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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • Hey mkupneski. Lexus' October lease program was actually scheduled to run through November 11th. You never mentioned the selling price of the truck that you are interested in leasing. This is an important number for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing the price of the truck that you want to lease you don't know how good a price you are getting it for. The second reason is that one needs the selling price of a vehicle that they want to lease is that it is necessary to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to work up a sample lease payment on the RX that you are interested in for you if you let me know what its selling price is. You may be able to get a good idea of how much you should pay for it right now by visiting the following discussion: "Lexus RX 330: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

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  • Folks,
    Anyone has ever dealt with or leased RX330 financed thru Hann Auto? Does anyone have their Residuals and Money Factors for 2006 RX330 model? I've heard from a dealer in NJ that they are pretty aggressive on 2005 RX330's and have an odd 30 month program with 10K miles. Also what are the Bank Fees for LFS and Hann? Thanks.
  • I just returned from a westchester dealer with an offer of a lease financed by is a special program offerred till is for 32 months, money factor of .00250, 10,000 miles....a down payment required of $2900 w a residual value of $30,100 and a monthly chge of $498. the figure is based on a price of $41,000 for a 2006 rx300 w premium pkg...........
  • Ladymaven,
    Is the price of $41,000 negotiated price or is it MSRP? Is $498 per month including tax or plus tax? Also the residual look a bit too high that is good, the money factor is higher than LFS - this is not so good. Judging by the previous posts this deal doesn’t sound too hot. End date of Nov, 9th is a bit strange as well, these lease programs usually run on a calendar month basis, even though I’ve read that LFS has it’s October program till November, 11th.
  • $41,000 is the negotiated price for an all wheel rx300 and premium plus pkg; it does not include the tax ( $2900 at signing) the money factor is the lowest rate going ( .0025)this is for 32 months w 10,000 miles, got another quote for 3 yrs, 12,000miles w money factor of .oo255 and monthly payments of $579.07.
  • Hi Car_man. You offer expert, inside information extremely valuable for people like me.
    I am interested in leasing a Lexus RX 330 FWD w/Premium Package. The price I am willing to pay is $33,816.00. ($32,100.00 invoice + $1,716.00 package; these are Consumer Report prices). The term is 36 months @ 15000 miles per year.
    I would appreciate if you could let me know the if the price I am willing to pay is reasonable/fair. Also, what would be my monthly payment? What values did you factor in to compute the monthly payment?
    I am unaware of this November Lease Deals. Is it available in South East?
    Please feel free to make any suggestion.
    Thank you very much.
  • Hello Car_man,
    I am interested in a 2006 premium plus with nav. MSRP 45,708. I am planning a 39 month lease, with 12k miles/yr.

    Please give me an opinion of the following parameters:
    1) Sale price $41,800
    2) Money factor 0.0026
    3) Residual = 57%
    4) Acquisition Fee = $650
    5) Security Deposit = $0 - assumes excellent credit
    This gives me a monthly payment of $598.53

    Another questions; Maryland has a 5% sales tax. Should I pay this amount $2090(5% of sale price and acq. fee) up front at signing or can I pay this with the monthly payment.

    Michael from MD
  • Hey Car_man

    Just came from a Dealership with this deal. Please be brutally honest about your thoughts on the deal. It is for a 2006 RX330 w/Premium Package.

    MSRP $43720
    Sell Price $40000
    Residual value $24500
    Term 36 Months
    Down Payment: 2500
    Trade in: 1997 Maxima 3000
    Money factor was quoted as being .0012
    Monthly payment came out to be $468 per month.

    What am I missing here?

    My thoughts are:
    1) money factor was wrong
    2) down payment? they are going to make their profit off of my trade in. plus a down payment?

    Let me know your thoughts?

  • Thanks nc_driver1. It would be a big help if you would let me know what this truck's full MSRP (including the destination charge) is. This number will enable me to see how much of a discount you are being given. It will also enable me to estimate what this truck's lease payment should be for you. For additional feedback on how much you should pay for one right now, make sure to stop by the following discussion: "Lexus RX 330: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

    For now, I can tell you that Lexus is not currently providing any sort of lease support on the RX 330. As a result, if you were to lease one through Lexus Financial Services right now you will have to use its standard lease money factor. The last time that I saw its standard factor it was .00235 for consumers who pay a security deposit and qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier. Lexus Financial Services current 3 year, 15,000 miles per residual value for the 2006 RX 330 2WD without navigation or the rear entertainment system is 56%. You may want to consider waiting a little while to lease this car. Every year Lexus usually runs its "December to Remember" sales event and provides lease support on most models. Lexus is scheduled to introduce a new lease program on November 23rd. There is a good chance that its money factor for this truck will be much more attractive then.

