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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • mrxcelmrxcel Posts: 12
    Im also hoping to Lease one of these... anybody has any data?
  • mrxcelmrxcel Posts: 12
    Any thoughts on this???
    Thanks for getting back with me. The best lease rates on this car are at 39 months. The residual is 61%. The money factor is .350 Please let me know of any further questions.
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    I ordered a C300 that arrived over the weekend, to my surprise, when running the financials, the money factor was equivalent to almost 8.2% APR with a Tier 1 FICO score, the residual were also pretty dumb as well if you think this is a 2008, point blank, over $550 a month with $4,000 down on a 35K car, simply put stupid! Anybody can lease a beautiful 528 for the same amount and similar equipment or even a 2008 E class for 40 bucks additional a month....what is MB doing? BMW...start a big party..MB doesn't want to mess with the 3...
  • I got a decent deal but still don't think it's worth the C300. Basically, on a $38765 Car, I was able to get $565 off. Dealer said the lease would have following terms...
    36 Months
    12K Miles
    61% Residual
    .0029 MF (looks like they are dropping)

    Ended up being $619/month with $1500 down. They bank charges an acquisition fee of $1095. I couldn't believe that so I just dropped the deal. $1095 into my 22K or so borrowed money is about a 4.9% FEE!

    Just be patient.

  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    Yes, you are right, they will for sure get more competitive, I just think is not the right way to support the launch of the are the 5th person I hear waking away from getting the car due to the financial non-sense. I guess most buyers fir this car don't care about $200 more or less a month, but I just would not allow them to rip me off...let's see how sales perform and it they are included in the September offers...Best! ;)
  • dhkhandhkhan Posts: 27
    Well, make me the 6th person not buying now after getting the following quote for a 2008 C300W4:

    MF 0.00335, Residual 71% for 12K, 27 months, Payment 742+tax, and

    MF 0.00310, Residual 61% for 12K, 39 months, Payment $694+tax

    The lease quotes included the following fee's:

    $1195 Mercedes-Benz Financial Acquisition Fee
    $599 Handling Fee

    Hopefully MB will get more competitive for September. I being charged $200 - 300 more than the competition (BMW, Audi)for a $40,000 car would be a big deal for anybody in this price range.
  • mrxcelmrxcel Posts: 12
    I put an Order, the MB rep said all MF's are coming down in September,

    0.00360 was the original MF at this time and 61% residual for a 39 month lease.

    Placing an order does not commits you to buy the car, they told me it would take about 6 to 8 weeks for the car to be here since they did not have what I wanted. So if you like the car put an order (does requires a $2000 reimbursable good faith deposit) and you get the October MF.. so there you have it... now i did noticed they have sold everything at the MB dealership where I went to (Tyson' Corner, VA)
  • Am hearing that sales of the new model are underwhelming due mainly to very poor lease deals. They are doing a fair number of refundable deposit orders but not a great number. I like the new model and plan to sit back and wait for MB to realize that the new model is good but not blowing Audi and BMW out of the water. The 3 series is still king of the hill but not by as much as before. Deals will be much better in 60 days or so. By that time, the CTS will be out in substantial numbers and the new Cad will be an interesting alternative.
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    From what we can see here the must be under performing, the residuals are not bad but the MF is plain stupid. In Florida I ordered the C300 with just $500 fully refundable deposit (This is for the previous post). Pity that nodoby from MB reads these posts, by the time they find out what is going on most of us will already be driving a Bemmer or an Audi... :sick:
  • mrxcelmrxcel Posts: 12
    For All, MB offered me a $500 + the $250 (online discount cupon) so a $750 discount and MF will be droping as the fed just droped the rates, it seems that is a matter of time....
  • 1stbenz1stbenz Posts: 1
    Local dealer offered me a $472/mon lease 10k yr, 39 mons. The MSRP on this car is 37,900. It's fully loaded including the Harmon Kardon entertainment system. Out of pocket 1700 bucks for 1st mon + incep fee. Plus they are paying the last 5 lease payments from another car, about 1,800.

    Is this a steal????
  • ksolesksoles Posts: 19
    Considering the rate on them is 9% it seems like an Ok start, is the $472 include or + tax?

