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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    Ah.. okay. I see my mistake now... There are two C63 models.. sedan and coupe... Didn't realize they made a C63 sedan..... (trust me, they don't spell out sedan and coupe.. I would have figured that

    2013 C63 coupe with a 36 months lease at 7,500 miles per year

    Standard money factor and 58% residual... The numbers I gave you before were for the sedan, evidently..


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  • coby16coby16 Posts: 3
    Interested in input regarding following deal:

    2013 c300 matic sport with premium pkg
    MRSP: $44,175
    Sale Price: $38,446

    27 month lease
    Residual % 71%
    Annual miles 10k
    Money Factor: .00113

    Spoke with internet sales for NY dealership. How does purchase price compare to other deals? How much additional discount should I expect? Never leased before. Does residual % appear correct?

    Alternate car deal
    2013 c300 sport with premium, MMI, lane tracking pkg
    MRSP $47,015
    Sales Price: $41,786
    Smaller discount on this vehicle. Does this make sense?

    Thanks in advance for all insights shared.
  • I'm new to leasing and need to know how to negotiate this deal. Here's where we are now:

    2014 C350 4Matic Coupe

    MSRP $45,850
    keyless go $650
    lighting package $1,390
    multimedia package $2,860
    lane tracking package $875
    destination and delivery $925
    Total retail price $52,550
    Discount $5,000
    Selling price $47,550
    Fees $450
    Sales tax $4,659.9
    Net sales price $52,659

    24 month/10k lease $599.63/month plus $2,500 out of pocket.

    Is this a good deal? If not, what would be a good deal?
  • fintailfintail Posts: 34,333
    Wrong thread so this will be moved, but I think you can do a lot better. I don't know if the discount is good, but most MBs aside from CLA, new S, maybe GL Bluetec, have a lot of room for negotiation. They tend to trade close to invoice or less. Check Edmunds TMV for a close number.

    FWIW, I leased a car with similar down and a MSRP almost 20K higher for virtually the same payment.
  • Does anyone know what the best money factor and residual is for a 2014 C359 4Matic Coupe right now? I was quoted a 73% residual with a .00215 money factor. Is that good?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2014 C350 4Matic coupe 24mo, 12K/yr lease..

    Standard money factor (We've got reports of .00195-.00225 for this) and 73% residual.

    I picked the 24 mo, 12K/yr lease, because that matches the residual you've been quoted... A 36 month lease would have a 64% residual..


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  • Hi Kyfdx.
    Would you happen to have October's MF and Residual for a 15,000 mi 36 month lease on a c300 luxury? Any help would be most appreciated!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2014 C300 Sedan (those are all AWD, right?) 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00058 MF and 58% residual


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  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 71

    Could you post current MF & Residual for 2013 C250 Sport Sedan, 27month 10k/year?

    Thank you!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2013 C250 Sedan 24mo, 10K/yr
    .00124 MF and 70% residual

    Last month, they had a special 27 month lease that used the same residual as 24 months... I'm not sure if they still have that, this month, but they might, as the other numbers are all the same as September..


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  • Thanks so much!
  • storms3storms3 Posts: 14
    Hi kyfdx,

    Could you please give a number for the MF and residual of C250 coupe and C350 coupe respectively? Usually, how much is the MSRP off could be? 10%?

    24 months term and 10k/year. Thank you for your help. Appreciate your time.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2014 C250 Coupe 24mo, 10K/yr
    .00153 MF and 73% residual

    2014 C350 Coupe
    Standard MF and 74% residual


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  • sardillesardille Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    hi, i think I am getting a good deal on a c63amg 507 edition. Car is a Coupe. MSRP is 82810 and I offered 74k and they are at 75k. Since I am leasing the car I would like to know about the money factor and residual value. I would be interested in 7500 miles and 36 or 48 months. If the money factor is the same regardless of the time then 48 would be the best choice in my opinion.

    What do you think as far of the deal? i checked in my area in miami and the true edmunds price is a little over sticker? Thanks for your help
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2014 C63 AMG Coupe 36mo, 7.5K/yr
    Standard money factor and 60% residual

    48mo, 7.5K/yr lease
    Standard money factor and 53% residual

    One caveat... these numbers may not be accurate for the "507 Edition". I know the "Black Edition" has different residuals, and the "507" may, as well..


