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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • anyone looking for a c class in the ny/nj area email me at

    i just bought an ML350 on monday and have a great salesperson to recommend.
  • upperupper Posts: 5
    hey, i've never leased before, does this sound like a good deal?
    what are these super small number i see in alot of the leasing post mean?

    2010 C300 sports sedan, black exterior, black interior, universal media interface, panorama sunroof, automatic, 18" AMG wheels
    MSRP 39345
    invoice 37252
    price 34999

    36 month lease, 10000 miles per year
    drive off $5000 total cash due at lease signing
    monthly $334.61 plus tax on approved tier 1 credit
  • Price looks good to me, but leasing only works if you can keep your mileage down and your car like new.... If you can do both, then it awesome to have a new car every three years. I never leave longer than 36 mo, mostly because warranty used to be for 36 months. Watch out for the 39 mo, it sometime go over the warranty.

    I assume the down included 1st month, acquisition and the monthly includes taxes.
  • what did you do to get them to send you such straightforward statistics like that...i need that, now!! :) SOunds like a great deal, MB has a national winter sale for 2010 c300 sport with premium 1 pkg (not sur eif that's what you're describing) for $349/mo 36 mos, 10,000/yr for $4894 due at signing.
  • Hi thealamo77. Through the end of the year, Mercedes-Benz Financial's buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 C300 4Matic with 15,000 miles per year are .00089 and 55%, respectively.

    The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher and the resid for a 10k lease would be 3% higher.

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  • Hi probuyer. Mercedes isn't providing lease support on the 2009 C-Class any longer. As a result, if you were to lease one through Mercedes-Benz Financial you would have to use its standard lease program, which isn't very good.

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  • $1300 driveaway out of pocket
    $434/mo for 36 months including CT taxes 10k/mi year MSRP $41000.00 including P1 / Metallic /Luxury Pkg 58% residual
  • Hi! I read on one website that the disposition fee could be paid out of the deposit given at lease signing. Does anybody know if this is true?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    What generally happens at the end of the lease:

    Bank totals up your end-of-lease charges (over mileage, excess wear and tear)... If they are more than your security deposit, they deduct your security deposit, and send you a bill for the balance. If they are less than your security deposit, they deduct it from the deposit, and send you a check for the difference.

    The security deposit is your money, and has no bearing on the end-of-lease charges, but they aren't going to make two separate transactions to settle up.

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  • just got the following first quote, how negotiable do people think they are?

    2010 C300W4
    Iridium Silver/ black
    P1 pkg (includes, Sirius radio, heated front seats, memory seating, rain sensor wipers)
    Multi media pkg (includes, navigation, iPod interface, voice control)
    Panorama roof
    MSRP $45,035

    $541.00 x 36 months with $3,225.00 total due at signing (includes, 1st months payment, bank fee, DMV and taxes) allowing 10,000 miles per year.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150
    Hi I also live in NY and am also considering the C300 4matic among other cars. I went to to get pricing. I think that you might find it very helpful. It shows prices paid in your area and dealers who will give you that price. Let me know how your search turns out.

    Good luck.

  • Hi there, did you ever take this lease? I am looking at a car just like this, how does the black exterior with the panoromic roof look like?
  • Can anyone offer any guidance asap ?
    I was quoted the following today.
    2010 c class c300w 4dr sdn c300 sport - Black on Black
    36 months 12k per year
    $671 per month
    $499 due at signing

    PO1 package
    Universal Media Interface
    Panorama Sunroof
    427 7 speed transmission
    Burl walnut wood trim
    AMG 5 twin spoke Alum Alloys
    Retail $41,965
    Selling Price $40,465.00
    Net Sales Price inc fees and tax = $43,424.84
  • That's a lot for a monthly payment. Move on, go to the next deal. Read previous notes and learn about money factor, residual, down, etc.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150
    Hi Rich

    I am considering a number of cars including the C330 4 matic. Can you tell me where you received this offer? What dealer did you go to in CT? What kind of gas mileage are you getting around town and on the highway.

    Good luck with the car. Thanks for your input.
  • That is pretty high. I would continue looking if you are going from a MB to another Mb there are special cash to get into a new C- Class this month. I know some NJ dealers are being very aggressive with their pricing.
  • Car Man,

    Is Mercedes offering leases on its 2009's? I am looking at a 2009 Mercedes C300W Luxury. I need the 36 month, 10,000 mile numbers and also the Mercedes acquisition fee. Thanks.
  • Greetings All,

    I need a little help here. I have an offer on the table for a 2010 4matic sport for 36 months at $599/month with $2000 out of pocket and 18K miles per year. It's a premium 1 package. Any thoughts?
  • I think it is too expensive. I paid for my 2009 C350 $3000 due at inception and I pay $440+tax. I am in Miami.
  • bimmeresqbimmeresq Posts: 15
    edited February 2010
    Just picked up a 2010 C300, AMG wheels, burl wood, ipod, artic white and almond interior. $1700 drive-off and $360/month plus tax for 36 months/10k miles. Los Angeles area.
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