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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi mattbogdan. Please see my reply in post #762. Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi dthorn1. Mercedes' lease program on the 2010 C300 is completely different in August than it was in July. Mercedes pulled the plug on its lease support for the '10 C-Class and replaced it with dealer cash. Specifically, there is $4,100 on the '10 C300 Sedan.

    Mercedes-Benz Financial's new buy rate money factor for a 36 month lease of this car is .00260. The residual value for this car is 55% for 15k, 57% for 12k, and 58% for 10k leases.

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  • dthorn1dthorn1 Posts: 17
    Hi Car_man,

    Thanks for your information. what do you think of the offer? How much can I bargain on the monthly payment? any advice would be highly appreciated.
  • can you share which dealer you went to?
  • jkang1jkang1 Posts: 7
    Hi, everyone and Car_man. I am about to lease 2011 C 4matic sport for $479(tax included)/month with $2000 out of pocket(1st payment, tax, titles and fees). I live in Pennsylvania.


    C 300 4matic sport, white, automatic
    Main options are: Premium I,Multimedia Package

    MSRP: $44,125

    Is it good deal or should I work something more?

    Thank you.!!
  • acura_tlacura_tl Posts: 38
    Hi Car_man,
    What is the Money Factor and residual value for the 2011 C300? Could you please post the residual for 12K and 15K.
    Are the values same for Sport and Luxury models?

  • marzsh1marzsh1 Posts: 23
    edited August 2010
    Hi everyone and Car_man. Here is the final one shot offer I got from my local dealer in north California which I denied:

    2011 C300 SPORT AUTO
    Multimedia package
    Premium 1 Package
    Panoramic sunroof
    Heated front seats
    Back up camera
    Burl Walnut Wood Trim

    MSRP: $43670
    out of pocket: $4780($3780 down + $1000 tax and registration)
    $465/month including tax

    I have $1600 negetive equity on my current lease which they didn't take care of it and split it into monthly payments.

    Let me know what you think.

  • marzsh1marzsh1 Posts: 23
    I think that's a fantastic deal comparing to what I've been offered so far!
  • carman, here is the deal I got at a South FL Mbenz dealer, 2010 C300W 4 dr Sdn sport, Vechicle price = $37,005.00, Appearence Protection=$399.00, Door Edge Cup Guard=$100, Preferred Customer Discount = $3,188.00, MB Cash Discount=$4,100.00, Selling Price Total: $30,216.00
    Sales tax= $1,855.27, Tag/Reg Fees= $548.75, Tire/battery/MVWEA=$8.00, Dealer Service Fee= $599.00.... Balance Due=$33,228.47

    36 Months - 15,000 Miles, One Pay $17,408.00

    He said they can probably throw in the maintenance for 3 years at approx value ($800.00)
    What do you think of this deal?
    Thanking you in advance for your prompt response.
  • marzsh1marzsh1 Posts: 23
    jkang1: Do you know the selling price of the car?
  • jkang1jkang1 Posts: 7
    marzsh1, no, I didn't get the selling price. just got msrp, $2000 out of pocket at the reception, and 39 month deal with $479/month.
  • Carman:
    Looking to pull the trigger on the C300 in question #773-your thoughts???
  • mattbogden's post above shows he was able to take advantage of the $4100 marketing support on his lease deal. That's great. Can anyone else confirm that the marketing support is available when negotiating the sales price on a lease transaction. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  • Yes, cash incentive available when negotiating lease deal.
    My dealer in So. Cal is offering this deal.

    2010 C300 w/sport, ipod, burlwood, automatic.
    MSRP $36,660
    Selling price $27,556
    One lease option priceis $12661.81.

    Price also includes 3 year maintenace service.
  • junk344junk344 Posts: 1
    I hope someone can steer me in the right direction for what is a deal worth taking on a lease for a 2010 C300. I live in WI, and have been offered the following:

    C300, Premium package, automatic, AWD - MSRP $40,275
    Cash Price - $33,065
    Residual Value - $23,762 (58%)
    0 Money Down
    $475 (includes Tax & 3yr maintenance program)
    $639 due at signing to cover title and license

    Any thoughts as to a better deal I can negotiate, or does this seem okay?

    Thanks in advance for any input.
  • What is the term/mi per year??
  • 36 months/12k yr.
  • mattbogdanmattbogdan Posts: 8
    edited August 2010
    Here are the deatils of my deal:
    2010 CS300 Sport w/ Navi
    Appearance proction-$399
    dor guard -$100
    Disct ($3345)
    MB Disct. ($4100)
    1923 tax
    $ 548 tag
    $8 _battery
    $599Dlr fee
    Include 3 yr maint & tint
    One Pay $17401

    This is way out from your deal of $12661. Where is the difference????
    Am I that far off $4740???
    The only difference in the car is the Navigation??
    Your thoughts.
  • mattbogden - the difference appears to be the (1) fourizonly007's deal was a C300 Sport (base) with automatic while yours was likely a C300 Sport 4Matic; and (2) fourizonly007's lease was for 36mo/12K (with a likely residual of 57%) and yours was for 36mo/15K (with a likely residual of 55%. When I ran the numbers it accounted for approx a $4,000 difference (I couldn't figure it exactly because I'm not sure what the MF is for a One Pay deal).

  • ">link titleCar Guy :
    Here's the car:

    Vehicle: 2010 MERCEDESBENZ C CLASS C300W 4dr No Trade-In
    Sdn C300 Sport
    Stock #: AR130813
    VIN: WDDGF5EBXAR130813
    Miles: 9
    Vehicle Price: $39,064.00
    Appearance Protection: + $399.00
    Door Edge Cup Guard: + - $100.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: $3,345.00
    MB CASH Discount: $4,100.00
    Maintenance: $769
    Selling Price: $31,349.00
    Sales Tax (estimate): + $1,923.25
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $548.75
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.S0
    Dealer Service Fee: + 599.95
    Balance Due (estimate): $34,429.45
    Lease Options
    Cash Due 36 months
    15 000 Miles
    One Pay $17401 .


    The residual is 55%, MF = .150
    Let mae know - Thaks again!!
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