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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • ineedacar5ineedacar5 Posts: 16
    Dealerships in Ohio are not dealing on 13 e350s.

    27 month lease
    15k miles per year
    Maintenance included
    Tax included
    62,000 msrp
    0 down
    800 per month
    Another dealership 785 per month

    They will not budge on price and bulk at the low 500 per month deals some of you are getting.

    Any suggestions?
  • dewarsandsodadewarsandsoda Posts: 120
    Hi Ineedacar5,
    In addition to reducing the purchase price, you should also check that all the variables are fair.
    - What are the RV and MF and are these values consistent with what MBFS numbers?
    - Is the MF the base rate MF or has the dealer marked it up?
    - What acquisition fee are they charging you?

    If your dealers remain unwilling to negotiate, you may want to consider contacting dealers out of state. I know that there are plenty of dealers in CA that would be happy to ship a 2013 to OH.

  • boone25boone25 Posts: 6
    The local dealer here in Denver is quoting a 27 month lease on a E 350, but with a $1,075 acquisition fee and a 595 turn in fee plus a $3,000+ down payment. Can any of these terms be negotiated?
  • sunny1919sunny1919 Posts: 5
    I'm curious if this is a bad time of year to try to find a good price. I am seeing higher monthly rates and drive away charges on here lately than people were posting back in February. I currently drive a much loved '99 4matic E 320 which has faithfully done its job all these years, but it's looking its age.

    I'd like a Luxury model E 350 4matic sedan, black with a black interior - we blondes look better in all black cars :), a moon roof, Premium I package and a Lane tracking package. I am not sure about the Driver assist package as I don't know much about it, yet. My local dealer was a bit less than helpful when I went by a few days ago. Getting info was like pulling teeth and asking to go for a test drive was like I was asking for something peculiar. He tried to sell me a low mileage '11 for $52,600 before I convinced him I wasn't interested in a three year old car that was five grand less than the price he finally came down to on a brand new '14.

    He'd originally quoted $62,000 for the '14, but after my asking for a better price a few times, slowly dropped down to $57,000. He said it would cost $619 a month to lease it with $6,700 down (795 bank fee, 1st month, sales tax, etc.) Am I wrong that these seem high and I could do better?

    Will there be any incentives coming along in the next month or two that anyone knows about? Thanks.
  • boone25boone25 Posts: 6
    Can someone let me know what the MF and R% is on a E350 4Matic, 36 months, 12K per year? Also what MB Financial's acquisition fee is and if there is a turn-in fee? Thanks!
  • dewarsandsodadewarsandsoda Posts: 120
    Hi boone25,
    The acquisition fee seems high as the standard is $795 although many dealers mark it up as an additional profit source. I personally don't mind paying it provided I can adjust the other lease levers to my favor (e.g., final purchase price, MSDs off the buy rate MF, etc.). In my opinion, I would never pay any moneys up front or make it as close to $0 as possible. Upfront moneys are dollars that I will never recoup in the event the car is stolen or damaged. I only care about the total dollars that I have to expend over the lease term.

  • ineedacar5ineedacar5 Posts: 16
    I've been trying to figure this out myself. This board was very informative before Christmas, and hasn't been nearly as active with people posting about the deals they received and where.

    I am getting quoted mid 700's to low 800's on a 2013 e-class lease.
  • Here in Northern California 2013 e350s are routinely leasing for under $500 with $3K down for 27 months at 10K mi per year.

    Dealer here just offered me at 4matic, p1, lane assist, split folding seats for $499 including taxes.

    I found a p2 car with more stuff for the same rates but $5k down for $500 per month. I took that deal.

  • ineedacar5ineedacar5 Posts: 16
    A lot of posters on this site, tell you to never put money down on a lease. Back in December, people were getting your deal with $0 down.
  • sunny1919sunny1919 Posts: 5
    I am curious also about how people lease without putting money down. Is it rolled into the monthly payments?
  • socal59socal59 Posts: 54
    Yep no money down is the rule. You can do multiple security deposits to lower your MF. That is a better way to go. You get the money back when you turn the car in. If its not all thrashed, of course. Just do a search on multiple security deposits. Some manufactures will let you do a max of 7 or so. BMW and Mercedes will let you do it.
  • sunny1919sunny1919 Posts: 5
    Perhaps I should call northern California. Your deal is a lot better than mine here in NY. What area? It's a huge state.

    How would state taxes work though? Would I have to pay California tax and then NYs when I register it here?

    Has anyone on here leased a car from out of state?
  • December was almost 6 months ago and seems far back to compare.

    An e350 4matic, P2 pkg, lane assist, Parktronic, AMG sports pkg, split folding seats for $5k down and $500 per month might have been had in December with the Winter Sales event and maybe even a better deal.

    Others might do better, but I'm extremely happy with this. Dealer also gave me private party sales price on my rather mint condition 2005 e-class.

    Someone else asked where in NorCal. Check San Jose, San Francisco & Oakland (Same dealer in both downs), and Fremont. They are all dealing.
  • " ...e350 4matic, P2 pkg, lane assist, Parktronic, AMG sports pkg, split folding seats for $5k down and $500 per month..."

    Forgot to mention the deal included tax & license at $500.

  • dewarsandsodadewarsandsoda Posts: 120
    Hi Sunny1919,
    Having formerly lived in SF and now residing in SD, I would recommend contacting the dealers in SoCal vs. NoCal. I've found that most SoCal dealers are more transparent on the numbers and easier to work with then their NoCal counterparts. I'm particularly fond of the head of internet sales at MB of Long Beach (initials DD) as they will do MSD's. Someone in the buying forum just noted that Long Beach offered him $11.4K of any 2013 bluetech on the lot. Tell him the guy who has pre-ordered a white 2014 bluetech for his wife connected you.

    While I've never leased a car out of state, they will probably be able tell you if they can do it and how it would be done. My assumption is that they assess the taxes in the state that the car is being registered as I pay the SD county tax on our lease which is less then LA county tax.

    btw, I'm still partial to the A's and Giants vs. Angels and Dodgers.

  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    Can't do MSDs in NY.
  • sunny1919sunny1919 Posts: 5
    Interesting. Thanks. I may call tomorrow. I'm tired of playing games locally.
  • boone25boone25 Posts: 6
    Do any of you think it would be a problem leasing a 2013 E350 with 180 miles on it? Is that still considered new?
  • d_nyholmd_nyholm Posts: 73
    I personally think it is fine. They will just start the lease from 180 miles then, so if you have a 24k lease, it will go to 24180 instead.

    Last car I leased had 80 miles on it since it was driven from another dealership.
  • jtraversjtravers Posts: 4

    Could you please let me know what the money factor and residual are for a 36 mo/12K mi lease on a 2014 E350 4Matic Sport?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Kind regards.
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