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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • Hello Carman / Kyfdx,

    I'm interested in leasing a C250 coupe for 3yr/30k or 36k miles. Can you please let me know what the residual and money factor are?

  • oddsroddsr Posts: 5
    I would really appreciate some advice as I am new to the lease process.

    Good deal or bad - if bad, what areas should I try to negotiate to save $

    C300, 4matic, 4 dr, luxury sedan, non metallic, nav- one disk, P1, rear camera

    MSRP - $43,195 (incl. dest)
    my price - $38,133.50
    MF - .00156
    Residual - 73%
    10k mi/yr
    24 months
    monthly payment - $380 (incl. tax- PA)

    Have $2000 conquest rebate and $2500 at signing which includes bank fees, first month, etc (?), and a portion to lower my monthly payment.
    I guess one bottom line is - what are the fees that are included in the $2500 and how much of it is leftover to offset my payments? Been waiting for the breakdown from the dealer for 2 days and will be calling again tomorrow to get the exact figures (I hope). I would like to be better educated as to what fees should be included and what would be a reasonable amount for each fee so I can better understand what he's telling me and where I may be overcharged. Also, the choice to add some extra money at signing was mine but after reading some discussions in the forum I am thinking maybe I should reconsider doing that for a lease.

    I can't seem to come up with the same numbers as the dealer so I guess I am missing something here and would appreciate any advice/info. Thanks
  • Got this deal today on a 2012 C Coupe w/MSRP $39,795 includes Sirius, Command, iPod

    MSRP $39,795.00
    Gross Cap Cost $33,816.00
    24 months/24k
    Monthly Payment: $370 (includes CA tax)
    Drive off - $766.48

    36 month/36k was $388 (includes CA tax), but I opted for 24 month. Dealer made 4 payments on the existing CLK350 lease.
  • osvpiosvpi Posts: 8
    Car Man,
    Please provide me with the residual value and the money factor for both the C250 Coupe and C250 Sedan, for 36 months and 10,000 miles per year.
    Also, are there any incentives? How does the conquest incentive work?
    I live in South Florida
  • jearxjearx Posts: 1
    Msrp $41,391

    I have a 2010 ml350 on lease, and they are willing to take up the remaining 12 payments.

    I have not gotten a quote yet, but want to be prepared.

    Need Residuals , & Money Factor as well.

    Looking for a 24k/24 mo , 30k/30mo, 36k/36mo with 0 Down.

    Thanks in advance for the time and help.

    J :) :)
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks everyone for sharing your deal info/experience. It was helpful for me to use the info from your posts to finalize a deal on my 2012 C300 4Matic Sport Sedan. Here are the details of my deal, to return the favor.

    1) MSRP: $43,445 [Black exterior ($0), Black MB Tex ($0), P1 Package ($2,500), Command Package ($930), Burl Wood ($325), Destination ($875), 3yr Maintenance ($795), Winter mats included for "free"]

    2) Sale price (cap cost): Qualified for Conquest of $2,000 (have BMW). Sale price is $37,795 ($37,000 for the car plus $795 for maintenance plan). Mercedes allows customers to capitalize the maintenance costs, so it works out to about $10 to $12 a month. This results in a net maintenance cost of ~$360 for the term of the lease, so, one is not paying $795.

    3) Upfront/Drive-off fees: $1702 (First month, acquisition fee of $795, tax, title, registration, doc fee of $318).

    4) Lease Terms
    - $0 cap cost reduction
    - 36 months / 12k miles per year
    - Money Factor: .00132 (includes discount of .0001 for auto-pay)
    - Did not opt for MSD (multiple security deposits)
    - Residual: 62%
    - Lease disposition fee of $595 (to be paid at lease termination)
    - Monthly payment $387.51 pre-tax, $411.73 including tax

    Dealer info: Mercedes Benz of Boston (Somerville, MA). Too bad I can't share sales person's info, he was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He had some funny stories about moonlighting as a bartender! I was also impressed by how open and honest the dealership was with me. There was zero resistance when I asked for information and they were extremely direct, in terms of negotiating the deal last week. They were flexible in allowing me to postpone the delivery of the car until the end of the month - as long as I paid the upfronts first.

