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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • nevets8nevets8 Posts: 11
    In your last reply, you mentioned that the conquest deal is on til 8/31. Every document I've seen says it expires 7/31. Would that change by area? (I'm in South Florida)
  • mb_rynamb_ryna Posts: 28
    edited July 2011
    About two weeks ago, I called the MB Customer Care to check on the expiration of Conquestion. They said 8/31. However, your question made me double check and I called the Customer Care this morning.

    Here is what they said:
    1) There is an 8/31 conquest going on, but that is for those that have received a mailing.

    2) For those that have not received a mailing, then conquest can be attained via dealers until 8/1.

    Hopefully, we don't a different answer calling again. Here is the number if you want to get your own answer directly.

    Call the MB Customer Care. Dial the roadside number (800-367-6372) and press the appropriate numbers to get to a rep. You'll need to punch in your phone number, select option 6, then option 4.
  • nevets8nevets8 Posts: 11
    Hi Car_man,

    I just was quoted the following:

    C300 sport with P1 package. MSRP $39,055
    discounts are $5034 (includes conquest)

    final selling price is $34,815 with dealer add ons

    Here's the challenge:

    Dealer is using different money factor than standard MB terms : .00139 (instead of .00109) to make "some money on the deal" . They are also jacking up the dealer prep to $1095 instead of the normal $795.

    for 10K miles and 33 months, the payment comes to $431/month (includes tax).

    Is this a good deal?
  • I'm not car_man, but I'll offer my two cents. It's a horrible deal. Just a rough calculation, but your payment should be under $400 a month. Your residual is higher at 10,000 miles, so your payments will be lower. Be firm in telling the dealer you will not accept inflated money factors and a higher acquisition fee.
  • nevets8nevets8 Posts: 11
    Thanks. Based on my calculation, the payment should be $396, using their discount and the standard MB rates (63%/.00109 MF). Thanks for the feedback!

    I guess i will have to take my chances on the conquest "expiring".
  • One thing I did overlook, how much is due at signing?
  • nevets8nevets8 Posts: 11
    just under $1500. (1st months' payment, registration, tags, doc fee, and some other minor stuff) . That's what they call "nothing down!"
  • mb_rynamb_ryna Posts: 28
    I'll add my two cents too. The issue is the pricing from this specific dealer...even if you wait until August, you'll still get an inflated payment because the dealer is not giving you a decent deal.

    I'd give the final numbers to the dealer with a take it or leave it situation or go to another dealer. You have a good chance right now as it is the end of the month and some dealers need to make their quota. I'd only gamble for August if you want even a better deal than what you could get in July. Here is what it should be for July.

    Selling price should be $32368 (MSRP $39,055, less 12%, less 2000 conquest). Okay...max of 32,600 if dealer is not giving as deep of a discount as I mentioed).

    MF: .00109 (top tier credt)
    Acquision Fee: 795 (which is what MB charges...don't let dealer mark it up)

    One thing you may want to check as well when you go to another dealer is the residual value. It's set by MB and not by the dealer. I purchased in July and received 64% for 33 months, 10000 miles a year. It is my understanding that it's 63% when you go for 12,500 miles a year instead.
  • nevets8nevets8 Posts: 11
    That is fantastic feedback! I already contacted the other local dealers (even though they are all owned by the same company). I've given them the metrics to work against.

    thanks for your help!
  • Not a bad strategy, but be careful as your sales lead information may also be in their database. However, dealers owned by the same parent company will often compete against each other. And just to echo what mb_ryna said, I'd push for doing the deal this month because you will often have more leverage with a dealership who still needs to make quota. Just remember to be polite, but firm. Let us know if we can help!
  • nevets8nevets8 Posts: 11
    Turns out they are moving in the right direction, but each one uses their own MF, so none of their numbers come close to what I calculate, using the standard 64%, .00109 MF numbers.

    I also just learned that the information on the website for these cars are not accurate. They all claim to have rear airbags, which they don't, and the seats are plastic (MB-Tex). My wife and I were overwhelmed by the odor when we took a test drive, and we just assumed it was new car plastic from the dash, etc...

