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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • glayfan40glayfan40 Posts: 20
    In regards to your 0 down - does that mean 0 out of pocket with all the fees (TTL, acquisition, doc fees) and 1st payment rolled in, or you still had to pay that upfront? If that payment includes all fees rolled it's a super fantastic deal you got there!
  • ineedacar5ineedacar5 Posts: 16
    Everything is rolled into the lease payment. I spoke with 20 dealerships, and this dealership was 1 of 3 who didn't jerk me around. I probably should have paid a bit more for the 2014, as they are really offering deals at this particular dealership; but I actually like the look of the 2013 better.

    If you give me know your e-mail address I can let you contact information for the dealerships who quoted me the best deals.

  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    Hi mjf5012,

    Go ahead and finance the car through MBFS at the dealer. You can pay-off the loan the following month without early payment penalty. I believe MBFS gives the dealer a few bucks to originate the loan, and MBFS definitely givse the dealer a cut of the interest rate pie when finance above baseline interest rate.

    You can pay-off the loan at anytime. Many people are under the mistaken believe that cash is king when buying a new car; it in fact is not. Dealer like to se financing and even a trade-in if possible.

  • Hello carman or other informed parties!

    I know the '14s are out, but wonder if you can share the mf/residual for a '13 wagon (350 4M Sport). 36mos/10k or 39/10 if better. Also 48/10k?

    Also, is there any dealer cash on these or mfg incentives? Found one that has been on the lot for a while and wonder how far it can be pushed off MSRP. I have USAA ($2,500), but looking for more. Thanks as always.
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013

    The dealers are loaded with incentives to move the '13 e-class. The problem will be finding one. In California anyway, most e350 4matic wagons are about $64K. you can get $10k off and also your USAA discount.

    Simply ask the dealer where the sweet spot is on lease pricing. It's probably a 27 month lease, 10Kmi per year, RV of ~69%.

  • dkchipsdkchips Posts: 9

    Anyone out there have the current MBZ Financial loan rates for late model SL550 and CLS550 2012 - TERM 48 months, 60 months and above??

    Tier 1 credit 722 FICO -


  • jhansla85jhansla85 Posts: 3
    Can someone tell me if this is a good deal on a 2014 E350

    MSRP $61,720

    30 months, $5000 down, 7500 miles per year.

    $529 per month taxes included

    Thank you
  • jhansla85,

    Could you share more details like MF, purchase price, residual value?

  • glayfan40glayfan40 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the info, ineedacar5. I actually live in MA and have just recently leased a 2013 GLK250. If I can get similar deals two years down the road on an E250 BlueTec that might just be my next ride. I'm wondering what it'd cost to have the vehicle shipped across the country because CA seems to have the best deals as compared to any other states.....
  • jhansla85jhansla85 Posts: 3
    Valley Guy,

    This is all I have at the moment. It was through an online quote with the dealer
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    Hi jhansla85,

    Very smart going for the online quote. Ask the dealer for the breakdown.

    Purchase price
    Drive-off fees (idemized)
    RV - Residual Value
    MF - Money Factor
    Tax rate
    Loaded monthly rate
    Also the car's build sheet.

    Then you have an apple to apples comparison between dealers and you can negotiate specific terms above. A lot of people seem to be getting a purchase price around invoice, but depends on inventory in your area. Dealers are having a harder time keeping prices high on the new e350's with inventory coming in.

  • alexeykalexeyk Posts: 5
    Hello guys.

    What are the residual and MF for a 2013 e350 Bluetec:
    24m/15K and 36/15K ?
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    If you find a 2013 e-class bluetec, dealers are going low and cheap to get rid of them. The higher mileage 2014 e250 turbo diesel is coming out in a month or two.

    Talk to a 2-3 dealers and get the base MF rate. MBFS is providing lease support to get rid of them. Easy to get $10K of MSRP and base wholesale MF rates at the moment. Probably take you 15 minutes to get the deal working through dealer Internet sales.

    Sorry don't know the exact rates for this car, but any dealer worth their salt will just tell you if you ask. Confirm with another couple of dealers and you will get the data.

  • alexeykalexeyk Posts: 5
    Thanks ValleyGuy,

    Smythe is giving 11.5K off msrp but raising the moneyfactor, so I'm not too happy with that deal. Will try other dealers in Bay Area.
  • One of Smythe's Sales managers PJ does this quite a bit, going deeper than anyone else into the red and making it up on the financing. I leased an e350 4matic 2013 from Smythe in the end of May for not quite $10K off of $64K MSRP.

    I found out later the MF was pretty close to base MF. I could have gotten a better deal if I went home and came back. Unfortunately they had only 3 gas e350's in stock and 2 got bought while I was standing there and another couple wanted to look at the model I was negotiating on. Needing another car the deal way better than anyone would even think about then for a then just released 2014.

    In the end it was a great deal and the car is a dream to drive.

  • irishladdyirishladdy Posts: 18
    Hi everyone,

    Trying to work a deal on the above car: Steel grey, with P2, Leather interior, wheel package, lane tracking, split-folding rear seats, multi-contour driver seat, accessory styling package and comfort box - dealer refuses to believe or accept any deal other than $3k below dealer invoice. He said the deals I shared don't exist and dealers’ would be losing money "hand over fist" to accept such deals here ranging from $10k- $18K off MSRP.