    Can't wait to pick up the car next week! The Harman Kardon sound system is ridiculously good!
  • Hi oddsr,

    Seems like you are getting a good deal, but something in your numbers seem to be off. I would recommend that you get the detailed breakdown of the $2,500 as you mentioned.

    I ran your numbers ($43,195 MSRP, $39,133.50 Sale Price, .00156, 73%, 24mos) and get a monthly payment of ~$427 (before tax).

    If you put $1,500 as a down payment towards the lease, you will lower your payment to ~$362 (before tax).

    If you have extra cash, would suggest that you look into putting the money into multiple security deposits, instead of a down payment. You can lower your money factor by as much as .00049 (max reduction) - could be roughly $30 in savings per month. You can find more info on how to do this from other posts.

    In terms of lease inception fees ($1600 to $1900 rough total):
    - $795 bank acquisition fee (some dealers mark it up to $995).
    - $289 dealer doc fees
    - $123 registration, plates, etc
    - $5 title prep
    - $49 - tax on bank fee
    - $x for first month payment

  • dl_amgdl_amg Posts: 39
    Wow, that's great number. Which CA dealer you are dealing? Someone just total my 03 C32AMG and I need a car soon.
  • I have a 2010 Ram that I owe 32k on and is worth about 20k. I'm looking at getting a C300 under the current lease specials. I am eligible for a 2K USAA discount and my only real concern is trying to stay under my current $620/mo payment with minimal down. Am I nuts or is this possible? I'd really appreciate any help anyone could offer. I'm military and I'd really like to be able to walk away from this negative equity towards the end of my enlistment which coinsides nicely with a 3 year lease. Thanks!
  • oddsroddsr Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply soupaman.
    Called the dealer and got a (somewhat better) breakdown and more numbers.
    The sales price is actually $38,133 (incl. conquest). Invoice is $40,933
    The $2500 at signing breaks down:
    $995 - acquisition fee (incl. gap insurance)
    $125 - doc. fee
    $89.55 - Sales tax (am guessing that is on the $995???)
    $94.90 - registration, tags (I think)
    $380 - 1st month
    $815 - down - cap cost reduct. I chose to lower payment

    If I don't put out the $815 my payment will be $417 a month instead of $380 and I guess a small reduction involved with the tax on it. Also using auto pay will reduce it a bit.
    The dealer seemed a little unsure about msd's and finally said that because of the low rate I am getting I can't do msd's. I assume he meant the money factor maybe combined with a fairly high residual but why would there be a restriction on it?
    Do these numbers still make it sound like a decent deal? Thanks again.
  • jdls1jdls1 Posts: 1

    I am new to leasing and am trying to figure out a monthly payment,
    I ran the numbers you provided($39,133.5 Sale price, .00156, 73% 24 mos) Your saying the payment should be $427 (Before tax),

    but I am getting $440 before the money factor, and taxes.

    What formula are you using to calculate the monthly payment?

  • ......also, as an add-on to my lease question a couople posts ago, I am also considering the C250 if the price or lease variables are better on that and I'm eligible for the conquest discount if MB lets you combine USAA and Conquest cash.

    If you see these post, Soupaman, I would really appreciate your take on my situation.

  • Hi oddsr,

    Looks like a decent deal, but could be better. Here are my thoughts.

    1) The numbers you are being quoted are aligned. Meaning, the money factor plus residual plus cap cost plus term all result in the two monthly figures ($380 and $417 respectively) so their math is good.

    2) Lease acquisition fee of $995 probably includes $200 profit for the dealer, but then again your Doc fee is really low (I was charged $289 for doc fees). You may want to call other dealers to see where they are coming in at? When I called, I was quoted $795 from two dealers and the dealer I went to do the deal with, they charged me $995. I told them what other dealers quoted and they adjusted the charge to match others. I am not sure how the doc fees vary by state - maybe they do and maybe they don't. Regardless, your upfront fees seem okay - no red flags.

    3) Think about how you want to handle maintenance. The 2yr/20,000 mile package is priced at $619 on The dealer may mark this up as well. Regardless, people have posted that when they signed up for auto-pay the dealer included maintenance for "free". Basically, auto-pay would reduce your payments by $7 to $10/month. If you were to capitalize the $619 into your sale price of the car and the MSRP of the car, your extra monthly cost for adding maintenance would be ~$9. Therefore, your increase in payments for adding maintenance would be offset by the savings from the auto-pay option.

