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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • ariazariaz Posts: 32
    who is your broker? if you don't mind me asking.
  • I think it is not allowed for me to post his name or contact info. Once my deal is signed and I get the car hopefully this week, maybe I can message you his info. I dont want to do something not allowed. I assume he can get cars to other places other than florida.

  • awd250awd250 Posts: 42
    edited December 2012
    Here's the deal I have so far
    MSRP 60,645 (P1 package)
    Residual 71%
    Money factor .00111
    bank fee 795
    NJ sales 818.89
    Car price $51,936 + 900 (my old lease pay off)
    $550 a month
  • Hi Socalgirl1,

    would you mind emailing me your options and I had few more question I would like ask you.
  • Hey! AWD250.

    I too am in NJ, would you mind sharing the dealers information? Thanks.

    - can you with blocking your personal information share a copy of contract, I just don't trust these dealers.... they are known for bait and switch... if your are not comfortable no worries.

    Could you share in detail each cost? Thanks.

    Just in case this below deal falls apart, that the guy say he will do it for

    MSRP: 60.935
    Invoice: 56.975
    Selling price: 51.478
    24month, 12k miles
    539 per month incl. taxes for a car with a higher value
    760 up-front (incl. 1st payment + registration)
  • awd250awd250 Posts: 42
    email me
  • Here is my deal:
    msrp 60,200
    24 mos 12k miles
    resid 42,738
    mf .00121
    2500 out of pocket which is usual fees and 1st month
    selling price 55,231

    689 mo incl nj sales tax

    They are also taking in my e convertible where i have 5 payments left.

    i think i can do better , but any suggestions?
  • 1985mb1985mb Posts: 40
    Hi Car_man,

    What are the 24- and 30-month residual and MF on the e350 wagon? 12k/yr.

  • AWD250,

    Thanks for your email, just emailed you...

    - Double006
  • awd250awd250 Posts: 42
    When they say they are taking your E cont, it seems like they're just putting the 5 payments onto the lease. MB should have some sort of early lease term is you're getting another MB
  • I have been quoted a MF of 0.00151 by two different MB dealers in Las Vegas (different ownerships) and I can't figure out why? I thought 0.00121 was the Dec MF for a standard E350. They both know I have top tier credit.
  • I always wonder why people get a lease and then decide to turn in early to get another car. Most of the time they basically pay for two cars as the extra money is rolled into another car. I once told a freind of mine let me srive the Lexus for 3 months. Instead he paid the 3 months wrapped around another lease. Its like paying rent for a few months and living somewhere else. I know sometimes the auto company just clears the payments to keep them in another leased car, but that is something different.

  • ariazariaz Posts: 32
    I am going for the following car.

    2013E350, P1, metallic paint, lane tracking, keyless go. Wheel package (18"wheels), wheel locks, comfort box.
    MSRP: $59315.
    24 month lease 10k miles. $468/ month. Tax &1st month payment upfront. No acquisition fee. No doc fee.

    Think it's a decent deal?
  • That looks like a very good deal also. I just got my car last night. Your car your wrote P1 but isnt that P2 also with the keyless go etc. Mine had P1 and P2 on a one pay lease at basically the same cost as you. If your lease is month to month that is one of the better prices posted here for sure. If it matters mine has P1/P2, foldable back seats, wood steering wheel, lane tracking, rear shade. The technology in the car is fairly advanced. Ill need to learn some things.

  • ariazariaz Posts: 32
    It's P1. It also has folding seats and I think the sunshade is standard. It's
    Not a 1 pay. Month to Month. I took your advice and went through a broker
    Instead of a dealer. The dealer is above 7 for the same car.
  • Great deal. I just got an email from a dealer I had quote me last week saying he hopes to do future business. His quote was one of the highest. After you get the car ey wish they priced it lower? For me it took e one pay to get the price about the same as yours for p2. Frankly your p1 has keyless, so you have much of what it is in the p2 anyway. dont lose the keys. mb will kill us at lease end. I lost a pricey acura key but they are easy at lease end.

  • How does one find a broker? I am also getting numbers well above $700/month from two MB dealers in Vegas.
  • ariazariaz Posts: 32
    All brokers has different pricing for the same car. You need to negotiate with them as you do with a dealer. Get quotes from different brokers for the same MSRP and specs.
    You stated you are in Vegas, have you tried dealerships/ brokers in CA?
    There are tons of brokers in CA, just google it. You need to be careful which broker you pick. Nothing is solid unless you get the car.
    On another note try mercedez dez on this forum. He is a dealer in CA, his prices look decent.
  • 1985mb1985mb Posts: 40
    Per my dealer:

    "24-month is 65%; 30 mth - 63%; 36 mth - 61%.
    This is based on a 2013 E350 Wagon, 12,000 miles per year."
  • romil01romil01 Posts: 75
    edited December 2012

    Thanks for the info. How do the brokers get they charge you a one-time fee or is it some kind of percentage deal? Maybe it depends on the broker.

    I just contacted Dez in CA to see what he can do, the dealers in Vegas are awful and there is little competition.
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