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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    I got the following terms for 2008 C300 luxury edition with navigation package lease with European Delivery Program:
    39 months, 12,000 miles, residual 61%, money factor 0.031
    0% down, i.e. $1,665 at sign time which includes first month lease.
    With EDP they also give one month free (for the time they ship the car back from Europe). Monthly payments including taxes $450.00
    The dealer is in New England. Is this a good deal in your opinion?
    Thank you.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Reading past posts, it sounds like there is no lease support on the 2008s and the deals are pretty wretched and comparable to or more expensive than deals you can get on an E or 5 series BMW. Money factors quoted have been really high. 7-8%?
    Are there many left over 2007s left that have heavily supported lease deals?
    I'm looking for $0 down 36 months 15K miles per year with payments in the $500s or less and without outrageous lease/bank/dealer fees added to the cost.
    Maybe a 2007 C230 with "medium" level of typical popular options..
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Reading past posts, it sounds like there is no lease support on the 2008s and the deals are pretty wretched and comparable to or more expensive than deals you can get on an E or 5 series BMW.

    Wouldn't expect any good lease deals until the supply-demand imbalance changes. Poor lease deals are also an issue with every new redesign - wait for 6 months or so and then check them out. Good lease deals are offered to move vehicles - don't think Mercedes needs that help right now with C class. The weird thing is that MB is advertising the heck out of their "Great Lease" right now on TV. The devil is in the details - high down, high MF, low mileage, and what are the acquisition and disposition costs? A 0.0031 MF works out to 7.44%.

    BMW almost always has much better lease deals. They routinely subvent their leases with artificially higher residuals and below market MF.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, what about a left over old-style 2007? Are there many left and is there good lease support on them?
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    I also looked into leasing a C300 sport with just the multimedia package. I was told I could get it for $2K at signing and $462/month but I would have to wait for a factory order. The same dealer then offered and sold me a 2008 E350 4matic with navigation for $2.5K and $450/month for 24 months. There are crazy deals on E350 right now and after 2 years, the C class leases should be a lot more attractive, right now it only makes sense to buy them as MF is too high.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Mileage matters when quoting payments. Is that only 10K miles a year on the E350?
    10k miles won't work for me since my commute alone is around 8K a year and I won't have much left to do any other driving with that severe mileage restriction.

    $450 for 24 months on the E350 sounds really good except for the 2.5K down. Maybe someone would be able to get 36 months and no down for around the same payment or maybe just skip the nav and other pricey options on the E.
    Still sounds better than a 2008 C class.
    I think many people would just get an E if it's cheaper to lease than a C.

    It might not even make sense to buy a C now if they aren't discounting today, but they will in a year.

    If I can get a 2008 E class without a lot of money down and 15K miles per year for 3 years and payments under $500, I might just do it.
    Maybe I would drive less and just do 12K per year since the E guzzles gas, but what's the point of a nice car if you can't drive it when you want because of overly restrictive mileage limits?

    I wasn't even thinking about an E because I just assumed it would be way out of my price range, but if what you quoted is realistic for an E350 in California, I will start looking at them.
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Here are some residuals and MF for 3 year/15K miles a year

    BMW 328i Sedan 61% and 0.00165 (3.96%)
    BMW 528i Sedan 60% and 0.00225 (5.40%)

    MB C300 59% and 0.00290 (6.96%)
    MB E350 52% and 0.00160 (3.94%)

    Right now MB is encouraging you to buy the C-series and lease the E350 - ONLY IF you get a big discount off MSRP to offset that weak residual. BMW routinely rents their best sellers so they almost always have good lease deals.

    PS Never put any money down on a lease.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    My lease is for 7.5K miles a year. The downpayment includes all fees, taxes and the first month payment, so the real downpayment is only $300.
    The C class is discounted in NJ, when I was negotiating a lease deal I was offered invoice, so I think it may make sense to buy C or lease E for 2 years and get C ater that.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I would need double the mileage you got on your lease, so maybe an E is not going to be affordable for me.
    Without the $2500 down, your payment could be over $500 and with 15K miles a year, it could be over $600 per month before tax and I don't even know if the E350 deal with your terms is available in California.

    I can use the Leasewise service that should be able to get me the best available deal for a $335 fee, but they can't get me a deal that doesn't work mathematically based available lease terms, so I don't want to risk using them and throw away the $335 if all the dealers come back with deals that look like what comes up in the lease calculator on the MBUSA website ($700+ payments on 24 month leases with 15K miles unless you put lots of cash up front).

