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Mazda3 Lease Questions



  • Thank you for your reply Car_Man. I'll try to answer your questions.

    I would estimate a selling price of $17,500, MSRP of $18,200. The destination charge is an additional $635. I would also be ok with 10,500 miles per year. Does Mazda do a 4 year lease as well as three years?
  • Man am I glad I stumbled on to this website. Ok I'll post the numbers and if you can Help Car Man that would be great. Is this a good deal?

    .........on a Mazda 3 i touring with a msrp of $17,790.00 plus a $1,000 discount bring the price to $16,790.00

    on a 15K mile lease with 0 down
    24 month = $336.00 mo 27 month= $317.00 mo 36 month = $297.00 mo

    Same 15K miles a year with $1,000.00 down
    24 month = $293.00 mo 27 month = $279.00 mo 36 month = $268.00 mo

    Same as before but with $2,000.00 down
    24 month = $250.00 mo 27 month = $242.00 mo 36 month = $239.00 mo

  • docmridocmri Posts: 21
    I just came home from dealership.
    I Just leased 2008.5 touring value edition.
    My lease is 236 (tax inclusive...222 w/o tax) for 27 months with 15,000 miles and NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET except for first month and tags (~210).

    I originally agreed to 39/15k at 209 (w/o tax) with zero out of pocket but realized at time of signing that I would have an extra 12 months and might be out from under warranty at 36k miles with a 39/15k. They offered to make it 27 months which worked out to $14 more a month. I didnt have the RV's or MF's for 27 months but had to trust their Numbers (61% and .00196) but I figured for an extra 14 dollars total I was out of lease one year earlier and always under warranty. So I bit.

  • Hey Dan what state are you in and compared to my numbers looks like you are getting a better deal.
  • docmridocmri Posts: 21
    I am in southern florida
    It may be worthwhile to send out number requests to several dealerships over the internet. One pointer....Even if you are inquiring over the web at local dealerships it would seem beneficial to say over the web that you are a few hours drive away. They tend to be more aggressive with buyers who live further away as these are customers outside their normal catchment area and can be considered "bonus" costumers.

    Car was for my wife...we drove it home today.
  • rdyxlrdyxl Posts: 4
    Hey Dan, Just wondering what's your invoice price? Using the figures you provide( 61% 00196)with $17000 invoice, MSPR$18200. I get $273.52 per month. SO confused. :confuse:
  • docmridocmri Posts: 21
    My wife took the car to work so from memory. The car MSRP with destination was ~18,100.
    I can tell you that the agreed upon price was roughly 14,400. THey figured in the acq fees etc (roll into price) so the final cap cost price used for calcualtion was somthing like 15,600.
    THis is a large dealership with a big inventory of these cars.

    THis was for the touring value edition. I did not opt for the moonroof. but comes with power locks,windows, A/C and fog light etc. I essentially took the value edition (2008.5 ) without any add on options.
    Here is how I went about getting car....
    Origially via email they offered me "Your Mazda 3i sport comes standard with a 2.0 liter engine, a 4-speed automatic transmission, a tire pressure monitoring system, cd, electronic asst. steering, steering wheel mounted audio controls, and much more.
    39 Months/10,500 Miles Per Year/$1,200 Total Out of Pocket..(oop)
    I went to dealership to look (wasnt buying...nothing they offered me was going to sell me a car until I had a chance to familiarize myself with RV's and MF"s and expected sales price of car. I also wanted to look at competeing dealerships, brands and models). Instead of letting me leave they offered me this car for 209/month with nothing down or oop for 39months. I said no and went home to crunch numbers and came across residuals from this site and MF's for 39 months. I punched them in and utilized a a 2500 discount that was being offered from dealership on all the cars. I figured that I should be in the touring value edtion for the same offer.
    I called the next day and offered to come in after workk (if they agreed to same lease offered me but for the touring instead of the iSport. They got back to me that they couldnt do it but would for 229/month (39 months). I said I would think about it . THey emailed me on saturday that they might be able to do something.
    I called on Sunday and spoke to manager and told him I would come right in if they could do the 209 deal on the value touring. THey called me back 15 minutes later and said they could but I needed to come in TODAY. no problem..I was there an hour later.
    At the financing they changed gears on me and wanted to make it 27 months (to do me a favor..of course, having a shorter lease means they get a potential customer back sooner as well and a car in better condition to sell)...Iike I said above I was hesistant to do this because I didnt really know the RV's or MF for 27 months but figured that for an extra $14 dollars a month i can shorten my lease by a year and make sure that I am always under the 3/36 month warranty (I was concerned that we would have about 45K mile on this car after 3years so I did it after punching in #'s into my palm phone lease calculator program and satisfied myself that no other parameters are being changed and no monkey business was occuring.
    Seemed like a good deal
  • rdyxlrdyxl Posts: 4
    Thanks a lot Dan. Congratulations on this great deal. $15600 for the sale price is amazing. I think that's why you got such a good offer. Still working with the dealer, hopefully i can get the invoice down. :)
  • docmridocmri Posts: 21
    Thanks...consider this.
    If the dealer is not willing or able to frop the price signficantly then consider having the car shipped from elsewhere.
    I had my wife's Odyessy Touring edition shipped down from North east a few years ago for about $500 since the folks here were asking at or above MSRP when it first came out. I found discounts up in the NY, PA and CT area from larger dealerships and the 500 shipping fee was more than covered by the difference in price in the first year of the lease.
    Of course, with gas prices up I imagine the cost to ship is also increased.
    I will be home later tonight and will try to see the actual invoice price and let you know