    And honestly, willing to bet just about anything that "they" are not paying those last 5 payments, you still are. They are rolled into your C230 somewhere for sure, making a good impact on your monthly payment, approx $60-70+-.

    List out the cars packages and the lease break down. Will show you where
  • dhkhandhkhan Posts: 27
    A Colorado dealer is discounting the remaining 2007 C230s $6,000 below MSRP, and that is because of MB support )I heard the term "3,000 trunk money" mentioned in this context). So, yeah, that's probably where the money for the 5 payments is coming.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    This is one of those rare situations where "No reasonable offer will be refused" is actually true. Many MB dealers are swamped by leftover C230s and will do almost anything to get them off the lot--got to make room for the new model!

    I got my 07 C350 for $10k off MSRP (but the 350 had $4k factory-to-dealer). That said, solid credit and a strong will might even get you a C230 for $8k off.

    Happy hunting!
  • Does anyone have recent lease or purchase deals to share? I went to my local dealer last week and they offered only $500.00 off the MSRP and the starting price of the lease deal was full MSRP with a terrible MF. I informed the salesman that I did not see how they were selling any and that maybe I would come back in a month to see if MB has gotten a dose of reality. I got the feeling that he agreed with me but that the dealership or MB had tied his hands. He tried to push me to put up a refundable deposit saying maybe the lease and purchase prices would be better by the time the car arrived. Can't see why anyone, at this time would choose a C Class over a 3 series or an A4. If lease deals and purchase deal get better, then maybe......a big maybe.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    When I bought my 07 C350 last month, I talked with the dealer about the 08 (no intent to buy, just curious). Because I had already bought my car and we were just waiting for finance to finish the paperwork, he could be frank with me. He told me that they were easily selling their entire allocation without any discounts whatsoever.

    "Can't see why anyone, at this time would choose a C Class over a 3 series or an A4"

    I also own a BMW 330 Convertible and love it. So, when I started to get the car buying fever, I looked at BMW again. Even with the max discounts on a 335 of about $2500, a loaded 08 C350 was still less expensive than a comparably-equipped 335. So cost shouldn't be a big factor for you--just buy the one you like better.

    As to the A4, there's simply no camparison. I've owned two Audis and loved both (the last was a TT Roadster). However, either the MB or BMW would mop the floors with the best-performing A4. From a practical perspective, both the BMW and MB offer more interior space. The only reasons I see to buy the Audi over the others are lower cost and styling preference. Even Audi's AWD is matched by BMWs Xi models and MB will follow with a 4matic soon.

    If I were still in the market, I'd wait a little longer for the prices of both the BMW and MB to decline and then buy the one I liked better. By the way, I bought my 07 for the reasons I mentioned above: lower price and styling. I really prefer the curves of the 07 MB to the more industrial-looking 08 and it was about $10k cheaper than an 08 335 would have cost me.
  • Guys, would you please enter specifics, like what MF are you getting, price etc... and or specific discounts, this way we can use the forum more effectively?
    I reordered a 08 (see my previous post), recently the dealer e-mailed me about a $500 discount starting Oct 1st...
  • I got into an accident in July. I was hit by someone who was talking on the phone and went throuhg a red light. It was a T-bone collision and the driver side was hit directly. The firefighter spent 15 minutes to rescue me out and the car was totally lost. I felt so thankful to MB curtain airbag and side airbag. It saved my life. Therefore, I decided to lease anothere C-class (used to lease a C240). The new 08 C class is so popular. I have searched all the deals in L.A area and found it hard to neg. Finally, I leased one in Reverside.

    2008 C-300 steel gray, auto, sport package with P02 option. 10,000 miles per year for 39 months. Total drive off was $3000 (included license fee, first month lease) for $499.99 per month including sales tax.

    Please let me know if this is a good deal. Thanks.
  • What was the MSRP price? Did you get any discounts or rebates? what was the Money Factor ? Did you get any other options like Navigation or only the PO2 option ?
  • Hi, please !!!! answer : how match mons. payment for this car
    C-300 , 2008 !!!
    Down payment 4000 , i have driver license 1 mon.
    I am 25 .
    this is car forum # !!!!
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