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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • Hi kartoon. What you were told by LFS about dealers setting rates is not exactly correct, but not surprising. Lexus itself sets the residual values for all vehicles and individual dealers cannot alter them. It also sets the lowest possible money factors aka buy rates for the vehicles that it leases. Where the partial truth of what you were told by LFS comes in is that dealers are usually allowed to mark up vehicles' money factors to add additional hidden, back-end profit to deals.

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  • Hi ans9806. Lexus Financial Services charges a $700 acquisition fee on every vehicle that it leases. Lessees can either pay this charge at lease signing or roll it into their vehicle's capitalized cost to make it part of their monthly payment.

    Doc fees are not mandated by manufacturers. They are set by dealers and aren't anything more than a way for them to pad deals, or cover their expenses, depending upon how you look at them. With doc fees, the lower the better and they should be looked at as part of the vehicle's selling price.

    Also, make sure to keep an eye on the money factor that the dealer is using to calculate your or your friend's lease payment. Dealers, particularly luxury dealers, often mark up vehicles' buy rates to add additional, hidden back-end profit to deals.

    Besides the money factor, the other major profit center on leases is of course the vehicle's selling price.

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  • Hi dallatex. Lexus Financial Services' December to Remember buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 RX 350 FWD without the Luxury package with 15,000 miles per year are .00100 and 58% for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier.

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  • Here's the information that you're looking for delnole. Lexus Financial Services' December to Remember buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Lexus RX 350 AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00100 and 58% for consumers who qualify for its top aka Tier 1+ credit tier.

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  • Hi Car Man,

    You are so right on that.LFS basically told me that they just service the leases and the dealer can sell the car for whatever they want.The deal I ended up with came out with a money factor at .00111(that's my math,not sure how they found that number),and a residual of 69% for 27 months at 10K.There's a lot of competition in southern Cal and some good internet managers who are willing to deal this month. This is my 3rd RX..and they just keep getting better every year.Much better drive,(especially turning radius) with more options.Premium pkg now comes with blind spot detection, and Nav system has been upgraded considerably.To get a luxury SUV like this RX for under 500/mo with tax is great.
    Thanks for your feedback, all your previous posts certainly helped in my research.
  • Hi Car man,

    Has the residual on a RX350 AWD lease for 36 months/12000 miles gone down to 58% in December? In a November post you had indicated it was a 60% residual as part of December to Remember.

  • You're very welcome kartoon.

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  • Good catch, delnole. 58% is LFS' published residual value for leases with 15,000 miles per year. I should have added 2% to that, raising it to 60%. The residual values remain unchanged. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • Closing on this deal:

    Rx 350AWD w/ Nav and comfort pkg, premium pkg blind spot,parking assist, accessories.

    MSRP 49,565
    Sale price 46,510 (350 under invoice)

    On top of that, I am getting $1000 closing certificate and $1000 loyalty (so 44,510 after applying those)

    36 month lease at .001 mf / 58% res
    Fees: approx 1075 (doc/plate/title/lexus finance fee)

    I think it should be around 575/month, but it seems to be a little higher for some reason.
    Should the closing certificate and loyalty come off before tax or after?

    On a one time lease, are we still eligible for the first month paid by lexus?

    Thoughts on this deal?
  • Carman,

    First thank you so much for all the valuable info everyone shares here.
    I closed on a lease deal yesterday.

    2013 RX 350 AWD premium package, luxury pckg with blind spot. My paper work says:
    Msrp $46, 950
    Gross cap cost $43, 017
    Adjusted cap cost $41059 (price after rebates and negotiations)
    Monthly pmt: $429 for 27 month 10k mile/year
    $2500 out of pocket (taxes,reg, fees etc.)

    Is that a good deal? The residual is 69% would it be a bad idea to buy at the end of the lease?
    Also my car came with 2 remote keys only. The manual shows a card key and also a key number plate (small metal thing with the code to the key). Did you get anything other than the 2 remote keys?

    Thank you in advance
  • ken954ken954 Posts: 13
    Trying to work an end-of-the year deal, been considering the RX350. Below is what my local dealer claims is his 'best offer' - any suggestions on whether this is reasonable or how hard I should push? Compared to other posts I've seen, I'm ready to walk - but I also realize I'm not eligible for the loyalty discount and haven't received any of the $1,000 coupons and other incentives others have mentioned.

    The MSRP is $50,424.00, sales price is $47,866.00 (dealer invoice is ~$46,832). 36 months, 12K / year, 58% residual. The payment of $613.64 including 6% sales tax (base pmt of $578.91, tax is $34.73). The start up money due is $991.84 offsetting payments, $700 lease Acq. Fee, 190.00 state document fee and taxes.

    Dealer also states "with a $2,558.00 discount there no more room to move."

    Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
  • I guess this will be the December not to remember.
  • Residual on the 36month 12k lease should be 60% as far as I know.

    I flat out asked for the coupons that I saw mentioned here and then they magically appeared. They have the option of a $500 or $1000 coupon/certificate. They can't be combined. They could have used them already though as each dealer was given a limited amount. But I suggest you flat out ask for it "after" you try to get them down to 47,450
  • What is a reasonable discount off MSRP to shoot for BEFORE any of the holiday incentives?
  • Seemed like you got a good deal. Can you share the name of the dealer?
  • You're very welcome dealnodeal. Let me begin by saying that I love your username :). I am addicted to playing that "Deal or No Deal" game whenever I take my kids to one of those arcades like Dave & Busters. Though last time I got hosed and only won 6 tickets ;).

    The MSRP that you were quoted sounds a little low to me for a 2013 RX 350 AWD with the Premium Package and the Luxury Package with Blind Spot. I just plugged that configuration into the new vehicle pricing section here at and came up with an MSRP of $49,235...much higher than the $46,950 that you mentioned.

    Either way, we can still look at the discount that you were given. This truck should have a spread of around $3,100 or so between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. You were quoted a discount of $3,900 on it, which to me looks like an excellent selling price.

    As long as the dealer used Lexus Financial Services current buy rate lease money factor of .00100 (top tier) to calculate your payment, and even if they marked it up a little bit given how low the selling price that you were quoted is, this looks like a great deal to me.

    Congratulations on getting a good deal on your new truck. Enjoy :shades: !

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  • Thank you car_man. I am a BIG fan of the show too myself. The car has the Premium package with the blind spot, heated and ventalized seats, park assist, wood trim stearing wheel and the audio display. Msrp $46, 950. Capitalized cost $43, 000 and an adjusted cap cost of $41, 000. They gave me $1000 off certificate, 1st month pmt and I gave $2500 to get $429/month including tax for 27 month at 10k miles a year through toyota financial services. Is that a good deal? Purchase option is at $32, 300. I am thinking to buy at the end of the lease if I still like the car. What do you think? The residual value is at 69%
  • Do we know the new lease rates yet for January? 12,000 and 15,000 36month on the RX350AWD
  • Nothing like waiting last minute of the December to Remember. Here is what I was offered. MSRP: $48,235, which includes Delivery,processing and handling. They will lease me this car for $44,000. 36 month lease. This includes the $1k Loyalty. I have a RX 350 now with the lease expiring. We would just exchange keys.
  • dippold:

    I think you might be able to do better, although now that we are into a new month/year, dealers may not be willing to take as big of a hit. I just closed this deal on the 30th...

    Agreed sale price - $45,000 (includes $1,000 DTR cash)
    Less: $1,0000 loyalty rebate = $44,000

    27mo lease; 10k miles/year
    Only fees upfront (acquisition, doc, tags/title)

    Monthly payment = $447 (before tax)
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