  • docmridocmri Posts: 21
    It was 15710.
    I am not sure why the price was so good...They were offering $2500 discount on almost all Mazda's on lot so they must be getting some bulk discount or the dealers have a larger behind the scenes rebate than we are aware.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Hey Dan what dealership did you go through for this lease? I live in Central Florida and would be willing to drive down south for a really good deal. Congrats on the new car. I am looking to lease a Mazda3 Hatchback.

    Thanks in advance,
  • docmridocmri Posts: 21
    HI Michelle,

    I went with Delray Mazda and Bret was the sales person
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Thanks Dan. I will check them out and see what I can come up with. I'll keep you posted if things work out. :)
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Hi Car_Man,

    This is the car that I would like to lease. I wanted to see what the money factor and residual value for this car was lately. I really want this car with the navigation and 6 CD changer with Bose upgraded sound system. I have $1000 to put and I am looking for primarily a 24 month/24K mile lease. If you could post what the 36 month/36K mile lease figures are as well I would appreciate it too. I did email a dealer and was quoted $414 + tax. He said the MSRP was $24,525. It doesn't sound like he gave me a break. I would like to try to see where he got that number from.

    If you have the residual value and money factor for the 5 door sTouring for 24 month/24K mile, I would like those as well. I am thinking I might have to settle for this model.

    Any help is definitely much appreciated. ;)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Here you go, woods77. Mazda's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of any 2008 Mazda3 5-Door S with 12,000 miles per year are .00129 and 63%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00197 and 53%. When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $250 lease cash that is currently available on it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Thanks Car_Man, but are these number just for the Sport or for the sGrand Touring? I am looking at specifically the sGrand Touring. Thanks in advance.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    No problem, woods77. They're for all Mazda3 5-Door models.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Thank you so much, Car_Man. You are a lifesaver! :shades:
  • bshaf18bshaf18 Posts: 1
    I just leased a 2008 Mazda3i Touring VE, and I want to know how I made out. I was really in a bind (no car, not much money, yadda yadda yadda), so it was basically a one-day deal. I didn't have much leverage in terms of walking away, sleeping on it, chasing down competitors pricing (I did so minimally) or other negotiating tactics, but I gave it my best shot. I'll spare you all of the back and forth, but here are the final terms. Let me know what you all think...

    Delray (FL) Mazda:
    2008 Mazda3i Touring VE (5-speed manual)
    MSRP $17,230
    27 months
    12,000 miles
    $850 down out of pocket
    $191.50 (+tax) per month

    Any feedback - good, bad or indifferent - would be useful. Thank you in advance.
  • mmenardmmenard Posts: 47
    Hey car_man:

    Can you give me an opinion on this lease payment for a Mazda3 s touring with the moonroof package MSRP 21015

    Quote: 19216
    $2000 down, 24-month lease, 12k miles/year
    $241/ month including tax.

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