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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • ksolesksoles Posts: 19
    "I could post the current rates, but it is almost NOT worth it. They are just ridiculous."

    I agree to that, we worked some numbers and man were they poor! Esp considering the model has ended and dealers will have the 08 this month if not already showing up! They said they will have the 300 and 350 but next weekend. They did NOT mention anything though about new rates coming up and to try again on it.

    So can you please post them as soon as you have them? I would really like to try again with these better rates coming out b/c the one I was looking at is closest to what I was hoping to find! It has everything I wanted minus the bi-xenon's :(
  • ksolesksoles Posts: 19
    now being the 16th can you please post the new rates that you said would be out on the 15th? thanks
  • mrummrum Posts: 7
    Things have definitely changed. I leased a 2007 C230 in November. It was a black base model w/ no sunroof or cd changer. Sticker was $31,815. Gross cap cost was $28,025. I had $1400 out of pocket and my payment is $376 a month with tax, 12,000 miles and 27 months. I thought that was a good deal. The bad thing is that I had to take it in for service 5 times in a month because my ABS light kept coming on and they couldn't fix it.

    Now Mercedes says they will buy it back from me. I thought this was going to be great because I could go lease another C230 with a similar lease program and then have some money in my pocket. I was mistaken. Doesn't seem like there are any good deals right now. I'm not sure if I should get something else. If I am going to have to put a lot down on a car, I'd rather get a BMW and not have to do the service and it drives nicer in my opinion.
  • bmwcrzrbmwcrzr Posts: 17
    Sorry, we're all waiting for the rates... I have contacted all of my resources... I think Merc is being SHADY and are telling dealers NOT release the rates.

    I know for a fact that they have changed.

    Additionally, the 2008 models of E classes were supposed to be here already, but Merc is deliberately holding them back on the docks to make sure their remaining cars are sold first.
  • ksolesksoles Posts: 19

    Can you please jump in on this one, if anyone has the skinny on these rates its you!!!
  • ksolesksoles Posts: 19
    Wow, I feel as if the C Class fans have been forgotten! Its like the two of us talking to no one else / each other! Maybe if we post over in the IS forum we might get Carman's attention LOL

    But seriously, rates please :confuse:
  • Have also been wondering if there are new lease specials coming out for the '07 C230. Looked great in June, and then went sour in July so far. Even if there is nothing official, does anyone expect some specials coming down th lease is up in 3 weeks, and want to know whether I should wait or look around at other models...
  • mrummrum Posts: 7
    Just like some other people on here, I'd like to know if the lease programs on the 2007 C class should get any better. Please let us know!!!! :-)
  • Just an update:

    39 mos./7.5K miles/yr.
    '07 C230/Black/Auto/6CD/Sunroof
    $1,500 drive off and $370/mo. (incl. taxes)
    Don't think I could have done much better with the MF still at .0345.
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 93
    When did you purchase the car? July or August? What was your cap cost? Residual?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I'm in the process of buying an 07 C350 Sport, but the finance guy is pushing hard for a lease. The residual is only 52% on a 24 month lease (15k miles/yr). Between the poor residual and high MF, the payments he quoted were $688 with no money down (MSRP $42k and $32k selling price). The payments are actually higher than on a zero down purchase at 5%/60 months ($688 versus $635).

    Bottomline: the good deal leases are gone at MBUSA. (But you can get a heck of a deal buying a new C-Class).
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 93
    Ya 52% is way low for a 24 month lease. I've never heard of that kind of low residual for a 24 month lease. What the heck is Mercedes thing? BMW's are like 60% for 36 months. I'm hoping that at least they have the high residuals for the C230 though. Back in June it was around 66% for 24 month. Hopefully it's still high for August. Haven't seen the numbers yet.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I think you're going to be disappointed. The c230 leases available in June were heavily subsidized--you fcould get one for $299/mo without breathing hard. You'll probably have to wait for the lot to fill up with the new 08 C-Class for the good lease deals to come back.
  • focus530focus530 Posts: 10
    What part of the country are you in? I am in Boston area and most discount on C350 around here is about $6K. From your post, it seems that you are getting $10K off. Is this on a DEMO car or certified pre-owned?
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 93
    Here's a quote I just got today for 2007 C230 Sport:

    MSRP: $35,065
    Your Cost: $30,218
    Total Saving: $4847.00
    27 month lease
    12k miles per year
    $3800. total drive off
    $342.41 + $28.35 = $370.66 per month
    Residual 68%
    MF .415

    MF is a killer. Almost 10% interest rate. Also that price is $800 higher than They must be crazy at MB.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    The car is new with less than 100 miles on the odo. They claim no damage of issues of any kind. It looks perfect in the pictures.

    It's a crazy discount but they say that they will stand by their offer. Edmunds cites a $4000 factory to dealer incentive and there's about a $3000 spread between MSRP and invoice. I'm sure there's some holdback, but I don't know where the rest of the money is coming from. I made it clear that I don't want any dealer-added garbage or fees and they claim to understand.

    I'm picking the car up Saturday and will post the final results when I get home. They've got my deposit, so let's see what happens.
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 93
    I got another quote regarding the MF and residual. It seems the residual is at 68% for either 24 or 27 (for 12K/year) but this time MF was quoted 4.0 for Tier 1 (Last quote was for 4.15). Man these are some horrible money factors. They didn't change one bit from last month. I thought it would get better since they had revised July's numbers mid month. June was like in the 2.15 range with same residuals.
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 93
    Just checked August lease rates and they seem to be the same as July. For 24mo/12K C230 Sport residual is 68% and MF is 0.00405. I thought they had changed those mid July but it seems that have stayed the same. Are you sure they had revised them mid July?
  • im going to get it this weekend. MB site said Im looking at 3700 down 550 / 39 months 10K miles
  • Let us know what you get on the C300. We're looking at the same car. Thanks.

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