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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Mr car man, I'm in dc and currently have 14 months remaining on a lease for an e350, p1 package, sports wheels , etc. the dealership has offered me the option of terminating my lease early for a 2012 e350, 4matic, p1 package and other options for 60,305 including destination and delivery for the same lease price of 786.97/mth(includes 10% dc taxes) no money down, and a 3 year maintenance package. Is this a good deal? What are the current money factors for an e350 and the residual value? Thx
  • chea89chea89 Posts: 38
    I would wait. We just turned in our 09 E350 4matic with p1 with 7 payments remaining. Picked up a 2012 with p1, palladium silver, parktronic, maintenance with 12k/yr. for 30 months for $640 including 8.875% tax. Upfront was bank fee and first payment. Mercedes financial offered to pick up last 8 payments.
    Yes the car is better than the 09, quicker, roomier-many improvements.
    And we just went in with the deal from Costco--no negotiating.
  • sk2170sk2170 Posts: 3
    Looks like the best deal you got it!. Can you please tell me the MSRP & Cap cost and Residual %/amount.
  • Hi mssdivaesq. Fourteen months is a lot of remaining payments. Last month Mercedes was waiving up to eight months on certain models for free, but even then you'd still have to eat four payments on your car to get something new this early. I personally would wait, unless you are able to cut your payment significantly from what you are paying right now.

    Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 E350 Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00157 and 52%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • chea89chea89 Posts: 38
    Cap cost is $51677, gross cap cost is $54099 which includes sales/use taxes of $1652. and Star maintenance of $769. Residual is $38950 MSRP is $59155 from window sticker which does not include maintenance.
    Again--12k, 30 months--monthly payment is $640.
    Good luck
  • jslindjslind Posts: 1
    I am in So Cal as well and I am using your deal as a benchmark. How much was your "Costco" discount? I was offered a "Costco Discount" of $6,365 on an MSRP of $59,405. Seems like yours was more. In addition when I asked for the Loyalty discount I was told it was not available with the Costco deal. Looks like your residual was 66%. What was your MF? So far, on a 30 month/15K deal my MF is .00158 and res 61%, I am still about $100 a month off your deal...great job! Any help would be appreciated.
  • chea89chea89 Posts: 38
    I'm not sure of the MF. I leased the car in Dec. with 12k/yr for 30 months. I think the 15k /yr would have added about $40/month with tax. I think I received $2k loyalty. Honestly, I leased the car with NO negotiation. The first price I got was $604 for 10k/yr--I added maintenance for $12/month, and upped the mileage to 12k/yr for $24/month=$640/month--with bank fee and first payment and plates at signing.
    Good luck
  • corantrepcorantrep Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    Hello to all,

    Can anyone please tell me if this is a good deal or confirm MF and Residual for January 2012?

    58,495 MSRP
    50,355 Sale Price
    8.625% Sales Tax
    33 Mos
    12 K
    .00148 MF
    63% Residual

    $619/mo ($619/mo + plates due at signing-no other money down i.e.taxes, acquisition rolled into payment)

    Thank you.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    You might want to add mercedes basic maintenance to the lease.....if the dealer will include it as an option on the car vs something you have to pay in full over the life of the lease. Many of us have had it added this way and as a result, we only pay a small percent of the price for our maintenance during the lease. (on a feature, you only pay the difference between the 100% and the residual if residual is 65%, you will only pay 35% of the maintenance fee plus some interest).

    Give it a try....
  • mb2012mb2012 Posts: 1
    I think it is a good deal. Is it a 4 matic one with any option? You got good price in sale price and Residual value. Which dealer is it from the sales tax it is seems like from Nassau or Suffolk.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • wp1978wp1978 Posts: 1
    I am in No. Calif. and looking for information on lease for a 2012 E350 Convertible (P2 pkg). I have been told that a residual of 57% and money factor of .00167 are market for a 36 mo/10K lease and want to confirm. Thanks for any help.
  • Dealer quoted $12/mo ($396 total over 33mos) for 30k Maintenance (3 - 10k service appointments).

    Seems reasonable as it supposedly lists for $750-800 from what I was told. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • got_itgot_it Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    Signed a lease today for E350 / P1 / Sport/ Rear spoiler

    MSRP - $55265
    Sale Price - $47988
    10 K / 33 months

    - Scheduled Maintenance for 33 months covered
    - First class lease protection

    $1200 drive off -including first month and DMV / fees
    Base payment - $577.15
    With CA tax - $624.76

    Let me know how I did. Didn't own any previous benz or other luxury car. Went through costco auto program
  • it seems like there is not much discussion about E550 although 350 being very active. I'm thinking to lease E550 with P2 and options as below. Need your input on lease deal I'm being offered and I'd be much appreciated if someone could tell me what the current MF/residual value is

    desgino graphite color
    high performance tires special order
    illuminated door sills
    appearance pkg
    distronic, lane keeping, blind spot

    Lease term:

    36months / 12k miles
    MSRP: 72000
    mf: .00225
    residual value: 54%
  • Corantrep, is this an east coast dealer? NY Tristate area?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    That looks like Mercedes standard money factor. You should use multiple security deposits to reduce the mf to .00155 which will save you a fair amount...if you are in a state that allows them (most do...NY doesn't).
  • thanks for your input but I wouldn't pay any $ up front unless I have to. Even T&L I'm trying to residualized to save $.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    You apparently don't understand multiple security deposits and how they work. They are SECURITY DEPOSITS, not money down on the car. Unlike money down, you get security deposits back at the end of the lease....they are effectively a short term loan to mercedes finance. For that loan, mercedes finance will reduce the money factor on your lease by .00007 for each security deposit (monthly payment) you loan them. Maximum of 10 gives you a .0007 reduction in your money factor and that gives you a significant reduction in your monthly payment....and YOU GET THE DEPOSIT BACK AT THE END OF THE LEASE.

    making MSDs will save you money.

    Don't believe me.....ask your dealer to run two cases....1) the deal you were given and 2) the same deal with 10 multiple security deposits. Add up the total cost of each money out, total money back at the end of the lease. will find that if you loan mercedes $5000, you will save more than $500 a year on your car....or, of course, you could leave that money in a bank and make less than $100 a year. Which one works better for you???
  • Hi CarMan - Would you give me the mf and residual on a 2012 E350 coupe 3 yrs 15k/yr? Thank you!
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