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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • the 689 is w/o tax (i am not in CA but nearby state). check out and you will see the M programs (money factors, residuals etc) and also I think you'll be a bit surprised as to the dealer. have you driven an M -- how does it ride compared to an E class or 5 series or Lexus GS?
  • I have an E now and had a 5 series before that. The M has a better ride and far more technology than both. It feels spacier, unless you get the panaromic roof on the E. It has by far more kick and power. The E has more classical luxury feel to it and is more schick!

    The deal SM MB offered you (2192 plus 549 a month 12k Miles). was it 549 with tax or tax included?
  • I called the guy in the link this morning. He offers me a 21 month lease with $1500 for 660 a month including tax. Also, he sayd Infiniti wont do the multiple security bit anymore.
  • That is one of the better deals here. What dealership in what state?
  • Got a quote for an E350 with P1 and Sports + metallic for $49660. Thats below invoice! I hope we can work the MF and RVs...
  • Carman,

    We are looking at Jaguar and MB E350 & E550. There is a special promotion right now on the E350, but requires cap reduction money up front. What are the current residual and MF rates for MB on the E350 & the E550 and is there anything really special about the "special deal"? I have read about the MSD program and have the ability to to the maximum. We are looking to do a 24 month lease and likely 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

    Thanks for your help.
  • what dealer gave you that deal? and did they provide the mf, rv, + good monthly with low driveoff?
  • some dealers are "contributing" to the cap reduction so that you can get a better deal than is show in MB ads or their website.
  • Could someone give input regarding a lease offer my wife received today. No money down, except first payment. 27 month lease, 10k per year, $716 + tax. 39 month was $695.
    MSRP $56,915. (P1 package, Sport package, Obsidian Black Metallic, Cashmere interior) Okay? Can she do much better?

  • Here is the offer I got from one of LA Mercedes dealers:
    2007 E350 Sedan
    Obsidian Black with Black
    P1 Package
    333 Sports Package
    27 Months Lease
    10K miles per year
    $2,205.65 Total Driveoff
    $584 Including Tax per month

    the $2200 drive off includes 1st month, acquisition fee, license, doc fee, etc. That I suspect you have to pay. The lease is for about $540 a month plus tax = 584.

    The total cost of the lease is 26 months *584 +2200= $17,384

    You are paying 716 plus tax = 775 a month *27 = $20927. This is assuming you are not paying for any doc fee, acquisition fee, etc. So, you are payin $3542 more than the offer above. That is $131 more a month. I assumed you live in CA where tax is 8.25%. The two cars and the rest are identical.
  • Penske. I haven't followed up with the MF and RV. I figured the same as everybody else. I gotta wait two more months for my current lease expire. The dealers are offering to pay it off, but that comes off the deal.
  • Thanks for the info. It gives me something to work with. We live a little south of Denver. I think the tax is about 4.1%. I've got friends in LA, if the dealers here won't match the offer I can fly out there and drive it back. Can you tell me the name of the dealer in LA? Thanks for your input.
  • One more thing, just to clarify, the offer you received was for a 4Matic? Thanks
  • It was not 4Matic, but the payments for 4Matic is only $40 a month more. We are not supposed to post names, but the dealer is Downtown Mercedes. If you want the name of the guy, leave your eamil and I will send it to you.
  • poorprof, your offer looks like about $2000 under invoice as the capitalized cost. Is that about right?
  • Thats about right. They are pretty straight forward guys at Penske. Here is an excerpt from his email:

    This quote includes the following options. Our inventory changes daily/hourly, please call in advance for color/option availability.

    Model: 2007 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan
    MSRP: $54,415

    1. Obsidian Black/Black MB Tex
    2. Premium 1 Package
    3. Sport Package

    Your Price: $49,261
    Your Savings: $5,154
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    Just wondering if anyone has heard about October lease rates yet. Especially whether the great E350 program will be extended or if the E550 will have more attractive rates/residuals in October. Thanks!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Help! I need an answer before 3pm today! :surprise: My local dealer is trying to move its remaining 06 inventory. It has offered me an '06 E500 w/ Premium package for $54,725 w/ free Sirius equipment & installation if possible or $54,000 if Sirius is not possible. Is this a good deal? I checked Edmunds and it seems that's about what everybody else is paying. The dealership made it out like it was a phenomenal deal that no one else is getting. Do you all think I could get it down to $53,000 or below?

    Also, what should I be shooting for on a 36 or 39 month lease if the purchase price is $54,000?? :confuse:

    Please help A.S.A.P.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am in NC, if that matters.
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    If that is what they are offering everywhere then you should be able to do a little better when you are ready to close the deal. On the other hand, if you are leasing, you should check out the deals on '07 E class as well. MB is offering GREAT lease deals (27 mos) on the E350 with a low money factor and supporting the residual value. If you lease an '06, the residual might already be so low that the lease payment might not even be as low as on an '07!

    If you are buying the car low sale prices on leftover '06 inventory can sometimes be a great deal. With a lease, often they are lousy deals since the car is already a year old (from a residual value standpoint). Good luck!
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