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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • hshadidhshadid Posts: 7
    Thanks so much! It seems pretty good!
  • hshadidhshadid Posts: 7
    Hi again, Any chance you can confirm three things on your car?
    the model year, bluetec vs gas and RWD vs 4 matic
    Thanks so much
  • mojo32mojo32 Posts: 3
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    Mercedes charges $795 so yes, your dealer is marking up the cost.

    If I add up your first month's payment, and bank fee, that's $1783. Why are you paying $3235 up front?
  • So just reading this, it looks like the following...

    E350 BlueTec's 24 Mo / 12 yr MF is .00130 (with MSD / Autopay) and Residual of 78%

    are the other Residuals on the E350's...

    E350 Gas?
    E350 4Matic?
  • hshadidhshadid Posts: 7
    Hi again, Any chance you can confirm three things on your car?
    the model year, bluetec vs gas and RWD vs 4 matic
    Thanks so much!
  • lj4228lj4228 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Here's what I am looking at...

    2012 E350 Sport
    P2 Package
    Wheel Package
    Rear Spoiler
    Split Folding Rear
    Lane Tracking

    MSRP: 60,885
    Selling Price: 54,385
    Residual: 70% (42,619.50)
    Money Factor: .00172 (4.13%) going to autopay to lower to .00162 (3.89%)
    Dealer Fees: 599
    Lease Acquisition Fee: 1,095
    Tax Rate: 7%

    2yr/10k miles per year

    I was quoted $677/month (taxes already included). 1st months payment and $500 down.

    What do you think?
  • dl_amgdl_amg Posts: 38
    2013 E350 RWD-Gas Luxury Pkg - P1, Parktronic, Lane Tracking, Keyless-go, Walnut steering wheel, rear split seats, comfort box. - MSRP $59,695 + 2 years service plan.

    By looking at my lease doc, item #6c-adjust captial cost = $50826.13. This number is with all the fee build in. Base Pmt (b4 tax) = $492.67

    Hope this help.
  • mojo32mojo32 Posts: 3
    that is for the sales tax of$ 1492, which all comes to 3235 with the bf and first month
  • zak1964zak1964 Posts: 2
    I am looking for a 36 month lease (or thereabouts) on the above vehicle. Any recommendations on what I should expect for residuals and money factor would be appreciated before I negotiate with the dealer (located in North Chicago Suburbs).

    Many thanks for your input.
  • I'm beginning negotiations on a 2012 E350 wagon with a MSRP of 68,500. The car has been used by the dealer and has 7800 miles on it. What is the best deal I can expect if I pay cash?
  • You're welcome Marke. You're absolutely right, that second statement should have read 2013 model. I haven't seem MB Finance's standard rates in a little while, but they should be around .00200 or so for top tier customers.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I am thinking about leasing a new 2013 e550 coupe with p2, apperance package, rear spoiler, chrome handles, lane tracking, MSRP 66715...they told me price 63500 MF .00225 residual 55% so payments of $1173 per month for 10k per year 36 month lease. is this a decent deal or do i need to look else where??
  • Folks -

    Thank you all for making this thread a very valuable source of info for lease & purchase. Thanks to your posts, I went through an almost painless and straight forward process and took home a 2012 E-350 about a week ago from Lokey Mercedes in Clearwater, FL.

    Black/Cashmere leather/P2.....
    MSRP - $62,375
    Purchase price - $52,700 (~16% discount off MSRP)
    Term/miles: 24/12k
    MF: special buyrate .00127 less autopay (.00010) = .00117.
    Prepaid maintenance: $715 (residualized!)
    LAF: $1095
    DF: $699

    Above all, a deal we're happy about! Couldn't get the 10 MSD's discount as I was told it could not be combined with special MF per MBFS rules.

    Everything was done via email & a few phone calls and started with a quote inquiry from Many credits to Miguel, he made the whole process a breeze. If you're shopping and don't mind sourcing from the Tampa Bay area, I recommend this place. May still have a few 2012's and but surely plenty of 2013's

  • You can check 2013 August lease rates at -2012/

    It does not have E550 rates but should still provide you a guess-estimate. Btw, I am not affiliated with this site and found it on
  • Hello mmrfk03, thanks for sharing and this is great information. What is your monthly payment (with and w/o taxes) ?
  • This is the initial quote I received. I don't know what to ask for next or if this is a good deal:

    2012 E350 convertible Black on Black Leather equipped with Premium One Package, rear spoiler, wood trim package, appearance package and a black soft top.

    MSRP 65,265
    Initial cap cost 60,000 (selling price 59,500 + 500 transportation)
    LEV 37,855 (LEV % is 58% x the MSRP)
    Money Factor .00160
    Act. Fee 795
    Dealer fee 399
    Title/lien fee 17

    36 mth/12k per year

    No money down. First month lease payment due at signing: $799/month + tax (Omaha, Nebraska)

    Am I on the right track?
  • Update...

    Same terms but I negotiated the $799/mth to include the P2 pkg instead of the P1 (I wanted upgraded lights and keyless entry!)

    Any thoughts? ANYBODY?
  • E350 4Matic

    Obsidian Black Metallic - $720

    Sport Package

    AMG Wheel Package $760

    Premium 2 Package $6,450

    Rear Spoiler $300

    Heated steering wheel $490

    Rear-seat entertainment system $1,910

    4MATIC Package $2,500

    Total Cost - $65,035

    24 month lease
    12,000 miles/year

    $765 all in with taxes first $1,000 down.

    Any thoughts?
  • Hi Lotterywinner,
    Please remember that a lease is based on only three variables: Negotiated sales price; Residual Value (RV); and Money Factor (MF).

    RV is a fixed percentage set by the MBFS. There is a base rate MF that is suggested by MBFS as well but dealers have the latitude to mark it up as another source of profit. Both RV and MF are based on your model, lease term, and mileage per year.

    The calculations would be as follows,
    Monthly Depreciation = (Cap Cost - (RV*MSRP))/Lease Term
    Monthly Interest Charges = (Cap Cost + RV*MSRP)*MF
    Monthly Lease (pre tax) = Monthly Depreciation + Monthly Interest Charges
    *N.B.: Cap Cost assumes Negotiated Sales Price + Acquisition fee only (i.e., no cap cost reduction or $0 down)

    Assuming that the MF (.00160) that you were quoted is base rate and RV is accurate, I calculate then the monthly pre-tax is ~$772.

    My unsolicited advice on reducing the monthly payment follows below,
    - Don't do cap cost reduction (i.e., make $0) down
    - Negotiate the sales price further and ensure that you are getting any incentives such as Conquest, etc.
    - Consider Multiple Sec Deposits (MSD) to reduce the MF. However, if the MF offered is promotional, MBFS may require you to use a higher MF off of which to assess MSD.

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