    I didn't think there was a car out there over $30K without leather seats!
  • gmichaelgmichael Posts: 4
    Hello everyone, I am coming out of a 2009 ML 350 4 matic and am over the miles by 2K the dealer said he would way the turn in fee $595 and wash the miles if I leased a new car. Well with economy conscious times he offered me a C 300 luxury with Nav for $3000 total out of pocket and $495/month for 33 months. This sounded high. Could anyone tell me what is a good deal for a C class like this?
  • Hello Everyone:

    Currently shopping for a 2011 C300. I have a 2008 that is very near end of its lease.

    Here is the latest lease quote. Based on the numbers shared in this thread, it seems to be an awful deal, but I would love your feedback.

    No Nav
    P1 package

    Sales price: $39,055
    Discount: $4,173
    Net Price $34,882

    Doc, Bank and tax ($599 +836 + 41)

    Total Price: $36,358

    $0 down, 33 month lease; 7,500 miles/year; $443/month (includes tax)
    Money factor .00109; Residual 63%

    Here is the big issue that I have. No nav! 2012 is just about to come out. Surely, 2011 will become less valuable. Don't they want to move 2011s?

    Plus so many other people in this thread had far higher MSRPs and ended up with far lower lease payments. I have verified the lease calc so that appears correct. It seems that the selling price is too high AND the discount is not deep enough. Your thoughts?

    What am I missing? Should consider buying out of state? Is that even possible?
  • temiztemiz Posts: 11
    edited July 2011
    For a 2012 c 250 automatic with one package )(we are not sure about the price right now).

    Lets say 39k and
    12000 miles a year
    top tier credit score and a
    residual like 2011 rwd 300c
    36 months period

    if I pay 350 including the tax every month, what should be down payment for a real good deal. I do not wanna calculate it the other way because I do not wanna deal with salespeople. I will just choose the car and ask for the down.
    This is in CA.

    Thanks for your ideas in advance.

    And IMO , no one should buy a 2011 right now. The new model is way advance than the old one in terms of interior design, exterior design, fuel efficiency and a lot more. Cause last year I leased an accord 2011 and at the end they give me the same rates as 2010 which seemed impossible when I start neg.
  • Hi all,

    After being in school for a zillion years and working really hard, I have decided to lease this car:

    2011 C300 Sport 4matic

    Options: Burl Trim
    Heated Seats

    This is what they are quoting me (they're actually pressuring me pretty hard saying that this is an impeccable deal - they can probably tell I'm fresh meat in this game).

    Selling price: 39,500
    Term: 33 months/12000 miles per year

    $2500 up front.

    They said I qualified for the highest credit tier, and my monthly payments are $444 before taxes. Is this a good deal? They are charging me upfront for the lease acquisition fee of $895 (part of the 2500 upfront).

    Thank you in advance for your help/input/advice.
  • bderushbderush Posts: 17
    That doesn't seem like a good deal. In order to be sure, you need to know the MSRP, Selling Price, and the Money Factor.

    The Payment sounds very high, and I wouldn't spend that much on a downpayment. I recently was offered a C300 that was 42k sticker for $390 a month plus tax with about 2k down.
  • Congrats on the hard work! You can easily get the vehicle described for about $1,000 below the selling price that they are quoting. I'd be glad to assist you in negotiating. Please e-mail me at if I can be of assistance. I'm happy to help anyone else who needs it.
  • mb_rynamb_ryna Posts: 28
    Very bad deal...please provide the details so that we can help you.

    According to what you wrote, the MSRP of a car with those options is 40,160 (assuming you paid for paint). So a selling price of 39500 is quite bad.

    According to the lease calculator I used, you should be paying about $335 + tax.

    Please send out details... mainly MSRP, residual % or amount, and money factor.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    What is that ? And where are ya'll located to get 12% off ? Dealers in Dallas give $500 bucks off if you don't want it hit the door.....

    DL :mad:
  • Can I get the MF and Residual on a 2011 C300 Luxury 4Matic Sedan
    1) 33 mo, 13k miles
    2) 33 mo, 15k miles
    3) 36 mo, 13k miles
    4) 36 mo, 15k miles

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