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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    The 24mo rate and residual(s) are being utilized on the 27mo lease. This is indeed the term you'll want to use. You need to adjust the residual based on mileage. Those residuals you posted are based on 15k annual miles, for 12k, add 2%, and for 10k, add 3%.
  • oki_oki_ Posts: 1
    anyone in SoCal / San Diego have any recent lease deals they can share? What dealer did you use?

    Went in today to look at the E350 (sport/p1/ipod). Haven't done any pricing research and got a qoute from the dealer ; 27mo lease 7,500mi/yr(don't drive much) $699month about $1300down. Like I said I haven't done the research yet but I know these numbers don't sound good.
  • Went to the dealer this past weekend. On an E350 with P1 and Ipod adapter, it was about $715 after tax for 27 months, 15k/yr with about $1500 total drive off.
  • kroachkroach Posts: 12

    I just leased and actually got $5,000 rebate which they consider money down on the lease. So yes you can definately get 4k with the employee pricing. They also took 8.7% or $5,039 off the msrp. Adjusted cap cost was $47,221 on a $57,260 msrp. You can probably do better than this if you get the true employee price.
  • rob12098rob12098 Posts: 1
    Ok the deal i got was:

    $728 a month
    $1042.84 due at signing (first month and tags and title)
    Taxes and Bank fee in monthly payments

    E350 4Matic
    27 Months/12K Miles a year
    -Premium 1 Package
    -I-pod Kit
    -Wood Wheel
    -Deisgno Burl
    -Sports Package (Free)
    -Metallic Paint

    I need some help here, dealer said only $2K in rebates can be applied to car, but i'v read people applying 4 or 5k rebates, is it 2, 4 or 5k?

    $52373.00 was the cap cost for this car before taxes and bank fee
    $54862.16 after both added .. do you think i can get it lower?

    Im trying to get it somewhere between 47-49K to get payments about $550-575, i also want to add the panorama roof but that is up in the air.
  • playamdxplayamdx Posts: 7
    Hey Vchad, this forum was a great help. I just went to a dealer in Nothern California on Sunday and picked up a white E 350 with P02 Package with MVP Pricing.

    After contacting a dozen dealers up and down California I was unable to get a single dealer to give me employee pricing.

    I happen to just walk into a dealership near my home and asked the sales manager if he would give me employee pricing. I told him about the pricing that i was looking for, and he worked out a deal on the P02 Package E350 for $430 plus tax a month which made the payments $470 a month for 27 months with 10,000 miles per year.

    I gotta say I am definitely enjoying the car!!!

    The sales manager did tell me that the employee pricing codes were given to dealers, in this case this dealership only had three, and he gave me the last code because the lady that had used the code suddenly backed out the night before. This employee code promotion expired on 7/15/08, so he had to backdate my contract to 7/14/08 to do the deal.

    Once again I just wanted to thank everybody on this forum for helping me make this purchase. Congrats to all the other mercedes E class owners!!!
  • nevisnevis Posts: 9
    Hi playamdx, I'm also in Northern cal and have been looking for this deal in the past week. Can you forward me the name of the dealership? Thanks.
  • nevisnevis Posts: 9
    Without the MVP pricing (aka employee discount), what is the best that one can do for the E350 lease with 10,000 miles per year and 27 months? Assuming money factor is 0.00085, how low is dealer willing to go on the selling price?
  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    I've been leasing car for the past 18 years. I'm coming to the end of my BMW lease and decided to give MB a shot. They were running a very aggressive lease on the 08 E350. I called a few dealers to get pricing. I worked out a good deal with a dealer who is about 15 miles away from my house and he had the car that I wanted in stock.
    For the sake of convenience I stopped by a dealer who is 2 miles from my house and told him the deal I was receiving. He said that he would match the deal and assured me that he can get me the same car without a problem. He wrote up the deal and took a deposit. He strung me along for a week and then told me he couldn't get the car and all the 08 stock was gone. The lease program ended on 7/31 and I have no car. Do I have any recourse?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 219
    Have you spoken with the sales manager? Contacted Mercedes directly? Don't know if it will do you any good, but you could give it a shot. Did the seller actually sign the sales agreement? I had an experience where a salesman actually failed to sign an order - little trick which I failed to notice until later. Perhaps you could sue the dealership for breach of contract (not likely you'd pursue this course of action) or threaten to report them to the BBB.

