remembers Northeast Deal.

    2008 GS350 AWD with Nav. (No ML) MSRP: 51,135.00

    Cap cost: 2,500.00 + Tax, Bank Fees, DMV fees = Total Due at signing: $5,985.38.
    Monthly: 569.99

    Term: 39 months.

    Mileage Restriction: 10K a year.

    Option to purchase: $26,9XX.XX

    Did I get robbed?

    P.S. I traded in a car worth $3,500.00, am I supposed to have this portion exempt from tax on the down payment / cap cost?
  • Yes, your post was very helpful, thanks! I've been checking the Mercedes forum as well. If you're leasing, the higher the residual the better. Mercedes is currently pushing 24 mo leases where Lexus is offering 36 or 39 mo leases, and I'm not sure I want to be in the car that long. I'm guessing that Mercedes will do rather well selling two year old cars coming back off lease. Friends of mine in the business tell me that they make a heck of a lot more money selling cars that came in on trade than they do selling new cars.
  • I'm no expert, but this is the exercise I would have gone through were I in your position:

    Your 39 monthly payments plus your downpayment total 24730. If you add 24730 to the residual, your total is 51630 vs a 51135 sticker price. If you exercise the option to purchase, you've essentially gotten a 39 month interest free loan on the car. Of course, you're paying sticker, and I don't know to what extent Lexus discounts, but seems ok to me. If your trade in is on top of these numbers, then 3500 works out to around 7% simple interest. Still not bad.

    Anyone see a fault with my logic or math?
  • I believe message #207 & 209 answer your questions on leasing a GS350 awd.

    As for MSD, it's Multiple Security Deposits and it's a program that Lexus offers to lower the MF for each add'l security deposit placed on a lease. It's better than a cap reduction, since you should get all your deposits back when you return the car.
  • Hi,I have been reading these posts awhile and just joined. I was hoping to get close to "invoice" this is not happening for me even in the best of weeks to buy
    (year end) Rolling tax in to selling price 39mo 12k...Am I unrealistic thinking $725-750 mo can be had with current money factor.(2nd lexus,best credit) I am terrible with # and don't know if this can be done on lets say $46,000. Is this do-able or am I asking the impossible of a gs dealer?
  • I think this definitely can be done. You will probably pay around $1700 out of pocket though (taxes being rolled in). That also depends on the state. I just leased 2008 GS350 AWD with navigation and all the other small options, but excluding MS, Laser Cruise, and Lexuslink. I negotiated the car down to about $45,700 (not best deal but decent with MSRP being $50,890, and invoice being $45,100 on this one including stupid ad fees which no local or not so local dealer wanted to budge on). With December to Remember Lexus Financing 0.00185 MF, 50% residual on 36 months, 15K miles a year, I got that for $3900 (taxes, tags, title, doc fee *grrrr*, first payment) out of pocket with $699/month payments. You figure that 3K of extra miles (compared to you) is $30, so say $670 is what you would be looking for, but throw in extra $75 or so for taxes. You wind up with $745/month with taxes rolled in. That's in MD, with 5% tax paid on the full price of the vehicle (yeah, it sucks here), and your mileage may vary.

    All that said, it probably makes more sense to buy GS instead of renting since residual is low and MF is not really super. As a comparison, BMW 535xi residual is 61% I believe on 36months and 15K miles per year lease.
  • moolmanmoolman Posts: 122
    Alright, here's a step by step breakdown of the costs, so that you can have an advantage when you buy or lease the car.

    First off I should say that I purchased an add on of XM radio for $299 from the dealer. The XM was already installed by the dealership and they wouldn't take it out since it was installed. The car was the color and options I wanted so I relented and paid the 299. It's a decent deal for XM since Sewell sells the XM add on for $299 online and I got it installed for free with 9 months of service. Anyway, just wanted to state this because I see people post that they paid a certain price or invoice or below but don't reveal that they bought extra crap like a warranty or LoJack and overpaid for those items so of course they get the car for under invoice, since they got ripped off on the other stuff.

    36 month lease with 15K miles per year.

    MSRP: $51915
    Sales price: $45764 (This price is invoice found on edmunds + TDA (advertising fee) of $552)
    Acquisition fee: $600
    Registration, license: $364
    Document prep: $48.71
    Other fees: $8.75 (California Tire Fee)

    Lease info:
    Gross Capitalized Cost $46,364 (sales price + acquisition)
    Current Money Factor for 36months 15K: .00185
    Discount for putting down 9 refundable security deposits: 0.00072
    Final Money Factor: .00113
    Residual = 49% = $25,438.35
    Total monthly payment with 8.25% tax = $717.06

    I put no money down on the lease, I did make a 100% refundable deposit of $6,525 that saves me roughly $2,000 over the 3 years, not a bad investment since that money would of just been sitting in the bank, earning low interest and being taxed.

    Total drive off was $7,672.86, $6525 of it are the MSDs and $1,147.86 was first months payment, license, tax etc.
  • Hi,
    Where are you located? I am in Bellevue, WA and they barely budge off of invoice, but I have them down about $3k off invoice. Did you get AWD?
  • You mean they will barely budge off of retail?

    Can we get the Lexus MF and residuals for Jan? 15 miles and 36 months. Thank you!
  • moolmanmoolman Posts: 122
    The car is a RWD and I'm in So Cal hence the $8.75 California tire fee. California is a very competitive market so don't expect to get invoice else where. I have at least 8 dealers within a hour drive.

    I would expect in January for the residual to remain the same but the money factor to go back up to 0.00285, or whatever it was prior to the december to remember sale. Also, realize that once the year is over, there is less incentive for dealers to squeeze that last sale and get up their sales numbers for the year, hence prices go up a bit. Dealers are willing to let go of cars a bit cheaper just to boost yearly sales goals. I would think if you buy before Dec 2, the last day of december to remember, it'll be okay. Haggle now and buy now, you'll be sorry if you wait.

    If you are reading this post in january, don't expect to buy at Invoice anymore since it is not end of the year anymore.
  • ekndyekndy Posts: 3
    I'm undecided about purchasing or leasing. Has anyone been able to negotiate what you think is a fair deal in Central Florida? Thank you for any feedback.
  • 2008 GS350 RWD w/Nav no ML -in Calif.

    MSRP $49,635
    Gross Cap $44,550
    Residual - 50%
    Money Factor - .0017
    36 months - 15k miles

    Total due at signing $1,500
    Monthly payment $743 w/ tax included
  • moolmanmoolman Posts: 122
    I'm not carman, but that's a decent lease. During December to Remember the money factor was 0.00185 but if you can get 0.0017 that's very good. It's usually the lowest in the summer sale and the DtoR sale but maybe because of slow sales and the ecomony, they are having a low money factor. The residual is good. I got a 49% residual for 15K a year. You might consider doing Multiple Security Deposits that are refundable to lower the MF, if you can afford it, it's a good deal. I don't know the pricing right now on the GS. During the december to remember sale, they were going anywhere from the edmunds invoice price to $1500 over. If you can get $1500-2000 over edmunds invoice that would be a good price but depending where you are maybe negotiate hard, the ecomony is slowing down so less buyers right now. I don't know if your figure includes the $600 acqusition fee but I assume it does since you included a final montly price. Good luck.
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