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  • Hello Michael. The selling price that you were quoted for this truck looks reasonable to me. It doesn't appear to me as though your lease is being run through Lexus Financial Services. Your dealer may be using the Hahn lease that other community members mentioned a few posts ago. The money factor that is being used on your deal is higher than the one being offered by LFS, but the residual value is better as well. I suspect that this program will result in a better lease payment than Lexus' program will. As far as sales tax goes, you should be able to roll it into your truck's capitalized cost and pay it as part of your lease payment if you want to.

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  • Hey seekingdeal1. The selling price that you were quoted for this truck looks reasonable to me. You shouldn't make the $2,500 down payment or use the proceeds from your trade in as a capitalized cost reduction for this lease though. I always advise consumers against making any sort of down payment when leasing. I do so for two main reasons. The first is if your vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen during your lease, your insurance company pays off the bank that you were leasing it through and your down payment essentially disappears. The second main reason is that down payments on leased vehicles do nothing to reduce their lease-end purchase prices. So your lease-end purchase option price for your Lexus would be exactly the same, regardless of whether you had put several thousand dollars down, or had made absolutely no down payment at all. If you still want to trade in your Maxima, have the dealer cut you a check for it rather than using the proceeds from it as a down payment for your lease.

    This dealer's profit has nothing to do with your down payment or trade. They make money when the bank that you are leasing this truck through purchases it at the price that you agree to. Plus dealers often can make additional back-end profit on deals by marking up vehicles' lease money factors. The money factor that you were quoted is very interesting because it is much lower than what this truck's factor should be. Something doesn't seem right there.

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  • Thanks Car_man,

    I appreciate your view and expertise!

    Then your recommendation/suggestion is not to put money down except for fees. Then based on the numbers below what would be a fair/market deal?

    $43000 MSRP
    $40000 Sold
    36 months
    $24500 Residual
    Money factor: was quoted .0012 but could you state market rate.

    In reading above it sounds like I should hold on for December?

  • I am getting ready to look for a 2006 RX330 AWD lease for a 3yr/12000 miles and live in an area with accessibility to atleast three different dealers. I have read on this board that Lexus will be offering some better deals starting Nov 23rd. Can someone confirm this....and also it would be helpful if I could get some info on the money factor(not sure how this gets calculated) and the residual amount on the above truck with premium plus options and 6 dash. It would also be helpful to get some approx. negotiated prices on the above vehicle with the said options.
  • Thanx Car_man.
    I've already leased the car. Below are the final numbers:
    MSRP $40,603.00
    Final Negotiated Price $36,101.00
    Acquisition Fee $600
    Tax 3%
    Doc. Fee $399
    Tags $69
    Residual 56%
    Money Factor 0.00235
    36 months lease w/15k miles/year
    With O money down-actually I paid for the tags and first payment, the monthly payment comes to $555.75
    What do you think?
    Thanx again.
  • I just got these rates from two different dealers on an RX330 with just premium plus and 6Disc. The first one was:
    MSRP - $43,359
    Sales Price - $40725
    Money Factor - 0.0025
    Residual - $29483.44
    Lease amt -$ 599 with $1599 at time of signing.

    The second one was:
    MSRP - I don't remember!!
    Sales Price - $39250
    Money Factor - 0.0025
    Residual - $25581
    Lease amt - $559 with $800 odd at time of signing.

    Can someone tell me if I am getting ripped or should I negotiate some more...

  • The above rates for a 36 month/ 12000 miles lease agreement
  • Don't have a clue as to actual price, int rates, just told them, I have excellent credit and wanted to stay around 500. per month. Figured from the posts I have read and all the deals made, that 500. per month would have to be a good price. How does that sound, or was that a bad idea.
    It's for a 2006 AWD, Premium pkg. Tx included
    30Months/ 10K - 527.00 month
    OOP - approx 1700. (the usually 1st month, acquistion etc..)
    Also, got a quote for 548.00 for 48 month/10K.

    Then got a call back and was told that "December To Remember" program was going to start right after Thksgvg and would probably get an even better deal, so I should wait, if I could. He would call me as soon as he gets those numbers.
  • I got a fairly decent quote from Prestige Lexus on Rt 17 in NJ. It's 30 months at $530 including 6% Tax with Hann Financial, 10 K a year. $450 disposition fee, nothing up front except first month and Motor Vehicle fees for plates and registration. MSRP of $43,400, 2006 AWD with Premium Plus package, CD-changer, Disks, Xenon lights and heated seats.
  • i'm getting a deal for a 36 month / 12K per year lease for

    $546/month with only fees upfront ($1604)
    $512/month with fees $1570 and tax 1106

    do you think this a good deal for 2006 330 AWD with premium plus, heated seats, rain sensing wipers, 18" wheels.

    pls let me know, want to finalize tomorrow.

    thanks in advance.
  • Does anyone have the December buy rates for lease money factors and residuals for 24 and 36 month lease with 15K miles
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