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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • soccerandlost I priced C-Class and E-Class at one of my local dealers and they didn't even mention a 27 month option. In fact, the terms they gave me were 39 and 42 month options. This is why I want to know who the was in the earlier thread.

    I have been shopping cars for 2 months and have yet to find a dealer who is really eager to offer a great deal. The BMW guys are in denial about the economy and expect min. $1000 over invoice. And the MB dealers ... I had an MB dealer let me walk for what ended up being $8 a month on a 39 month lease. They contacted me last week wondering if we couldn't meet in the middle. Are you kidding me?
  • 2009 Capri Blue, C300 Sport, Black MB-Tex interior, 427 7 speed Auto, Aluminum Trim, 18" AMG wheels, No Frills Packages or add ons.

    Just found one C300 Sport in Capri and worked up the below at local MB dealership. Tried another MB comparison some 2 hours away just to make sure and it was pretty far off base to this one. I'm not into costly frills so this one has no Ipod, CD player and heated seat options. Think i'm going to do the lease tomorrow.

    This is right off the sheet i was handed today:
    Retail $36,165
    Savings $3,930
    Selling Price $32,235
    Fees $946.05
    Tax $2,033.48
    Net Sales Price $35,214.53

    I will put $2000 down for basics.

    39 mth Lease @ 10,000 miles $480 mth

    39 mth Lease @ 12,000 miles $491 mth

    Giving $3000 to $4000 out of pocket down will decrease the mthly which is also shown here as slightly less cost.

    Direct Purchase:

    $35,214.53 Purchase price for 60 mth @ 4.9% with $2000 dwn = $625-$630 mth
    $3000 down = $606-$611 mth
    $4000 down = $587 - $597 mth

    Good timing = End of the month, end of the year, economy down with automotive world hurting. Right time to buy.

    Shop, Shop and make sure you get what you are looking for.
  • It's MB of Morristown, ask for Richard.

    I picked up the car today and everything went as expected.

  • I have one year left on a 39-month lease. I am desperate to get out of this lease and get something not so expensive. Is it too early to trade it in?
  • Hi everyone,

    Can you please help me???? I am looking to lease a C class (sport version) for 39 months/ 12k per year lease term. The MSRP on the car is about $40k. The dealer i talked to is quoting about $600.00 /month with about $800 down. The MF they are quoting is .0020 and the residual is 54% The MF seems high based on some of the comments on this forum. any thoughts?
  • That was the MF when I leased about 2 weeks ago, but I've seen postings on this sight leading me to believe that they dropped slightly when the Fed dropped the Fed Funds rate about a week ago. The residual sounds about right.

    All of that said, there's room to negotiate. I'm paying about $540/mo plus tax for a $44k MSRP C300S Sport -- it has PII, Nav, AMG wheels, iPod Connectors, and the walnut trim. I paid standard out-of-pockets and a very small (i.e. $300) cap cost reduction.
  • Thanks! I will work on this deal and see where I get. I need to get some competing offers next.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 34
    Dang this is good. Where was this? I have been asking for quotes on the base with auto trans and noone has reached 32K. You're lucky youre getting that with the amg...
    Also just out of curiousity, what IS the difference between the AMG wheels vs the standard? Is the tire roar more noticeable with AMG? Do they grip the road better?
  • Can someone PLEASE help me on this one? I need to know what the current MBUSA lease terms are for the C300 Sport. One dealer quoted me .00064 for the MF, and 67% residual (for 12k over 27 months). However, the best I'm seeing from other dealers is .00166. I've seen others on here post that .00064 number and I'm wondering if it's an old MF or if I'm missing something here.

    Here's the overall deal I'm getting, any comments on if I can get a better package or not would be helpful.

    2009 C300 Sport
    Metallic Grey, with P1 Premier Package, iPod, and Burl Wood Trim
    MSRP: $37,990
    Quoted Price: $32,500 (which means $5,490 off of MSRP)
    MF: .00064
    Residual: 67% (27mo/12k mi)

    Works out to about $420 per month with ZERO down.