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  • numbers sound about right of what i was told. What is the standard money factor. Numbers wise it is a pretty aggressive deal or they always discount the cars like this??? 82810 is the MSRP and they are at 75 and I am at 74k cause there is shipping involved that i have to pay.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    I've seen .00195 - .00225 for the standard money factor (anecdotal, from other forum members).

    Be careful, as dealers can mark that up by a significant amount.


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  • Are the MB lease deals usually better in November or December compared to October?
  • Just got the following deal in SoCal.

    2013 Polar White C250 - 12k/ 27 months
    Prem 1
    Multimedia Package
    2 years prepaid maint

    Residual: 69%
    MF: .00124
    MSRP: ~42k
    Discount: 7K
    Sale price: ~35k

    Acq Fee: $795
    Doc & license: ~$450
    Monthly: $335 after tax w maint included
    Drive off(acq+fees+1month): $1666

    Pretty easy to get the deal. Just email all the dealers in your area dont include your phone number or they will call you. Do everything through email only. Play them off each other get them to match the money factors, discounts, acquisition fee etc. Get everything in writing in a quote and only then will you call them or step into their dealership to sign.

    Ps. leasematic application on iphone is great for calculating the numbers and making sure dealer isnt packing in any fees. Also the website has great info.
  • Would you mind divulging the SoCal dealer?
  • ssb_rlssb_rl Posts: 6
    Dear All,

    First, my apologies for posting a CLA lease related question, but I was asked by the moderators to do so as I think they are having problems creating new groups for new models.

    I'm looking for money factors and residuals for a 3 year, 10,000 mile/year lease on a 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA acquired through the European Delivery Program. Also, do you know if some of the money factor reducing options like multiple security deposits, excellent credit and auto-pay would be available for a CLA lease?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2014 CLA 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00162 MF and 67% residual

    I don't have any information on differences with the Euro Delivery program.

    Outside of the euro delivery program, I'd guess that MSD and auto-pay would apply... these rates are for top tier credit.
    (That is a great residual)


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  • coby16coby16 Posts: 3
    Are the following fees identified in the lease agreement negotiable?

    Bank Fee @ lease inception
    Purchase Option Fee - if car is purchased at lease-end
    Turn-in Fee - car turned in without purchasing or leasing another vehicle from manufacturer

    If these fees are negotiable, I'd be interested in what amounts were agreed to.

  • Would prefer to not post publicly if there is a private message feature on here use that or drop your email address here.

    Honestly your best bet would be to email all dealers that have the car you want because you might be able to get a better deal than the one I had offered.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    All of those items should be on the lease agreement.

    Mercedes base acquisition fee is $795, and dealers are permitted to mark it up by $300 maximum for extra profit. (the mark-up would be negotiable)

    The other two fees would be fixed and non-negotiable..


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  • storms3storms3 Posts: 14
    Hi kydfx,

    May I ask what is the current MF and RV for 2014 C300 4Matic? 24 mon/10k per year.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,169
    2014 C300 4Matic 24mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00058 MF and 72% residual


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  • Thoughts for this lease on a 2014 C300 sport 4matic:
    Base Price $39,400
    Polar White $0
    Black MB TEX $0
    Premium Pkg $2,500
    Multi-media Pkg $2,860
    Lighting Pkg $1,390
    5 spoke AMG Wheel $1,040
    Panorama Sunroof $420
    Rear deck spoiler $300
    Destination fee $925

    MSRP Total - $48835 Sale Price $45,766 Discount of $5,000 bring down to $40,766 add MA sales tax at 6.25% for total selling price of $43,313.88

    Lease $0 down $500 (including tax) a month, 36 months, residual 56% $24,255.77
  • coby16coby16 Posts: 3
    I may be missing something.

    Are you indicating that a 2014 car has been discounted over $8k (Msrp $48,835 less adjusted sales price $40,766) or 16.5%? If so, I need you to negotiate my purchase/lease (I'm located outside NYC). I'm focusing on a "2013 leftover" and I haven't been able to get a quote with a discount % equal to that.

    Also, I recommend that you check the residual amount of $24,256. It should be calculated on the MSRP. Residual % x MRSP: .56 x 48,835 = $27,348.

    What is the money factor for your lease?
  • Should look in Latham, NY as well as on (a 2014 Mercedes c300 4 matic w/options I have listed, has it at Average Paid $45,117). I'm still waiting to hear from the dealer but this would be our second Lease from them.
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