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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • bmwcrzrbmwcrzr Posts: 17
    Hello again MFaizan,

    I too went to test the 528i and was not impressed with the interior after sitting in the E350 (and having my heart set on one. Mind you I have always been a BMW driver. I currently have two sitting in my garage.

    Couple of things.

    1. The 335xi and 535xi is probably the best engine BMW has produced in a very long time. There is no comparison between the twin turbo and Merc's 3.5 7 speed auto.

    2. If you really want the E350 (which by the way is a bigger car than the (335i), perhaps you want to wait until the 15th of July for Merc's new rates.

    3. If you really want the 335i still, I would urge you to wait until August. I am not promising but I have been told that August rates are going to drop for BMW across the board (perhaps not the 328i).

    Good luck on whatever you decide and keep us posted.
  • star8star8 Posts: 8
    Did you end up getting the lease? I was looking into one and I got quoted $600 zero down for 33 months somewhere in birmingham.
  • toobztoobz Posts: 4
    If I were you, I would go for the 2008. They are using a lower money factor and higher residual. MBUSA did not lower the money factor for 2007. All programs ended July 5th and they did not make them any better as hoped after July 16th. The $3000.00 off MSRP for a 2007 won't get you the payment your looking for.
    Our local dealers only have a few 2007 left and they are ready to make deals on 2008 for the Summer event. I was told only a trickle of 2008 are coming in. If you can wait, the Winter Sales Event is usually a killer deal.
    Make sure to get all the specs on the deal your quoted for $600.00. It could be a non-sport E350W without P1 or P2.
    Good luck!
  • mbman2mbman2 Posts: 18
    Yea I got it. And I love it

    you should really try and go to the dealer in Rochester. Everyone is so nice over there
  • kermaloukermalou Posts: 4
    I got a great offer just still too much.

    2007 E350, P1 with AMD package
    MSRP about 56k
    33 month, 5k down, 650 a month including So Cal tax, 599 w/o tax.

    I really want to pull the trigger but my budget is about 500. Dealer says he is losing about 3k on the deal, which MB is offering cash rebates to get rid of 07 stock since 08s are coming in.
  • mbman2mbman2 Posts: 18
    Have you tried other dealers in your area?
  • abindraabindra Posts: 5
    Can someone tell me what to pay for E320 bluetech with MSRP $55,000, 10K miles/year, 33 months, North Texas.

    Mercedes online calculator tell me DOWNPAY $5400 + TAX/TTL for Texas, and the Lease payment of $619/month x 33 months.
  • abindraabindra Posts: 5
    more to above question --
    Or atleast tell me, is there any reason to pay more than what mercedes online lease calculator suggests (adjusting for TTL & Taxes). If yes, how much more...
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    What is AMD Package ? Anyway, I think 5K dowpayment is way too much. Call this number (718)701-2964.The name of the company is Gran Prix leasing. This is private leasing company in NY. No matter where you are they will make a deal with no money down. I quess AMD package you mean is really AMG or Sport package, which is free now at MB.
    My friend got a car from them $1,800 out of pocket including first payment, $580 per month including NY sales tax. Try it.
  • adam26adam26 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know the residual and MF for 2008 E350 with 24/33/36 months and 7500 miles? Also, Edmunds does not have details on 2008 model yet. Does anyone have invoice and/or cash incentives for this model? Thanks!!!
  • Hello All-
    Considering leasing my wife an '08 E350 Can some one please post what the Residual and Money Factor on 48- 60 Month Lease 15K miles/yr lease is wih the Summer of Love Sales Event is in So. California is right now. I noticed alot of you were expecting a drop in 08 that didnt happen. I was cnsidering getting the 08 C-Class but for the same amount we get E Class.

  • Hi Car Man,
    I am interested in a lease on an e350 4matic. Do you have the money factor and residual for October. I am in NY and am looking for 12k a year, any term.
  • 2008 E350 4 Matic with AMG rims.

    $59,705 MSRP
    $8200 Down Payment

    $650 month/27 Months/18,000 miles per year.

    Is this a good deal? Lease guide had it priced at $565.00
  • Hey Car Man:

    I would also appreciate having the latest lease rates (residuals and tier 1 money factors) for an E350 2wd, with 10K miles and preferrably a 27 - 36 month term. Thanks in advance!
  • jyeh74jyeh74 Posts: 10
    I'm in the bay area (SF) and I was quoted about $800-900 for :

    2008 E350
    Sports Package
    P2 package (navi, keyless go, bi-xenons)
    Fold down seats
    wood steering wheel

    MSRP about $56k (Invoice about $52,998)
    They said they would go down to $53-54k

    15k miles per yr
    39 month lease
    0 down (drive off around $1100)

    I have seen people with similiar leases and minimal down (maybe $1-2k) around $550-650 monthly. Are they just kidding with me? I have above 750 FICO too.
  • gnozekgnozek Posts: 2
    I just picked up my new 2008 E350 Sport w/ P1, Ipod and headlamp washers. I live in NJ.
    MSRP $54,610

    15K miles/yr
    27 month lease
    $2400 drive off
    $669 month

    I thought this was good deal.
  • peterm5peterm5 Posts: 11
    Was quoted a 2008 E350 4 Matic Sport package w/p1, Ipod, burl walnut, headlamp washer and sunroof for:
    total msrp: $56,410 This is in northern NJ mercedes dealer

    27 month lease
    $2,956 drive off
    12k miles/yr

    Please let me know if this is a good deal. Thanks..
  • Does the $2956 include tax? If so, at what rate?
  • peterm5peterm5 Posts: 11
    Yes tax, title, registration, 1st month included. The money factor is .00062 and the residual is 67%. This is for a 27 month lease at 12k/yr. $549 a month. Total drive off is $2956.00. NJ tax rate is 7%. I am about to pull the trigger someone please let me know if this is a good deal? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • nkf2008nkf2008 Posts: 42
    all the local leasing companies here in brooklyn ny have that deal and no matter who i call they all pushing the e350's.
    this is the deal, they all have a coupon for them which saves you money, but they all make you buy it.
    I was offered this car with just 2000 out of pocket, that includes the DMV fees, taxes, and first month payment, something like that.
    499.00 a month, for 27 months.
    P1 package / Nav / wood, all of that.

    If you dont want to put anything down, and just pay a 1st month fee and DMV, taxes rolled into the payment, its something like 550, or 565, loosely, the dealer was jawing away but i wasnt to keen on the numbers he was throwing at me.

    They also told me that the C300/C350 is going to be similarly priced next month, will see. ;)
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