    4) Lastly, I think you can push harder on the Sale price of $38,133. By knocking off another $500 off, you can save another $25/month. Feel free to look up my post on my deal (MSRP was $42,650 and sale price was $37,000) - and then i added maintenance for $795 to both of those numbers. My discount was $5,650 on a 2012 C300 4Matic Sport - deal done last week. Someone else posted that they have seen $6,000 discounts off of MSRP. That's very aggressive - I know that was done for 2011's without even having to negotiate.

    Overall, you are getting a decent deal, but if you push a bit harder, you may get an excellent deal. Also, you may want to consider stretching out the lease term - I ended up doing a 36month because it was like $4 more per month. This way, my upfront costs (lease initiaiton,etc) are postponed for one more year (spread out over 36 months instead of 30 or 24 months). Personal choice of course.

    GOOD LUCK!!! :)
  • Hi jdls1,

    I have built a simple model in Excel. A disclaimer is that my monthly figures are close, but it will never be exact to a dealer - probably because their rounding may be different than mine.

    A good way to check the math is to plug in the variables in the given example (see link) into your calculator and see if you are getting the same monthly payments as they show.

    Regarding my calculations... The sale price seemed to changed to $38,133, but let's just use $39,133 to be consistent. MSRP is $43,195. To review, I am using 24 months as the lease term, sale price of or $39,133, $0 cap cost reduction, money factor of .00156 (this is about 3.74%), a residual of 73% (or $31,532.35).

    Given these variables, the depreciation fee is $7,600 and the finance fee is $2,645. Add these two together, $10,246, and divide by 24 = $426.93.

    Also, double check your lease term, money factor, residuals (are you calculating residual off of MSRP or on Sale Price), etc... For example, if I use 72% as the residual in my model, I get a pre-tax monthly payment of $444.

  • Hi shackalackal,

    I am not following your situation exactly. Do you plan to sell your truck to the dealer or will you sell it on your own? Or, are you leasing it and want the dealer to absorb the remaining payments?

    In any case, if your goal is to get into a Mercedes C-class under $620/month, you should be okay. Check out the deals others are getting. If you are concerned about paying money upfront to initiate the lease, it's about $1800 due up front typically. If you build this into the lease, just add about $80/month for a 24 month lease or about $60/month for a 36 month lease. These figures would be in addition to your lease payment and taxes.

    The other thing you want to pay attention to is the money factor - this will be based on your credit rating. The .00156 is for tier 1 credit. That could be a little catch in determining where your monthly payment ends up at.

    If you are leasing your truck and you want to get out of it, check out as well. I do not work for them nor have I used them. Just heard about it recently and am trying to be helpful.

    Good luck!
    - S
  • Thanks for the info, Soupman. I'm actually heading to the dealer later today. Here is the deal they offer on buying my truck and financing the negative:

    2012 C250 Sport w/ Command single disc nav, sirius and spoiler
    MSRP: 37690
    Sale price: 35000
    After USAA Discount(2k): 33000
    48 month lease payment is $640/mo with 2k down/up front

    They didn't give me the lease yet but they have the residual at 63%.

    I told the dealer I would like to stay at 36 months or less but he said that would make my payment $755

    Is this a good deal or do I need to go back to work? Sorry for the lack of deal info but the email I got from the dealer left a lot to be desired. I'm heading there in an hour or so to lock horns.

    Thank you for your help so far!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    Holy Cow! $640/mo. for 48 months!!

    You can buy the car for the same payment for 60 months..... :surprise:

    Something is seriously wrong with those numbers....

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  • Hi josera. Mercedes-Benz Financial's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 C350 Coupe with 15,000 miles per year are .00225 and 64%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1 credit tier.

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  • Congratulations on getting your new ride, sunnyfl1. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your deal with everyone. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Hi Lance. Mercedes-Benz Financial's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 C250 Coupe with 12,000 miles per year are .00225 and 68%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1 credit tier.

    The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be 1% higher.

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