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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • It looks like your dealer is marking up the MF. It should be 0.00100, per this thread in mbworld ( It is never a good idea to make a down payment (aka cap cost reduction) on a lease, and much less when the manufacturer is offering you a below-market rate (better to try and roll everything, including bank fee, into the lease and keep your money in your orange savings account ;-) ). The basic reason why this is a bad idea though is that if you total your car or it gets stolen, the gap insurance won't cover your down payment.

    Hope this helps.
  • Carfan20,

    would you let me know where you are leasing the car? Is this in Southern Cal?

  • AAs5,

    Would you let me know if you are leasing in Southern Cal? thanks
  • Too much money. I am in Florida, and the past several cars I have leased, I got from a dealer in NY. If you are interested, send me a private message and I will send you the contact information. The price I got was $499 per month, 24 month, $2300 total out of pocket (includes first payment).

    I drove the car at a local dealer, and the E350 drives like a dream. I have an MB R350 for the wife... but the E350 drives SOOO much smoother!
  • Hotlanta
    Where did you purchase your E350? I'm looking for a deal similar to yours. What packages did you get?
  • This was a 2008. 24 months, 12,000 miles per year.

    Sovereign MB in Brooklyn, with fleet group.
  • Sovereign MB, Brooklyn, NY (fleet group)This was a e350 and not 4matic. around $55,000 sticker. P1 Package, Ipod, and custom paint.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    no, NJ, but if it is a much better deal, why don't you ask them to ship it.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It's almost December now. I'll wait and see if December rates are the same or better if I don't end up deciding to give up on trying to find a similar deal on the E350.

    I still wonder why I don't see anyone getting this deal on the west coast. It doesn't make sense that one dealer or even one small geographic area would have better deals on the E350 lease than the entire rest of the US.

    Paying $1000 or more to ship it to the west coast isn't going to be worth it even if I were able to get the same NJ dealer to give me the same deal.
  • Carfan20
    Can you send me the information on the dealer?

  • I got my CLK350 today, and I saw something interesting that the dealers arent telling you. There is a dealer rebate on a majority of the models, the rebate is to dealer only, and its about 3.5 grand perhaps even more depending on the models. Thats why they offer these rates at low prices. The form came somewhere from a NJ dealer, or perhaps from a MBF itself, but I think thats in TX.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Is anyone in northern or southern California finding lease deals comparable to these bargain 24 month leases people are saying they're getting in New York and New Jersey?
    Does anyone know if there is some regional incentive in the northeast that is unavailable on the west coast?
  • Very interesting. I am picking up a 2008 E350 4 matic today. Loaded. MSRP $59,625.00 from Prestige Motors in Paramus, NJ. For the life of me I could figure out the deal they offered me. It sounded too cheap. Every time I ran the numbers I kept coming up about 789.00 below cost. I took into consideration the $2000.00 dealer cash on the lease and the dealer hold back money. The added dealer only incentives makes sense too me. My deal is: 24 months, 0 cap cost reduction, $1720.00 at pick up which includes 1st month, tax and tags, and acq fee. 10,000 miles per year. My monthly payment is 605.00 including Pa lease/sales tax. Black w/ black interior. It will me my second E Class. I only hope this one is as solid as my last one. Questio, you would happen to have a copy of the dealer incentive form?
  • Can you let me know what packages included in the price ?
  • Sure. The MSRP is $59,625.00. Black w/ Black MB Tex. Premium package #2, Parktronic, Panaramic Roof, and a no charge Sport Package. The best deals are to had at Prestige Motors in Paramus, NJ. Ask for Keith DeYoung.
  • Lotsa luck with your new MB E350.

    Would you mind sharing your residual? Any idea what the money factor is?

    I'm thinking about a 4matic e350 wagon myself. It doesn't look like the wagon deals are as good as the sedan, however.

  • Thanks,

    I got a quote from a local MB dealer (NY) for a E350-4matic+P1, MSRP is 56780.
    The lease rate is much higher than the one you have.

    I will call Keith to see if I can have the same deal.
  • At first my residual value was 66% of the MSRP based on 10,000 miles per year. I decided to change the miles to 12,000 per year and the residual changed to 65%. The change in residual of 1% adjusted my monthly payment from 605 to 630.
    E350 4matic sedan: 24, 63%, 0.00080. 36, 53%, 0.00155.
    E350 4 Matic wagon: 24, 59%, 0.0039. 36, 48%, 0.00350.
    **both above money factors are for 15,000 miles per year. For 12,000 add 2%, for 10,000, add 3%. These are November number but, I believe they are going to be the same for December based on the MBUSA web site. Hope it helps.
  • Thanks for the info, it certainly does help. I'm particularly interested in the 4matic wagon. Always thought they were really sharp. The website mbworld dot org has a list of lease rates for all the MB models and the rates they show for the 4matic wagon are much higher. I could easily get by with 12k a year as well.

    I'm also thinking about the new Volvo XC70 wagon but before I pull the trigger I want to at least check out the 4matic wagon.

  • I dont have the copy of the incentive form, but I was looking at for quite some time.
    It looked to have many MB cars on it offering rebates.
    I think this is a Fleet rebate for dealers.
    Meaning, the more cars they push out the more money back they get, looks like a volume discount, but you have to sell an 'x' amount.
    It makes sense for them to give the cars away at lowered prices, and then get that money back directly from MB instead of the consumer.
    Not sure how this is all working, but it seems here in NY/NJ MB dealers are doing this. Your best bet is to go through a leasing agent instead of a big shop like Prestige.
    I have called everyone, Sovreign, Regency, a few places in long island, many MB dealers, everyone keeps offering similar rates give or take +/- $50 bux on a deal per month.
    I am not a fan of the E-Class honestly, I got a CLK, its just a personal pref.
    (on the E3504matic fully loaded)
    I had an offer with 2000 grand out of pocket, and 499 a month for 10k miles 27 months.
    and as much as 530 per month for 1700 out of pocket.
    I think these numbers vary when they play with the money out of pocket. but 530 with 1700 out, i think that is the deal where the dealer makes very little or nothing at all and its all just about the rebate money at the end of the lease program. :confuse:
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