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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • If you are in Southern California, so is the world's largest Mercedes dealer. Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach. They sell and lease a huge number of cars each month -- I'd certainly check with them.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Thanks for the reply. He is fine, it's just that a young driver with a permit was driving fast in the mall parking lot and didn't stop at the stop sign and ram into the front/side of his Infiniti. I will check with him about the GAP and to see whether he has the insurance. My father has had 3 Infiniti vehicles so far. This last 2007 Infiniti M35x he went with my brother in law and unfortunately got taken to the dry cleaners. He was on a 3yr /15 k lease for a payment of $690 including tax-Yikes! And on top of that I know my father put money down on the lease as well. basically, my father wants an AWD vehicle to drive for the weather in Syracuse,NY as he still has another vehicle to drive for the remainder of the year. I mentioned to him that he can lease either an Mercedes 4-matic or an Audi a6 3.2. I believe Mercedes is still running some great lease deals on the E-350 not sure about Audi A6 or its reliability, only know that the Quattro is supposed to be good.I even told him to get a Toyota Avalon,not sure if they make an AWD vehicle. Today, I told my father that he could probably lease a more expensive vehicle with the Mercedes compared to the InfinitiM35x and for a cheaper lease payment. One disadvantage, is that there is only one Mercedes dealership in Syracuse,NY, will check to see if a dealer can deliver the vehicle on a flatbed from the surrounding areas. Thanks again for your well wishes and guidance.
  • i pay $700 a month for my ML550 and its roughly the same price as an E350
  • 2008 Mercedes E350 Luxury 4matic Sedan
    24 Month – Residual 63% of MSRP – .00115 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 53% of MSRP – .00170 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 45% of MSRP – .00170 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 41% of MSRP – .00355 Base Rate

    2008 Mercedes E350 Sport 4matic Sedan
    24 Month – Residual 63% of MSRP – .00115 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 53% of MSRP – .00170 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 45% of MSRP – .00170 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 41% of MSRP – .00355 Base Rate

    * Rates and residuals are based on 12k annual miles. Add 1% to residual for 10k miles, Subtract 2% from residual for 15k miles.

    In regards to your father's Infiniti. If the vehicle was leased through Infiniti Financial Services, it should've included the GAP coverage. If the lease was through a secondary lender, hopefully he purchased a GAP policy to cover the entire payoff. This is the first thing you need to find out.

    As for the sales tax in NY, you are only taxed on the depreciation and taxes can be rolled into the monthly payments. In Illinois, you are taxed on the entire cap cost, and taxes are typically due upfront.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Thank you for the clarification and posting the lease rates and residuals. How come the residual is so low for 24 months, in comparison to BMW which I believe on their 24 months has a residual of 71%. I know Mercedes has a better Money Factor than on the current BMW 5 series. From what I have read so far,it seems better to lease the E-class for 24 months. I have to do some research and see what is the difference between the Luxury and Sports 4-matic sedan, and see if it makes a difference for the winter weather in Syracuse,NY. Again, thank you for your help. Wish you well.
  • Great info, thanks. Would you be able to provide the equivalent lease rates for the 4matic WAGON?

  • jim53jim53 Posts: 109
    The incentives and rebates section on edmunds notes the following under the current lease special:

    Lease is based on the 2008 E63 AMG equipped with optional Premium Package P2, and $2,000 lease cash. Dealer may contribute up to $3950.25 towards the $999 monthly lease special.

    I understand the 2K lease cash. Do you know what they mean by dealer may contribute up to 3950.25?
  • In regards to the dealer contribution, it means that in order to get to the advertised lease price (monthly payments), the dealer must contribute (discount) the vehicle $3950.25.

    Mercedes Benz Credit sets the residual and money factor, but since the dealer is a franchise, they are not obligated to discount the vehicle. However, most will, and typically will discount more than the required contribution.
  • 2008 Mercedes E350 4matic Wagon
    24 Month – Residual 59% of MSRP – .00215 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 48% of MSRP – .00215 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 42% of MSRP – .00215 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 38% of MSRP – .00355 Base Rate

    * Rates are based on 12k annual miles. Add 1% to the residual for 10k miles. Subtract 2% from the residual for 15k miles.

    I was assuming you were interested in the E350 wagon? The E550 wagon rates are much higher, Just fyi.
  • Because , BMW has a corner on the leasing market. Virtually all their leases are subvented with inflated residual values.
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 109
    Any indication yet if the current lease support and rebate will be available in February on the E63 or E550?
  • Won't know until Feb hits.
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 109
    thanks. Please let me know if you get them. I feel like I'm rolling the dice.
  • Soon as I get 'em, I'll pass 'em on too you. What model are u interested in, again? 350/550/63 lux or sport, 4-matic?
  • Could you come up with rates for the wagon as well? 4matic version? I'd like to do 24 mos with 12k a year. Thank you!
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 109
    E63 and E550 (both 4 matic and rwd)
  • I was asking about the E350 4matic wagon. Sorry if I'm still confused.
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 109
    also, what did you mean by lux or sport? How far into the month do rates typically get communicated?

    Thanks again.
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 109
    Has MBCC put out the rates for Feb yet? If so, did anything change from January?
  • Sorry about the delay, I'm still waiting for numbers from one of my leasing sources. I'll update all of you as soon as I get them.
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