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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Car_man,

    What are the current rates and residual for an E350 and E550 sedan, 36mo/10k mi? Looks like E Sedans are TMV'ing below invoice. I've got my heart set on a 535i M Sport but the E class looks like the better play, depending on residual.
  • Hello CarMan!

    What are the Mercedes E350 AWD money factor and residual values for a 15,000 mile lease. I have read that Mercedes lease deals are based on 27 months now - is that true?

    Thanks for the help!
  • I would like to buy the exact car from yoru guy. Can you send me his contact info? vito mirra gmail please
  • Where / How can you help me get one at this price? I am looking for another one...
  • Was just offered 27 months with a residual of .70 or 36 months with a residual of 0.59, both money factors are 0.00181.

    The money factor seems high.
  • Just curious....on the $560 deal you made on the 31st much was out pocket at signing....including tax, delivery, 1st month, etc.
  • I have been quoted different money factors- a MD dealer quoted me a .00230 MF on a 36 mth; 7,500 miles per year; with a selling price of $53,995 for a p1 package, leather ventilated seats. This MF price seems high given that per the forum post the february MF is .00121 with no autopay and .00111 with autopay. resdual is 60%

    A VA dealership offered a MF of .00130 and with MSD of $5,000 it would reduce the MF to .00090 on a 36 mth lease with a MSRP of $59k( haven't negotiate a price reduction yet). residual value 60%

    Also was quoted a 1 time upfront lease pay of $29,294.30. All of these quotes are way out of the ballpark from the deals that I have seen posted in this forum.

    I'm in DC if anyone has info on dealerships in the area that are offering the deals or of lease brokers please forward the info to

    thanks in advance
  • cemigcemig Posts: 1
    Can anyone comment or provide advice

    The deal I just got was the following:

    Demo 2013 e-350 4 matic has some 6,000 miles
    Lease price is $598 per month-
    $1,998 out of pocket
    27 months
    MSRP is $65,900- said they took $12,500 off the sticker
    15000 miles per year

    Also can I use my MBCar club of America discount?
    I would like to shave some money off the out of pocket but more importantly the monthly

  • Hello CarMan,

    I am interested in leasing a 2013 E63.
    Do you have the MF and Residual for a 24-27 month lease with 12K per year?

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Hi I just leased a e350 4matic today with p1 leather amg 18 wheels sun screen harmon stereo some bucket in the back screen msrp 61,000 for 555.00 plus florida tax comes out to be 595.Called out of state ny mn snow makes them want to deal no extra delivery charges
  • Hi kickazzz2000. Mercedes-Benz Financial's February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 E350 Sedan with 10,000 miles per year are .00141 and 59% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 2013 E550 Sedan are .00205 and 61%.

    When negotiating your deal on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $2,500 certificates that are out there on '13 E Sedans.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello gfish49. Mercedes-Benz Financial's February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 27-month lease of a 2013 E350 Sedan AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00130 and 67% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Please see my previous post for information about this car's cash incentives.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • The money factor that you were quoted is indeed high, kickazzz2000. MB Financial's current top tier buy rates for the '13 E350 are .00141 for the 2WD and .00130 for the AWD.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I'd be happy to help you out robrtgolf. Mercedes-Benz Financial's February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 E63 Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00205 and 64% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Thank you for your fast response!!

    I will let you know how I do. I will be going to the dealer before the 28th.

  • Looking at 48 mo lease 2013e 350 mrsp 58,575
    Looking at trying to do something this month
    What should see as a puxchase price , lease factors $ lease cost
    Is the 3 payment loyalty program still available ?
    Also , what is my 09 e350 w/ 30k miles worth
  • Is there wind as to how March will differ from Feb. regarding length, miles, incentives, etc. especially regarding 2013 E350 both sedan and coupe. Of course what matters most is bottom line monthly payment and total out of pocket outlay. Thanks
  • thairsthairs Posts: 12
    Out of pocket was $1598 (1st month, tax, acquisition fees, small cap cost reduc., doc. fee, etc). Acquisition fee was $795. Got it down from $1095, since I called my CA out on the fact that it was being listed on the website at $795.
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    We are getting the following numbers on an E coupe:
    MSRP $59,705 minus discount of $5,418 for sales price $54,287.

    "Capitalized taxes" quoted at $280. This is confusing as Georgia has just gone to a new acquisition tax that replaces the sales and yearly ad valorem taxes and is in theory paid by the leasing company. Other fees "Govt fees" $41, Acquisition $,1095, Proc/Doc fees $599. Gross Cap Cost $56,302.

    For 36 month lease, 15K miles, residual 57%, and monthly payment with $4,000 down $788. If my very shaky math is correct, this is a pretty low money factor (0.00121??).

    Since the 2014 E class models are supposed to hit the market in May, does this reflect some kind of promotion on remaining '13's? I'm trying (though I know it can't be done to any degree of reliability) how much more I'd end up paying if I waited for the '14's.
  • clsethclseth Posts: 2
    Hi Carman,

    Could you please help with my query? I'm looking to lease a '13 Cabriolet for 24 months with 7500 miles/year. I was wondering what the MF and residual would be on this car.

    Thanks in advance. This is a great forum and I've learned a lot for my soon to be first time lease!
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