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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • shyamyshyamy Posts: 23
    Hi guys,
    Am a total newbie here and trying to absorb all the lease jargon.
    Had a quick question - the residual value seems to be a hot topic but if I dont intend to buy the car after the lease period ends, do I even need to worry about it? does it have any other implication?

    Apologise if I'm repeating this question. Appreciate any responses. thanks!
  • Yes, Shyamy. It has a very significant consequence. Assuming the same money factor (ie, interest payment), the higher the residual value, the lower your payment. The reason being that you are essentially financing the depreciation in the value of the car. So the less depreciation, the better your deal.
  • As soccerandlost states, you finance the depreciation. So you need to focus on getting the lowest sale price and find a car with the highest residual value for the term you wish to lease. That will ensure your payments are lower than those who don't bother to negotiate the sale price and/or find a car with high residual value.

  • I currently own an 07 Camry. I am upside down about 2000 -2500. I want to lease an 08 or an 09 base model automatic C300, approximate price is 33,000. I am hoping to get my payment UNDER 500. Do you think that is possible. I went to a dealer today and he said he'd try, that it might work. I just want to know if I'm even in the right ball park. Please help. Thank you.
  • Hello all,

    I received the following offer from a local dealer. I have not yet obtained the actual selling price, MF or residual, but these are the hard numbers.

    C300 Sport, Automatic, MSRP 34900
    36 month lease, 12K miles
    $650 total down (includes 1st month payment, fees, taxes, etc..)
    $459 a month (includes taxes, which are quite high here)

    Is this a "good" deal?

  • To me, it looks like an excellent deal. I live in NJ and was offered 3500 down and $459 per month for a C300 sport with automatic. Which state are you in?
  • ab219 - What dealer are you working with?

  • Matt - I went to Morristown and Bridgewater in NJ - Millenium.
  • I could probably extrapolate to some ballpark degree, but you really need to know your cap cost, money factor, and residual rate to determine if it's a "good deal".
  • halcuthalcut Posts: 4
    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if all you experts can help and share your thoughts on this for me...would really appreciate it.

    I have a Benz 2005 c230 kompressor on a 3 yr lease with Ray Catena, NJ which expires on Nov 2008.

    My buy out option price reads 21.5k including taxes, my Benz has only 25,000 miles used on it and is very well taken care off...what are your suggestions - should I buy my Benz out.. interest rate on the buy out option is pretty high at 7.1 apr????? Also do you think I can negotiate the price and the interest rate? With the economy so bad and the state of the auto industry, I was thinking I should be getting better deal than this. What are your thoughts?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • I heard there may be some new 2009 C300 incentives announced this week. This info came from dealership personnel. Anyone else heard this?? Any details?
  • Dude you are going to the expensive part of town so don't expect make a deal. I would say try South Jersey(Asbury Park etc) & LI dealers.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    If you really like the car and if you leased through MBUSA ask them for a quote to extend the lease for a year as you should still be under warranty. They may offer a monthly rate much lower then you have now and no fees to do it.

    I've done this on a few of my MB leases and it was painless
  • Hey everyone. I was just wondering with a 637 beacon can i finance a used 04 C Kompressor? Through mercedes?
  • Hi car_man,

    Looking for the MF and residuals for 10kmiles/year for 36 months on the 2008 and 2009 c300 luxury. Thanks!
  • Hi CarMan,
    Looking for the money factor and residual for 12k miles, 36mo lease of a 2008 or 2009 C300 Sport w premium package.
    Thanks a lot!
  • Hi I'm Russell,
    I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am a first time car buyer. I have a credit score of 680. Looking to lease a 2009 C300 Sports Sedan. I am interested in leasing it with the multi media package.

    (I got these numbers from the MBZ website.)
    Base MSRP....... $33,775
    Multi-Media Package...$2,980

    I want to lease for 24 months, 12k miles per year.
    I have a down payment of $2000.
    Monthly for the car is $778.
    (These are all numbers from the MBZ website)

    I am willing to pay $450-$500 a month.

    Any tips and advice on how to bring my monthly down?
  • First step is to negotiate a good selling price. You should be able to easily get under invoice these days. I am negotiating for c300 sport 4matic right now, and I got quotes $2000 below invoice from three different dealers in DC Metro area. So I think it is very much possible.

    Then the rest, residual value and money factor are hard to change with MB finance. I hear that dealers sometimes increase the residual value but I wouldn't count on it. Money Factor varies with your credit too.

    If you take a 39 month lease, your payment could be under $400. I am not so sure about keeping it under $500 for a 24 month lease.

    Good luck!
  • Excuse me for posting in this forum and the "prices paid" forum in advanced...

    I like the guy that I work with at MB in the Bay Area but I just discovered this wonderful message board so it doesn't hurt to receive feedback...

    I'm looking at the following:
    Description ................................ INVOICE / MSRP
    C300 Sport White on Black.......... $29,853 / $32,100
    Option 320: Multimedia................ $2,771 / $2,980
    7-Speed Automatic Transmission.. $1,358 / $1,460
    Burl Walnut Wood (uugh).............. $288 / $310
    iPod Integration .......................... $349 / $375
    SUBTOTAL ................................ $34,619 / $37,225
    Transportation and Handling ......... $875 / $875
    IRG Participation ......................... $500 / -- (this is some new weird fee)
    TOTALS ..................................... $35,994 / $38,100

    My price on the car would be $34,500 (about $1500 under invoice). The terms of the lease are as follows.
    39 months
    10K miles / year
    Money Factor = .0025 (or 6%)
    Residual = 57%

    Out the door = 1st payment, reg/licensing and tax or $920.
    Monthly = $499 + CA tax (or a total of $540/month)

    Any thoughts? He let me know that his buy rate on the Money Factor is .002... so do I work him for the extra .0005?

  • "He let me know that his buy rate on the Money Factor is .002... so do I work him for the extra .0005?"

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