    Here is his fourth and final offer - he told me he would not even entertain any other conversations about negotiating price as the vehicle is in such high demand everyone wants one.

    It appears this is about $362/month too high, based on what others are saying about deals on remaining E350's but he says I should go buy cars with those dealers' as nobody can sell a car that low without losing money.

    Car: 2013 E350 4-MATIC Sport
    Retail: $66,795
    Sale Price: $59,878
    Residual: 66% (12K miles)
    Money Factor (with auto pay) .00097

    Lease includes, tax and maintenance with 12k miles per year
    27 Month lease:
    $0 down $811.50 a month, no money down BUT 1st payment due at signing

    27 month lease with 15k miles:
    $0 down: $862.64 a month, no money down BUT 1st payment due at signing

    Today is the last day on the month where they close all the books and make the best deals. I offered him $53,478 as a final offer if they did the deal today and they refused.
    He said Mercedes is only giving him a $2,500 certificate on the 2013's and as a USAA member, he said you cannot combine any two offers. He told me that if everything others are saying on these threads is true, they would all be out of business.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I mean, is it that some dealers who are in the business of selling cars refuse to do their job and sell cars?
    Thanks everyone.



    p.s. - I mentioned others (in the forum) are now getting 12% of the same 2014's so I asked why I would buy a 2013 with less of a discount and they laughed and told me to buy three as they would all be losing money on the vehicles if they did that.
  • socal59socal59 Posts: 54
    Did you email 5 to 10 dealers with your offer? The dealer you are working with does not want your business. Even if you have to travel a bit to get your car, it will be cheaper in the long run, if you save thousands on your car.
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    What city/state are you shopping in?

    Yes, some salespeople/dealers will refuse to sell cars below a certain price. But the facts are the facts. On this car you're shopping for the numbers are:

    MSRP - $66,795
    Invoice - $62,882
    Holdback - $3,458 = $59,424
    Customer 1 Certificate - $2,500 = $56,924
    Vehicle Cost - $56,924

    Sometime you have to shop different salespeople at the same dealership until you find the one willing to except a minimum commission. They're out there and every dealership has at least one. One guy who is in really good with the Sales Manager and knows whether he selling the car for $1,000 over invoice or $5,000 behind its going to be the same commission to him. At the end of the day he rather leave with something after working 10-12 hours instead of nothing.

    Anywhere in the USA that you have access to 5-8 dealerships within a 100 miles radius your usually able to add $500 to the true dealer cost and get a deal done, if not less. So if you were to add $500 to this deal it would bring you to $688.41 per month assuming 7.5% taxes and new plates, just first due at signing.

    This are the best numbers for the current programs running. However, I have done these exact cars (similar MSRP) for about $100 cheaper per month when the incentives and residuals were stronger (November-February).

    Don't get discouraged, the deals on the 2014 models with similar MSRP's were only about $35 more per month for July. I'm sure they will come down in August if not September. They have a nice facelift, why not try for one of those…. they are a dime a dozen. I'm sure of this, I do it everyday!

    Good Luck - ;)
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply - I really appreciate it. Normally I would, but I did not in this case only because I did a search myself for this vehicle and there is only one 13' with P2 left in New England. In fact, I would have to drive eight hours to get to the dealership. otherwise, I would definitely have sent a RFP to multiple dealers.

    In this case with such limited (almost no) inventory, my options were very limited.
  • Hi Insidecarbuy,

    Thank you for your kind message and for taking so much time to offer a very insightful perspective - I really appreciate it!

    I am in Boston, MA. I approached a couple of local dealers and they almost threw me out of the dealership when I spoke about discounts and pricing shared by others in the forum. They told me to just go to those dealers ("if they exist.") So, I went as far as ME to find the one E350 P2 in the area.

    Your advice is interesting when you suggest I speak with different salespeople within the same dealership. My past experiences with purchases when not dealing with the internet sales manager has been that the salespeople seem to be very "territorial" and once you are "paired" with one salesperson, your are stuck with he or she. When deals "fall through" they always blame the sales manager who they say is not willing to budge. In this case, my salesperson told me the "dealership" and the "sales manager" were not willing to do a deal.

    I can easily take your advice and shop multiple dealers within a 100 mile radius due to the fact I live in a major hub - Boston. I appreciate you breaking down the numbers and getting to $688.41 (in MA our tax rate is 6.25%.) I am curious, however, when others in the forum say they are getting this similar priced/spec'd vehicle with similar lease terms for $500 per less. In those cases, are the dealers really just unloading the vehicles at a loss?

    One member 'SM1982' posted on Jan. 31st that he/she purchased a E350 with a MSRP of $59,905. The final monthly payment was $356.48 per month including everything and only $356.48 total due at signing. Apparently in the above case, there was an extra $6k on loaners, but even six months later in July, others are saying don't pay over $500/month with no $ down on a deal with similar terms.

    I appreciate your words of encouragement. With almost no inventory of 2013's I definitely plan to take your advice and try to get into a 14' model and hopefully can find someone to do business with within the next week.

    Thank you again! Great job!

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