    So again, the big question is whether anyone else is seeing the .00064 MF on this car from any dealer they've talked to and how that is!!
  • aristotlenova,

    If the dealer is offering you a great MF and doesn't try to bait-and-switch you later, why are you even worried about it? That's an outstanding deal. I'd jump on it.
  • The reason I was asking was because two other dealers told me that it was not possible to get that rate and that the dealership that offered it was likely either misquoting it or blowing smoke. And surely enough, when I called the finance manager at the dealership, I was told that the salesmen was incorrect about the rate. C'est la vie. I got a decent deal anyhow (posted full experience in the buying experience forum), with .00166 MF and $5k below MSRP.
  • Car_Man: Can you please post the money factors and residuals for a 36 month 12k & 15k lease?

    Looking to get an '09 AWD with P1 and leather package. MSRP $40,795ish

    Also any advice about a discount from MSRP would be great.

  • Hi Car_man!
    I'll be in the market for a new car in the next month or so. Are there any incentives/trunk money on the C and E series going on now?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Luk.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    I live in Norther NJ. I talked to MB dealers all over the state though and even 2 in NY. I live closest to the MB dealer in Morristown and thats where I thought I was getting my car from today. It went horribly. I negotiated the following deal:

    C300 Luxury 4-Matic, P1, Navigation, black ext with MB Tex. 39 months, $1300 out of pocket for 1st month payment, registration, and whatever was left for their inflated bank fee. **I would not pay their BS "doc fee."** $499 a month including NJ sales tax 7%. Great deal, right?!! Well I got there to sign the deal and hopefully pick up the car and my salesman was no where in sight. I called him all morning too and the receptionist kept telling me he was busy, he was at lunch, and he was delivered a car, blah blah blah. When I got there, I waited 20 minutes and then this guy Richard came and he was just stupid and ignorant. I had also negotiated to have the chrome door inserts put on the car for free with my saleman. Richard had no idea about that so he told me it would cost me $110 to have them installed and it couldn't be done until next week. I also asked Richard if he could disable the beeping alarm when you are not wearing your seatbelt (I know, not good of me) and he we will not because it is a liability. He was very adamant about how he "would not." He didn't even bother to explain that disabling the alarm for the seat belts disables the airbags which I would never want to do. I ended up just walking out. This guy was stupid and obnoxious. I really wanted to get the car from Erik Laberge at Prestige Mercedes in Paramus, NJ. He was great. Class act guy with a great deal. Same deal as above, but it for a Sport model instead of Luxury and my wife wanted the Sport, so it was hard to not get it from Erik, but he really was great. He would have been my top choice. Instead, we picked up the car today from this obnoxious guy named Victor Dillon at Flemington Mercedes. It was a far trip for us, but worth. We ended up getting the car from him for $489 a month including NJ sales tax and got an added Panorama Sunroof and Ipod connector in the glove compartment. It was perfectly smooth and everything was great, except this guy had the personality of roadkill oppossum and he was way too opinionated telling my wife that he didn't like the chrome door inserts. He should have just kept his mouth shut. But still, I got a great car for $489 a month including tax with only $1300 out of pocket including my first month's payment. The MSRP on the car is over $43K. I guess I shouldn't complain.

    If anyone wants a black on black Sport model with 4-Matic, P1, and Navigation for under $500 a month including NJ sales tax and only $1300 due at signing for 39 months, go see Erik Laberge at Prestige Mercedes in Paramus and make up for the stringing along I did to him. I actually do feel bad about it. I backed out of the deal an hour before I should have arrived.

    Keep working on the deals. Maybe you'll do better than me. Who cares about residuals and money factors when you can put less than $1500 down and pay less that $500 a month on a $42,000+ car.
  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20
    how many miles/year was the deal for?
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    39 months with 15,000 miles a year.
  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20
    thx mbcos... one more question, the navi you got is the UMI option, not the multimedia package, right?
  • mbcos..I live in New Jersey as well,,,you got a fantastic deal..thanks for sharing the info..I have some questions..what is the buy out amount on the car at lease end..did you try Ray Catena dealership?? and how did you negotiate such a great deal from several MB dealers..all of them wanted close to 600 for same car when I inquired..
  • mbcos..another question..can you please itemize the options you got in the car..for example which navigation pkg did you get..
  • mbcos,,something seems wrong with the prices you quoted...with an MSRP of $43,000 and a lease factor of .00166 or 4% and no cap cost reduction payment, then the only way for the payments to be under $500 per month is for the residual value to be 69% after 39months and 45K mileage..which does not seem plausable Am I missing something?
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