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2013 and earlier Lexus GS 350 / GS 460 Lease Questions



  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 76
    That's not the correct June MF it's .00095, not .0005. Am I missing something
  • sperrtasperrta Posts: 7
    I am getting a MF of .00095 and residual of 65% for 15K miles 27 months..
    that is what they are all telling me.. I am no where near the numbers quoted here and I contacted 4-5 dealers telling them I am ready to sign !!
  • sperrtasperrta Posts: 7
    They are at $717 , if they where at $600 with rolling in $2K I would do the deal..
    I have contacted 5 dealers and they are all in the mid to high 700's ..
    I am even posting the numbers i see here in the email and they are telling me that those deals are all 5-6K losers and no dealer is doing those numbers..
    I thought it was low are all these great lease numbers on RWD???

    Someone throw me a BONE!!
  • spuri1spuri1 Posts: 3
    The $527 deal that i got was on the RWD. I'm in Los Angeles so I'm not sure if the same deals are available where you are.

    This deal is shown on the dealers website as being a regional deal. Here are the details:

    $1,499due at signing.
    Excludes official fees, taxes and dealer charges. No security deposit required. 10,000 mile/yr/limit.

    Hope this helps!
  • gadawg77gadawg77 Posts: 14
    I am in Georgia...I can tell you that I busted my a$$ to get a good deal and I think I did but the numbers are just higher here than in LA. Less competition. I ended up with $660/month on 36 month lease and $1500 down. That includes over $3000 in taxes that had to get rolled into purchase price because of new GA tax rules. 57% residual at 15K miles for 36 months. I was depressed looking at numbers here too but I think the California dealers have the best deals in the country...maybe Florida too.
  • sperrtasperrta Posts: 7
    I know it sounds like the deals are unbelevable in CA..
    I have 4 months left on my car now so I am going to hold out untill next month or maybee even 2 more months... I want to get the car for $550 - $575 with just 1st month and MV down for 15K miles and want a F-sport..
    Hopefully the deals do get better of the MF drops or they add loyalty of more lease cash.. One can only wish..
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 76
    It come out to be abt 20 dollars above what I've been quoted but its not bad! The special this month is on the 56288$ model for 10k miles @479$ 3k due for taxes and fees. A friend was going to give me 499$ for 12k miles, 2k due each at 27 months!
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 76
    Do it! Lol I'm trying the same bc their still buying 2013 models! You can check yr local inventory through edmunds to track them
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 76
    There advertising the special till July 8th with 479$ 10k miles, 3k down on a 56288$ model ask them or move to another dealer englewood nj and whippany nj will honor it ask for mellissa at whippany and Steven at englewood! Tell them kain sent you!
  • jim123jim123 Posts: 5
    can you please tell me what was included in the drive off of $1500? Also did they tack on any fees (lease disposition fee for example?) thanks.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
    Seeing this advertised. Any thoughts?

    New 2013 GS350 Model #9300: $449 per month, 24-month lease available on approved credit through LFS – 720 Beacon required. $0 down payment plus registration, tax, tag, $700 acquisition fee due at inception. No security deposit required. MSRP: $52,593. Total of lease payments: $10,776. Net capitalized cost: $45,687. Option to purchase at lease-end: $36,815.10 .You pay $0.25 per mile over 10,000 miles per year.
  • sperrtasperrta Posts: 7
    the 3K down is cap cost which if rolled into the lease is $111 a month before interest.. So that brings the payment to $590 with taxes and fees down..
    Fees are : 900? bank fee
    MV: $398
    Doc.: $299
    1st month 590
    taxes are $1,115 up front so $3302 is the taxes and fees so the deal is:
    $6302 due at signing $479 a month
    $3302 due at signing $590 a month
    $2186 due at signing $631 a month for 10K miles so that is the ADVERTISED PRICE BROKEN DOWN..

    Keep in mind it is for 10K miles.. i went in a dealer today and put my credit card down and told them 600 a month with 600 TOP (just 1st month) on a 56K gs350 and 15K miles 27 months or 36 and they said no deal $2K top and 600 for 36 months is best he can do and this is not making my last 3 payments or dispo fee.. is 2K TOP (fees) 600 a month of a 56K GS350 for 15K miles a good deal or should I wait to see next months programs?
  • kcar6kcar6 Posts: 2
    took delivery of my new GS 350
    with 36 months, 15k
    $ 0 down
    monthly $599.99

    I think I got a very decent deal... for GA...

    any other got it better??
  • gadawg77gadawg77 Posts: 14
    Is that an F Sport? What was MSRP?
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 28
    This happened to be a bait and switch. I asked for this deal and they said they could not honor it. Funny the Sales Manager said it was just marketing doing this kind of thing. I will never buy from them.

    Getting better numbers of already with Lexus of Melbourne and Lexus Ft Pierce.

  • jim123jim123 Posts: 5
    Thank you for all your postings. I wanted to share the details of the deal I signed today in North Calif.

    gs 350 with f sport
    MSRP - $58617

    Base - $47250
    Blind Spot Monitor - $500
    F Sport Package - $5690
    Mark Levinson - $1380
    Navigation - $1735
    Park Assist - $500
    Delivery - $895
    Illuminated door sills - $425
    Accy pkg. - $242
    Total - $58617

    MF - .0005
    Residual - 67%
    Term - 27 months
    Miles - 12K
    Drive off - $1500 (including 1st month's payment)
    monthly - $480 + tax = $521/mo
  • thanks everyone, I read these boards to help negotiate a deal.

    Basically I have the f-sport with everything except the Mark Levinson

    27 months
    12K miles
    Drive off 3000 all in
    montyhly payment - 480 incl tax

    jim got a better deal with the mark levinson though very nice
  • cvr787cvr787 Posts: 4
    My GS finally arrived.

    I paid $1500 drive off which included the first months payment.

    12k miles per year, 27 month lease, monthly payment $547.

    I got the 2013 GS 350 F Sport with Mark Levinson, navigation, park assist, blind spot monitor and the 5k, 10k, 15k and 20k maintenance/oil changes free of charge.

    Nebula gray with black interior. Had to wait 2 weeks for vehicle to arrive from Japan.

    I feel I got a pretty good deal on a really nice car.
  • sperrtasperrta Posts: 7
    Where are you guys getting these deals.. I can not get close in the tri-state area.. Are the program completely different on the awd models ?
    I am at $600 down $600 a month 27 months 15k 27 months..
    All taxes and fees rolled into the lease payment so at signing I am $600 ..
    I think I will wait until the programs next month come out so see if they get any better in the tri state area..
  • sperrtasperrta Posts: 7
    The 600 down 600 a month is not even on a f sport.. It is on a 56k awd ..
    Anyone seeing better deals then this in tri-state area?
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