    Hope you get your deposit back in a reasonable amount of time.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    I think you hit the jackpot.

    You have a written deal that they cannot fulfill without taking a loss. They are trying to get out of it by telling you they can't honor it. Push as hard as it takes. They can arrange for a vehicle by swapping with other dealers and/or doing other kinds of tricks. Threaten to pull them before small courts or BBB or anything and everything you can do.

    On the other hand, getting into a bad relationship with your dealer also means headache later on during regular service intervals etc.... even then, considering this is a lease, I'd say, go with all guns blazing, you have a written contract in hand.

  • hi nevis,

    sorry for the delay in reply i was on vacation. i purchased the vehicle from mbz of pleasanton, but they assured me that they would not be offering this deal to anyone else and not refer anyone to them for this deal, thats just a heads up but good luck!
  • myerslawmyerslaw Posts: 21
    Bagelguy, I'd complain not only to BBB, but to whoever might (supposedly) regulate auto dealers in your State. In CA the DMV licenses salespeople and dealerships. And don't forget MB customer relations. I'd suggest the dealer give you an 09 since the 08s are "unavailable" -- and finally, most District Attorneys (at least here in CA) have funding for consumer fraud sorts of problems -- e.g. sham auto services -- and perhaps contact from a DA investigator would soften the dealership's heart. (However, don't tell the dealer you will contact law enforcement unless he changes -- you don't want to commit extortion and threatening police/DA contact actually constitutes that crime -- if you go that route, just make a report. And I sure wouldn't worry about future service relationships! There are plenty of dealerships willing to "inspect" things every 15K miles, add oil, and charge $500.
  • fusillifusilli Posts: 23
    That is rotten. You must have recourse, as was said, because you have a written document with the terms spelled out. The following was the best I could do on an 08 E350 with no pkgs, and, frankly, after reading the posts here, I cannot get myself to sign on the dotted line at these prices (this was quoted to me by a dealership in the Southeast):

    Lease = 33 months, 10k miles/yr, 0 down 729/mo + tax(based on local taxes)

    Purchase = 72 months 817/mo 0 down
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 219
    Looks to me like Myerslaw offered some excellent avenues to pursue. I'm not an attorney, but it seems to me that just because you have a written contract doesn't mean the seller is going to fulfill his part of the deal. If he doesn't honor it you might have to go to court to enforce it, and that can cost you more than the deal is worth. Then again, perhaps small claims court could be an option.

    Isn't this whole situation horrible? Buying a new car should be a pleasant experience. Behavior like this is what gives car salesmen a bad name.
  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    Thank you all for the support and guidance.
    I called MB Corporate and they are looking into the matter although they told me that it's really a dealer issue.
    I agree that it is a dealer issue but if MB allows it's dealers to operate this way doesn't it tarnish the brand?
    I'll keep you updated. Thanks again!

  • 1985mb1985mb Posts: 40
    Be prepared for MBUSA to tell you each dealership is an independent franchise, and that they cannot or will not regulate/influence how they operate. I recommend you investigate other avenues in the meantime.

  • Just wanted to thank vchad for the heads up on the MB MVP program. Shows the real value of these boards.

    My E class (leased in July prior to expiration of MVP program) stickered at close to $58K and my payment was around $400/month. Best lease rate I have seen for a car this expensive. :)
  • I'm also thinking of leasing the E-Class. Can you send me what your leasing plan is and the package you got? It sounds really good. You can just reply or msg me.

  • bagelguybagelguy Posts: 12
    Well I went back to the dealership today (Mercedes of Nanuet NY) to speak with the general manager. To make a long story short, he said that this occasionally happens so tough luck! He actually had the nerve to say that the dealership lost a sale. As if I should feel sorry for them. He offered me a 2009 for ONLY $100 more a month. Isn't that generous of him!!! Mercedes corporate was no help either. Fortunately I am at a stage in my life where things like this don't really get to me. Mercedes Benz won't miss me as a customer and that's Ok because I don't have to have a Mercedes.
    Thanks again,
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