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2013 and earlier Lexus GS 350 / GS 460 Lease Questions



  • dsmerc74dsmerc74 Posts: 2
    Have family in tri-state area and they never can get the prices I can get in MA/NH and I didn't get near some of the prices paid here. I got a 27month/12K miles for $2K out of pocket and $550 a month. That was on a $59.4K list. Great car.
  • ifxgumsifxgums Posts: 5
    I leased an F Sport tonight. Here are the details of my lease:
    27 month lease with 10k per year.
    MSRP $58,268
    Monthly $534
    Drive Off $534
  • riloh05riloh05 Posts: 15
    How discount is being given off of the original 58k'ish? I have some negative equity to roll in so I need all the rebates I can find. Thanks.
  • walt1walt1 Posts: 9
    Can you share which Norcal dealer you used?
  • npf1npf1 Posts: 1
    I'm getting offered an AWD 2013 F sport $59,367 MSRP in the midwest $676/mo.

    MF .00095
    $55165 cap cost (includes $2500 cash incentive)
    15k miles
    57% resid.
    36 mo. lease
    zero down
    taxes aren't included

    Can I go lower?
  • kcar6kcar6 Posts: 2
    its was std. GS350 .. not sport. i think the MSRP came to 46k. i focused on the monthly.
  • cpeacoxcpeacox Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    Since I learned so much from this forum, I wanted to give back. Leased the GS 350 today!

    MSRP * $58,677
    Base MSRP $47,250*
    Packages $9,865
    Accessories $667
    Delivery, Processing & Handling $895

    27 months; 10K miles/yr
    $2k out the door and $539/mo (includes taxes)

    Awesome vehicle!!
  • Does anyone know if the 2013 GS 350 AWD Luxury can still be ordered? The configuration I want does not exist anywhere in the US.

    When will the 2014's go into production?
  • jim123jim123 Posts: 5
    Magnussens in Fremont. Got the same offer from Putnam in Redwood City. G Luck.
  • Are you located in IL? I got a quote from McGrath Chicago for a $59,9XX list AWD F-Sport, 36 months, 12k miles per year, zero down for $668 (INCLUDING TAX).
  • Can I get the lease numbers for July for

    2013 GS F Sport


    Thank you!!
  • urirx98urirx98 Posts: 32
    I am looking for the best #s on the Gs350 in FLorida, went to a dealership yesterday and was offered GS350 NAVI, Around a 56k car for around 550 a month ( tax in) with 2250 down, I know thats not a great deal when i was seeing F-sports goin for 520 last month, so how were those leases possible. THere is a 2500 rebate on this car aswell, but is there any more room. I really like the car and its a strong possible replacement for my G37, Any new info for JULY would be appreciated. thanks
  • art112art112 Posts: 11
    Did you work out the price negotiation online, or in person. Sounds like an amazing deal
  • urirx98urirx98 Posts: 32
    ANy way you can copy the lease agreement paperwork into a email or a PM on this site, Im trying to get a deal done in FLorida and the dealers still at 538 with 1500 oop on a standard GS350 navi, not even sure of other options, SHe did say that they would match other offers so if I had your offer, maybe I could get the same deal., THanks
  • boba77boba77 Posts: 4
    Hi gadawg. I'm in Georgia as well, and have not yet had to lease with the new TAVT in effect. Can you tell me how that works? Is it 8 percent of the total agreed to price of the car, or is it 8 percent of the total amount you are paying for the car (total of all lease payments)? Also, can you tell me the dealership you used? Thanks!
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 16
    Hi All, just wanted to share the deal I closed on yesterday.
    GS350 RWD F-Sport
    Blind Spot Monitor
    Illuminated Door Sills
    Mark Levinson
    HDD Navigation
    Intuitive Park Assist
    Trunk Mat, Cargo Net, Whl Locks, Rear Bummer App

    MSRP $58, 693
    27 Month 12K per year
    $1500 drive off including 1st payment, etc etc etc

    $524.00 a month including taxes (10% in LA).
  • gadawg77gadawg77 Posts: 14
    Wow,,,unreal deal...makes me crazy I could not get that here
  • gadawg77gadawg77 Posts: 14
    I think they charge you a percentage based on the lease amount...went to Nalley...
  • boba77boba77 Posts: 4
    That is one amazing deal. I hope when I'm ready to lease between December and March, they are offering something similar in Atlanta. I don't even know how they are making money off that lease! Kudos!
  • boba77boba77 Posts: 4
    Thanks man. Just another thing to have to deal with these days. Thanks Georgia!
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