    I would only get an E350 if I could lease one for 24 months with 30K included miles, $0 cap cost with payments under $600 including sales tax.
    If that is impossible to do, then I will go back to looking at cars with MSRPs under $30K.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Based on those numbers, the BMW 328i should be the cheapest to lease by far (especially since the BMW has a much lower MSRP), but I don't understand how people here are posting lease deals on the E350 that make it sound like I could get one for the same cost or less than a 328i. Many BMW dealers routinely mark up the MF beyond the base rate though.
    Confusing. I'll take a bargain E350 lease if I can get it, but I don't want to waste my time trying to get something that's not really available.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    you should reread my message.
    my cap cost reduction was $300, everything else was fees - first month, plus bank fee, plus MV fees, plus taxes, plus doc fees. You can't not pay those upfront, except for taxes. So with almost no cap cost reduction, my payment is $450/month with 7,500 miles, I assume you can be in low $500's with 15K miles.
    Call the NJ guys and have it shipped.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I ran the numbers of cap, residual for 15K miles per year and the MF and, even if I got a E350 with no options with cap price right at invoice, I'm getting payments coming out in the $700+ range for 24 months. Something is not adding up.

    I'll check around California to see if there is anything from dealers comparable to what a few people in the NJ area are quoting. It will probably cost $1000 to ship the car out to the west coast and then to have to go back there for lease return would be too much of a hassle, plus I need a vehicle with CA emissions controls anyway.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    yep, I agree, numbers don't add up, when I was calculating my deal, I was in the low 600s at best, but this is the deal I got and I think a lot of people on the east coast are getting similar deals. I think there is a very heavy discounting going on with E class. I can tell you on my lease documents, the price of the car was something like $48K and I have an option to buy for something like $38K. This is on a brand new E350 4matic with P1 and ipod and metallic paint with 11 miles:)
  • Thx for the link to the articles. I do have one quick question. Can you explain exactly what the "Cap Cost Reduction" figure means and what I "do w/ that"---the dealers keep bringing it up but I am unclear.
  • carman:
    i am considering leasing a 2008 mercedes c300 - automatic with leather and maybe premium package. i am due to turn in my audi a4 by mid december. looking for some figures but am a little concerned with that outrageous money factor which hopefully will go down for december. i am also considering another a4, and a bmw x3.

    - i live in NJ
    - looking to lease for anywhere from 36-42 months
    - 12,000 miles per year
    - what would be december residuals on this car and money factor?
    - what fees should i expect to pay upfront on this car and are any of them negotiable?
    - what should i strive for over invoice on this car? it seems that invoice on this car is about 34,500?
    - also, any incentives i should be aware of for december?
    - lastly, anyone know difference between sport model and luxury? i can't seem to figure out what is different between the two.

  • I am looking to lease a C 300 sport 4MATIC and in the NJ area.

    10K miles a year is good enough for me, i'm trying to figure out what ball park i am in for monthly and what i need to bring to the table in terms of cap cost reduction.

    If anyone has recently scored a nice deal in NJ, would appreciate any details, dealer info.
  • pkutina, i'm also in central NJ and looking to lease a 300, $465 a month was for the sport edition or standard?. was that your final deal?
  • This seems like a good deal. I had a dealer tell me that the C300 sport with Premium 1 and multi-media would be about $650/month with $2,200 down (15,000 miles/year). I don't have the residual and money factor #'s handy----I'm frustrated b/c this seems like a lot of $. I am trying to get the monthly lease down to $500-$525. Any advice??
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    I think it is very difficult to get a good deal on C-class, they are hot and so the dealers/MB can get away with high MFs. Having said that, I was offered invoice pricing at a dealer in NJ for C sport with automatic and Multimedia package, which came to about $465/month for 3 years with 7.5K miles and about $2.5K of fees, first month payment, dealer fees and other upfront. You would pay more for more miles. I was ready to take this deal but there are no cars with multimedia but without P1 and I didn't want to wait for a factory order.
    If you have any flexibility, wait a couple of months (may be a while). I got an E-class for 2 years and after that I will look for C-class to be more affordable for a lease.
  • This seems pretty decent to me, your thoughts?:

    C300 4 matic in Steel Grey with Black MB tex…Sport package and 6 disc Cd changer.
    The program offered is for 39 months
    The money factor is .00260 and the residual is 63%....
    10,000 miles
    $468 plus tax per month….Your inceptions will require you to write a check for $1850.00 there is no Cap Cost Reduction added.
    The car I used is $37,775 MSRP……
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