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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    Car_Man or anybody else....please help with MF and residuals for the C300...!
  • Residual @ 61% 39 month lease
    MF Not sure.
  • Most people who fit into this car are between 18-39 and responsible with their money. Lets not not forget, this is not really a Luxury car. A fully loaded Camry will run you about the same. Youll see as many C-Classes on the road as Camry's due to the low price.

    The entire car is complete PLASTIC. Mercedes needs to improve every aspect of the car in order to be on par with Lexus, Infiniti and Audi.

    The C-Class was invented to give MB more market share. Not to be a Luxury car.

    Some people are so silly.

    "I have a Mercedes. It cost $29K"
  • Very bad deal.

    My mother in law was also taken advantage of.

    She is paying $550 with 15K miles a year for 39 Months for a $33K car. They gave her an MSRP of $45K!!!! (Um, where is the extra 12K coming from?)

    Now I drive a $53K car and pay $700 a month. But I also have 18K miles per year and the car is superior to any Mercedes out there (except for the S550)

    I told her to hold off or go get the Infinit G (which was rated best in its class) or the Lexus IS250.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Please tell us what $53k car you lease that is superior to any Mercedes out there (except for the S550)i> so that we can all laugh. Would it be one of the gussied up Nissans? Or is it one of the bejeweled Toyotas? We all know it can't be a BMW or a Porsche because owners of those makes wouldn't be so arrogant as to dismiss an entire line of premium automobiles (except, of course, for the S550). I guess you've never heard of the MB SLR, SL, or AMG models...
  • LOL

    Silly Vinny
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Silly is a good adjective. We'll let the other forum readers decide whom it describes...
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    I agree with the Silly portion as Mr. Cantinflas just likes to be ironic without bringing anything to the table. I'm waiting for the moment where Camry's and C Classes sell in the same he claims, the c class is not a bargain at all, and the financials continue not to make sense...I'm not waiting any longer for MB to have decent financial and I'm getting a 330i...better MF, about the same residual and all services included for the 3 years I'm leasing, which is about another $500 saved in services... Bye bye C Class, I'm not going to miss you! :P
  • The fed drop 50 basis points today, lets see how long does it take to trickle into the MF's the subprime issues are now hitting the auto market also, i guess if you cant make sense of the payments you can afford the car...
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I agree with you on the financial aspects. There's no way I would have bought my C350 if it weren't for the huge discount--especially since I sold my 330 CiC to do it. I love the car, but the depreciation and maintenance costs are very steep. Now that BMW is the only premium automaker offering the free maintenance package, it makes them even more attractive. I'm sure I'll look at BMW again in two years when I'm bored with the MB.
  • 6sp, pan roof, p1 package, spoiler (dealer add-on). total msrp - 36480. 1600 discount, 39mo/12kmi = $643/mo (mf .00345). thoughts?
  • Youre about $200 a month too high.

    You can lease a much nicer E350 for that price.

    Lets not forget, its a C-Class. This is the entry level vehicle.

    Check out the E-Class forums. You will surely be able to work out a deal for the same price on a $55K car.
  • is the money factor that is killing me, right?
  • zero..I don't like to put cash on a lease
  • If you put Zero on Lease and at about 7.5% interest is not such a horrible deal (is not great).
    Zero down on a E-Class would be about 750 to 900 depending on the package. I hope this helps
  • I guess I am close....but my current offer is 8.2% (.00345)
  • In NJ, $0 Down (Just inception fees)

    18K Miles = $710-$720
    12K Miles = $625-$635

    Please send me anyone who paid more. I have a bridge I would LOVE to sell them!
  • A source at MB has mentioned that everyone is being ripped off right now on the C-Class.

    You must pay a premium since the car is still so new.

    Since this car is so affordable, MB will have a very tough time producing enough of these cars. The demand is bigger than the supply.

    No Doubt that this car will probably outsell Camry and Accord. You will just have to ask yourself "is it really worth it?"
  • "No Doubt that this car will probably outsell Camry and Accord." -mmoreno1978

    Look, it's a pretty attractive car (I'm clearly a fan or I wouldn't be in this forum), but this new C-Class and the BMW 3-Series combined wouldn't outsell the Camry or Accord in America, ever, period. It would mean something terrible for either of the Japanese companies if they received ANY honest competition volume-wise from the world's preeminent luxury/prestige brand.

    That said, I don't care how many they sell so long as they come out with a more attractive leasing program before my current lease is up in March.

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